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Samurai Action at it's Best, 31 March 2001

If you're looking for a great samurai story it doesn't get much better that Ruroni Kenshin.

Kenshin is just about the best samurai to ever pick up a blade, but now that Japan has settled into the peaceful Meiji period guys like him are no long needed. In fact, ex-samurai are scorned by the public in general. So Kenshin sets out to try and find a normal life for himself. In time Kenshin finds a home and friends in a Tokyo dojo but ghosts from his past keep popping up as do people out to destroy the new government. Kenshin, who has vowed never to kill again, isn't about to let anyone disrupt the new life he's built for himself. So such times come he reluctantly heads out to knock some heads.

I really just can't get over how great this show is. Richly draw characters, great action, compelling stories, romance, humor and more all set against a very real felling backdrop of late 1870's Japan. RK works not only as a good anime, but historical show as well.

One other thing I like about the show is the villains. RK's creator (whose name escapes me at the moment) is an admitted fan of American comics and you can see that in some of the villains. Psycho killer Jin-E bears an (pardon the expression) uncanny resemblence to Gambit from the X-Men. I've also seem elements of characters like Spawn, Wolverine, Omega Red, the Absorbing Man, the Incredible Hulk and Daredevil in some bad guys. Really cool.

In short, Kenshin is a show that belongs on the shelf of anyone who calls themself an anime fan.

"Trigun" (1998)
Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action!, 22 January 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Warning: May contain minor spoilers.

On the planet Gunsmoke there is a man whose named is feared above all others. He destroyed the entire city of July by himself and yet no one died. They call him the Humanoid Typhoon and the 60,000,000,000$$ Man. He is Vash the Stampede.

But the thing is, Vash really doesn't live up to his press. He's not the heartless monster of story. He's really...well, a great big goofball.

Thus is the hero of Trigun, the story of a man seeking to bury his past and spread "Love and Peace!" Joining Vash in his travels are the Insurance Girls, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, whose job it is to try and limit the damage of any Vash-related incidents, and wondering priest Nicholes D. Wolfwood who has more than his share of secrets.

Along the way Vash mets many interesting people in a variety of situations and does what he can to help them, often in unexpected ways. The show starts off pretty funny but as time goes by a darker picture begins to emerge. Someone is after Vash. And this guy has assembled a team of the most deadly people on the planet and sent them after our hero. Led the by the psychic psycho Legato Bluesummers, the Gung-Ho Guns crave a path of dead and destruction right toward Vash. To put an end to the madness Vash must confront his darkest memories and decide not only who he is but what his is.

All in all, Trigun is fantastic anime that feature remarkable characters, a compelling story, good music and loads of cool ideas. A real must-see for anyone who calls themselves an anime fan.

Thy Kingdom Come!, 29 August 2000

This is the most amazing TV show I've ever seen. I'm not kidding when I say that EVA changed my life. I'll never be able to look at anime, manga, comics,, heck. I'll never be able to look at anything the same ever again. The EVAs, Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Misato, Kensuke, Gendo and all the other characters have been forever burned into my mind, heart and soul. And I thank God for it every day.

The twists of the plot, the vivid characters, the AWESOME mecha and the music are all fantastic. You care about the kids and the rest of the cast like they were your own family and feel everything they feel. You can't help but wish it was you in the cockpit of an EVA, ready to go one-on-one with an Angel. And at the series' end you can't help but feel as if you've learned something very important.

I could go on about Evangelion forever, but I won't. I'll just say that it's the best anime I've ever seen and that it will always have a place of honor in my heart.

And remember, "Congratulations"!

Otaku no video (1991) (V)
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Otaku forever!, 27 May 2000

"Otaku No Video" is to anime fans what "Trekkies" is to "Star Trek" fans. When you're watching this thing it's hard not to find yourself nodding "Yeah, that's me" or "I remember when that happened to me." ONV is something that anime fans can rally around and say with pride/shame "This is who we are!" The boys at Gainax were just brilliant with this. Not only are there more cameos and references to the world of anime/manga than even a Otaking can count, but they story is filled with characters that are just like people most anime fans know. And the interviews with "real" otaku are just a riot. And the thing that makes them funny is that you know that there really are guys like that out there. So otaku of the world take pride. Our mission to Otakunize the world has only just started!

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Welcome to the future!, 18 February 2000

More an update than a sequel, BGC 2040 is a worthy addition to the Bubblegum Crisis mythos.

In this version all the characters have been redesigned, some radically. Most noticeable is Linna who went from being aerobics instructor to, ugh, an office lady. Sylia also got a major overhaul but I think this one is a real improvement. Plus, the implication that reason that all the Knight Sabers are female may have a lot to do with Sylia's sexuality adds a fun fan service element to things.

While the impact of changes is something for fan debate, I for one like most of them. They make the old world of original BGC, which is starting to show it's age after 15 years, seem more modern and relevant.

Style wise, the updated version of the Boomers, the Hardsuits and other technology looks really good. When you see it it's not hard to imagine that things like them could one day exist. One of the best improvements is to the Boomers. Back in the old days they were very stiff and Terminator-like. Now they seem more bio-mechanical which only makes them more creepy.

