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An update of The Student Prince, 9 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lovely romantic British film that is far more like an update of Sigmund Romberg's The Student Prince than the American film Roman Holiday. It's too bad this is only available on Region 2 PAL DVD more Americans can enjoy it. Just seeing Michael York in his hay day is worth the price of admission, and next the lovely scenes of Japan. A gentle and worthwhile film, even if a bit risqué.

I liked the music too and the scenes with the little Japanese children. As with The Student Prince the ending is pretty predictable, the prince in love with the Japanese tour guide will probably have to give her up at the end, and marry an English maiden hand picked for him instead.

However stick it out because life is a journey, not just a destination.

Unforgettable, destined to be a classic, 4 August 2015

I regularly watch Korean television dramas (I have completed 156 of this writing) and so the excellence of this cast was no surprise to me when I started watching A Werewolf Boy (I had bought it on DVD off Amazon two years before it even showed up on streaming Netflix). However the depth of the story was a surprise to me, and I think the quality of the film itself is spectacular - gorgeous cinematography, music, great sets, solid writing bordering on the fantasy, and fluid direction.

The story is even conceivable, the premise is that scientists during the Korean War had taken orphan young boys (there were plenty of them during that war), isolated them from human contact so that they could not learn languages or social skills, and programmed them to be vicious animals -- all for the war effort. The thought was that if they could breed a group of men who acted like wolves in combat they would be an excellent fighting force and capable of viciousness that even human soldiers could not duplicate at their worst.

Then the scientist disappears, the war ends, the wolf boys scatter -- all except one. The house, barn, and grounds are the only home he has ever known. When the home is rented by a young family they are first terrified of this animal-like boy and then, in their innocence and kindness, try to feed him, clothe him, socialize him, teach him to speak (which they fail at - at first!). However the young teen girl in the home, schooled at home because of sickness, is pursued by the son of their landlord and he basically is criminally insane and quite capable of rape or murder. So, who is the REAL monster? This slime-ball young man, or the gentle (until provoked) young man who was raised as a wolf? Although it doesn't start off that way the romance between the girl and the wolf boy becomes the focus of the story by the time it ends. The faithfulness of the wolf boy in loving his "owner" (she pets him on the head like a puppy) is the most poignant and unforgettable aspect of the story. He will do anything for her, even patiently wait for her for decades if need be. That's the constant love of a tamed animal for his owner. If only most human beings could love like that.

Exquisite, 21 May 2015

This lovely and haunting film really touched my heart and my daughter's who watched with me. The Book Thief is based on a novel and after seeing the film I had to get the book too and now both my daughter and I are sharing reading it. It is not as violent as some films on the Holocaust, and it's very humane: war seen through the eyes of two children, Liesl and Rudy, both played by outstanding child actors. Loved the score by John Williams too; he should have won the Oscar for it, though he did win a Grammy. I loved the cinematography too. The film is not too long so it would be a great intro to WW2 history for children today, many who have short attention spans. This is a film that will stay with you. I loved it.

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Extraordinary and Exciting Korean Drama, 2 April 2015

Not to be missed, folks! This is so much better than about 3/4's of all the K-dramas I have watched so far, equaling 136 at last count. Jun Ki Lee leaves his pretty boy looks behind him after his military service to get into a modern story of a man who changes dramatically when he discovers he has a biological daughter he's never known about before, and that she is sick and that without his help she will die.

I love the way Koreans have their characters grow and change and reform for the better. Petty gangsters become decent human beings. Fast women reform and become noble. It's very inspirational and you rarely see that king of process on American shows.

The little actress who played his daughter was so adorable I wanted to capture her out of the screen and make her my own daughter! She was perfect for Jun Ki Lee. I always say they are the most loving couple in K-drama history!

"Mimi" (2014)
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A ghostly masterpiece, 6 July 2014

This was a 4 episode Korean drama that aired in Feb. and March, 2014. It is available to watch on the site, you can download avi video files and English subs for it there.

The story is beautifully shot and well written, has a lovely musical score, and the two main actors are breathtakingly beautiful to look at, especially the lead actor.

A young artist has lost his memory after an accident and no longer remembers the girl he loved in high school, whose ghost follows him around, hoping to find some way to get him to remember her. A grim reaper warns her that if he does remember her that she will have to leave his side permanently. The grim reaper gives her a box of matches with the word Lupin on it and tells her that whenever a match is lit that the boy will be able to see her for just that amount of time that each matchstick burns.

Little by little he regains his memory but then he falls in love with her ghost and does not want to part from her.

The whole ambiance of this short drama is haunting and I wished it had gone on for more episodes. I will be following the careers of these two lead actors because they were so impressive in their roles.

If you love Korean drama do not miss this one.

