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Bound (1996)
Great, Erotic, Lesbian Scenes, 27 September 1999

Jenifer Tilly and Gina Gershon are great as dyke ex-cons who fall in love and then steal money from the mob. Their love/sex scenes are wonderfully erotic; very well filmed and acted.

Joe Pantoliano(Ceaser) is always good. He's a natural as a gangster.

This one has a lot of violence, some unnecessary. The story is interesting and will keep your attention till the end. If you like crime and lesbians, you'll like this.

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a waste of time and money, 13 August 1999

George Lucas DEPENDS ON computer graphics and the Star Wars reputation to sell tickets for this one. He made a movie in a computer, and filled in the holes with actors. Two Jedi knights set out on a mission to save a queen and her kingdom from a greedy empire.

Money and graphics a good movie make does not. Poor Natalie Portman and Liam Neeson, two of the most passionate and talented actors in movies today, and they were never given a chance to mesmerize the audience which they do so well. It appeared they were just following bad directing, and reading their lines off of cards. I know they're much better than this.

This movie has no personality whatsoever. The characters lack personality, the script lacks personality; everything is boring. The directing is bad, and the writing is worse. As I watched the credits roll by at the end of the flick, I thought "look how many people it takes to make a cr-p movie(insert "a").

I wasted $18 U.S. per ticket(regular price) for this one in Japan, don't you waste your money. It's going take some real convincing to get me to cough up cash for the next episode.

I give it a 3 for the graphic effects only, which we already know are the best anywhere, but so what.

George good businessman is, good writer/director not is.

Mulan (1998)
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Typical Disney......but Entertaining, 7 August 1999

Mulan is very entertaining. The only daughter of an old, disabled father goes to war in his place to fight the Mongols who have breached the Great Wall!

This is a typical Disney movie; the same characters set in a different time and place. but it is still worth watching if you don't mind that. Mushu(Eddie Murphy), Mulan's comical sidekick, is very funny. Eddie does a great voice, and Mushu's jokes are funny! I watched it twice just for the comical entertainment, and little for the feeling of adventure too.

I recommend it. I gave it a 9.

Goodfellas (1990)
Great Mafia Flick, 2 August 1999

This is possibly the best Mafia movie you could ever see. Ray Liotta, in one of his best roles, narrates throughout the movie, and it works wonderfully. This movie tries to show the true feeling of being a gangster; you never know who your friends are, and never trust anyone. De Niro is good, Pesci is good, and the direction by Scorcese is good. This movie is hard, cold and cruel. It's highly recommended.

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the first word I think of is PATHETIC, 17 July 1999

A high school reunion for a small town suburb somewhere in the east U.S. Good acting by Rosie O'Donnell, although she always plays the same character. Matt Dillon is okay, although we've seen him do this character hundreds of times. Timothy Hutton is okay, although a very depressing guy; somebody get him a comb. Natalie Portman is great; one of the best actresses in movies today. Overall, the movie is gloomy, gray and depressing. We are supposed to feel sympathy for them, but I didn't. They are all holding on to the past. None of them, except maybe for "Mo", he is a father and husband, have anything to look forward to, at least that's how they present themselves. They're always grieving over something. Anyone who holds on the their miserable past, deserves to be miserable. Halfway through this one I wanted to slash my wrists, but I turned it off instead. I gave it a 5 only for the acting, otherwise it gets a 2.

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A movie about a lot of lost people, 12 July 1999

Will Smith(Paul) comes into the lives of Stockard Channing(Ouisa) and Donald Sutherland(Flan) and makes them, Ouisa if not Flan, realize how meaningless their lives are living on the ritzy upper eastside, loaded with dough. Sutherland and Channing play the roles perfectly together.

Of course Paul is lost in what he's doing too; he's smart but sick, and Ouisa & Flan together make a great sick couple so full of themselves.

I'm not watching it again.

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well done, sick movie, 5 July 1999

Will Smith, Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland are very good. The characters are sick; what they do is sick; how they act is sick; what they say is sick. If you're sick, you'll love it. All others stay away.

A frustrating flick, unless you appreciate sick. It gets a 3.

Funny, watch it!, 3 July 1999

A New Yawk lawyer(Pesci) goes to a deep south courtroom for his first case. This is Pesci's character from "Goodfellas" becomes lawyer in a comedy. He's great. Marisa Tomei is excellent as his girl(won Oscar for this one), she's one of the most beautiful women in movies today. Ralph Macchio is okay as the young cousin who is wrongly arrested for murder, although his buddy, Rothstein, is funny. Herman Munster(Fred Gwynne) is excellent as the judge. Pesci, Gwynne and Tomei couldn't be better cast for these roles and mesh together perfectly. The comic timing is excellent.

You wanna laugh? Watch it. If you enjoy and understand New Yawk accents, you'll appreciate "My Cousin Vinny".

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toooo muuuch whinnning., 27 June 1999

I see all the favorable reviews of this one, and when I first saw this in '89, I thought "great". And it is a leader in the romantic comedy genre. Billy Crystal has a way of pulling off these kinds of roles. He's good, great timing, funny almost anywhere. Meg Ryan plays a good part also; she is good in most of her comedy roles. Her serious roles leave little to be desired. Rob Reiner's direction is good but predictable. We see New York through a stereotypical camera. He makes us think everyone in NYC is Italian when they're young, and when they get old, they become Jewish. I suppose this is humorous to the populace.

Well, I watched it again recently, and I have a question: Am I the only one who thinks these characters whine too much? Don't they have any better things to do with their energy than lament over the slightest trouble they confront? Yes, this is "Seinfeld before Seinfeld", and Seinfeld is funny, but I can't watch it for too long before feeling exhausted.

The movie is about couples and their love troubles. Billy Crystal is charming, woman love this, it's his unintimidating, "I'm fallible" humor. Meg Ryan is made out to be a smart career woman who is stupid(big career woman can't drag a Christmas tree).

Characters suffering from a neurosis for our entertainment is funny, but it's not romantic. Woody Allen invented neurotic, romantic comedies in the movies. That's enough.

If you love the TV comedy "Seinfeld", you'll love this one. If you get tired of "Seinfeld", you know what to expect. It's entertaining but.............

It gets a 6.

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Overcooked but palatable, 27 June 1999

The story of the first Americans in space during the early 60's. These men truly are heroes, but this movie unfairly personifies the arrogance and self-righteousness of American society in these courageous, confident men. As we watch it, it's as if we're supposed to cheer out for their cocky and bullying behavior(the ugly American). Definitely contrived to appeal to Americans' sense of patriotism and to polarize the audience(Russia, US government, and the press - villains vs. astronauts - nice guys). This prevailing attitude throughout the film, and being that most of these men were still alive in 1983 and are still alive now(we know them), and that this is based on real events in recent history, makes it overdone. But that's entertainment.

Conversely, it's well directed(aside from the above) and acted. The effects are well done. It is long but paced well and keeps your interest except for a few short scenes.

Any "fly boy" will love it for it's pride value and the wild, blue yonder; hardheaded American patriots will love it too.

Disclaimer FYI: I don't live in America, but my heart still does.

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