It's should also be noted that the animation on this is above average for a TV show, the voice actors are all wonderful and the music just kicks butt. I absolutely love the opening theme "Y'know."

In short, BGC 2040 is a good modern spin on an anime classic. Give this one a spin.

Bubblegum Crisis (1987) (V)
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Knight Sabers...GO!, 6 February 2000

"Bubblegum Crisis." Those are words you hear said with reverence from just about every anime fan. It's one of those shows that inspired so many imitators and so many fans. When you hear so much good stuff about anything you really have to wonder if it can live up to the hype. In my opinion it does.

One thing that surprised me was just how much time was spent on characterization. While you hear mostly about the action, BGC does devote a good amount of time to its characters. Even one-shot characters like Irene Chang and Vision are well drawn. But the focus is on the Knight Sabers and each of them get at least one very good moment.

BGC also comes with an array of fun secondary characters like sleazy informant Fargo, who's always hitting on Sylia, cops Leon NcNickel and Daley Wong, Dr. Raven, and Slyia's perverted little brother Mackie. These guys also have their little moments and add some comic relief.

One thing that surprised me was that this show wasn't as dark as I'd expected it to be. You hear a lot of talk about how Mega Tokyo is really grim and gritty and stuff like that. But except for Genom running just about everything, Mega Tokyo doesn't seem that bad to me. It's really no worse than New York during a high crime year.

While it may look a little silly now, for 1985 BGC was really something big. Besides, what doesn't look goofy after fifteen years? In the end its formula of four really cute women, some really great mecha, good villains, cool VAs and some pretty decent music works. This is one for any anime fan.

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Boy Mets Alien!, 13 January 2000

No doubt about it, Urusei Yatsura was one of the best anime series of the 80's. This tale of an alien princess, Lum, in love with the world's biggest lecher, Ataru, could only come from the wild mind of Rumiko Takahashi.

This fantastic comedy/sci-fi/romance is full of memorable characters like Ten, Sakura, Mendo, Shinobu, Ryunosuke, Ran, Cherry and a lot of others. The stories will have you busting out laughing and the animation is pretty good by 80's standards. The voice actors are all first rate, but a special round of applause must be given to Fumi Hirano for her portrayal of Lum. It's just to perfect for words.

So if you're an anime fan, your collection isn't complete without some UY in it. Da'cha!

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All hail Bruce Lee!, 12 January 2000

Martial arts movies just don't get much better than this. You've got Bruce Lee doing all his best stuff, punching, kicking, and giving those weird martial artist screams.

The story, while not the greatest, is pretty good. It's simple, but does manage to have few good twists. I also thought the photography was rather impressive. If it weren't for the 70's haircuts and things like that, you'd have a hard time telling that this movie wasn't made today.

Overall, this movie has some flaws, but Bruce Lee's coolness and the awesome fights more than make up for it. Just watch and you'll see why "Enter the Dragon" is the standard to beat in martial arts movies.

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It's "The Real World" in a Winnebago!, 16 December 1999

This one had to be a no-brainer for MTV. People loved the voyeurism of "The Real World" so why not cram a bunch of twentysomethings into a Winnebago, send them out on the road and see what happens?As each season goes by we get to watch our "Road Rulers" drive across America, Europe, Australia, Canada, Central America or whatever, seeing the sites and taking part in weird activities set up by MTV. When the trip is over there's a lot of crying and everyone gets some really fabulous gifts.

Now if you've ever been on a long car trip you know that nothing will make your emotions run higher than being forced to spend many hours in a cramped space with someone. That's the appeal of the show. We get to watch these people scream and curse at each other one minute, and then blatantly flirt with each other the next. It's crude, but it's human drama at its most real. It's the sort of thing MTV will put on for eight hours at a time when they could be playing videos.

This isn't the best show ever, but if you want real human emotion and drama this is for you.

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Enjoy it for What it is!, 13 December 1999

The only thing that really compares to this show is the movie "Scream." Both incorporated the knowledge all fans of each genre (horror for 'Scream' and mecha for MSN) to make something original and funny.

"Funny" being the prime word here. This thing is a riot! The entire crew of the Nadesico is made up the the biggest bunch of weirdoes this side of Jupiter. You've got a super-perky, dim, but, for no apparent reason, capable captain, a pilot obsessed with a cheesy 70's mecha show, a engineer who joined up just to get away from his wife, another pilot who just want to be a cook and for the captain to not be in love with him, a genius little girl you thinks everyone around her is an idiot (she's right), a beancounter, a former secretary, and a voice actor. Think 'Hogan's Heroes' meets 'BattleStar Galatica.

While the show is great, the US version has some flaws. The subtitled version is hard to read. For some reason a light blue color is used at times that's almost impossible to see. The dubbed version has screens that have had the kanji glaringly replaced with English.

On the plus side the VA in both versions are all very good. You also get the song lyrics in English and phonetics. That's a rather nice bonus.

MSN is a great parody of the mecha genre and to a greater extent anime fandom as a whole. The story is funny, but with enough serious stuff to keep things from getting to silly.

Overall, this is a good series to invest your anime-buying money in.

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