Lovers Vanished (2010) (V)
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Very sad and mystical, 19 May 2014

This is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. I love Nam Gil Kim and bought this DVD off Amazon; even though it was a low budget independent film I will watch anything he is in. The man seethes with a Brando-like sensuality in every K-drama and film I see him in. There may be other even more handsome Korean actors out there but there's just something about this guy the others don't have, a touch of sadness and forlorn resolution, which is perhaps why his characters so often die in the end.

Woo-seul-hye Hwang is also very lovely in this film. Her character has to learn in the most difficult, violent ways possible that life is hard and unfair -- the male character she falls in love with already knows it's hard and nothing really surprises him but kindness when he finds it -- rarely. The girl suffers so much in this story, and only finds comfort in this man on the run from the police.

I don't want to give away too many plot details, but if you don't mind sad stories and you like the actors then give this one a try. I would say it's not for anyone age 17 or younger. Adult material is pretty much consistent throughout.

One of the best romances ever from Korea!, 4 May 2014

I watched The Classic a number of years ago and have since re-watched it several times. It's very much a part of my heart, one of the best Korean films I've ever seen. Ye Jin Son and Seung Woo Cho have a potent romantic chemistry together that is simply unforgettable (I wish they'd pair them up again sometime). Jo In Sung is also nice in the second male lead role. I have followed all their careers in the years since and they are all prolific artists. The screenplay is excellent and the direction is solid. The soundtrack is one of its best features, just beautiful!

This is the type of film that would receive so many more fans in America if it was on Streaming Netflix. Ye Jin Son's other most popular movie, A Moment To Remember, made a year after The Classic, is on Netflix, but not this stunner. It's a shame. I am very happy to see, however, that The Classic has received over 4000 votes here on IMDb. Korean films and actors seem to get short shift on this website, for whatever reason, but The Classic continues to find its audience who are hungry for pure romantic escapism in an entertainment world that pushes a much more violent world view on us. Korea is the nation to go to for entertainment that is geared toward timeless feelings like love and devotion. They are not afraid of sentimentality in their films and dramas.

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Breathtaking and unforgettable Korean Drama, 20 March 2014

Spring Waltz remains my favorite of the "Four Seasons" K-dramas. I love the cast and find the story very powerful, the main theme is forgiveness. The young man Jae Ha has many demons related to being abandoned by his alcoholic father as a child. He carries these personal demons deep within himself until as an adult he meets a girl Eun-young who somehow reminds him of a girl he lost in childhood whom he deeply cared about.

How Jae Ha comes to forgive those who wronged him, and how he comes to a place where he can trust and love again, is often a painful journey to watch, but inspiring all the same.

The romance is hard to beat in Spring Waltz. I totally disagree with the other reviewers here in that I think the two leads have VERY strong chemistry between them! The way they look at each other is breathtaking! Very few American shows ever show this deep level of spiritual combined with physical passion between the leads.

There's also American actor of Korean descent Daniel Henney as eye candy, many great character actors, and an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack with lots of genius composer Yiruma romantic pieces.

Don't miss Spring Waltz! It's a classic for a reason.

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Suspenseful K-drama with magnificent performances, 25 January 2014

I love how the other reviewer here only gave this magnificent Korean drama 6 out of 10 stars and then writes a long tome about it, many paragraphs long! Something about this show must have pricked his conscience.

Here we have Ji-Woo Choi (Winter Sonata, Stairway To Heaven) giving a MAGNIFICENT performance as an unsmiling housekeeper to a family who just lost their mother to suicide. The children remaining latch on to her, despite her failings, because they are grieving the loss of their mother and dealing with a wimpy father who was having an affair with a co-worker which brings on the wife's suicide. If he had only kept his pants on she never would have died! The children are all great little actors in this show; how Korea keeps finding these incredible child actors I have no idea, but they knock it out of the ballpark compared to child actors from Hollywood, bringing depth to their characters, even the tiny five year old girl who is an absolute treasure of a performer. I am not sure I could even read a script at five years old, much less have the depth to bring dramatic emotions to the surface.

You can watch this show on websites like dramafever dot com or dramaload dot com, until such time as (I hope!) they release this on DVD with English subtitles for American audiences.

Don't miss this addictive drama, it gets 10 stars from me!

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Reformation of a gangster / loan shark, 5 January 2014

Flawed but nevertheless engrossing drama of a man and woman's reformation into grown up human beings. Song Seung Hun gives a brilliant and unforgettable performance as a former gangster - loan shark trying to live a decent life after falling in love with Shin Se Kyung's feisty but often childish and girlish character, the daughter of a poor bookstore owner. The secondary characters will probably drive you a bit nuts during this series but stick with it anyway. All the fears and joys of an older man slavishly in love with a young girl are expertly displayed in a very intimate and interesting script.

This probably won't be in many people's Top Ten Dramas List because much of it is depressing - it's in the melodrama category, after all - but it's still worthy enough to be enjoyed. I marathon-ed it, so that should tell you something!

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