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Redeemer (2002 TV Movie)
Writer helps rehabilitated convict regain his freedom
23 June 2002
A writer comes to teach a creative writing class in a prison hoping to find a story for his next best seller. Instead, he finds a fluent ex black panther that has been serving a long time, 20 years since a man was accidentally shot dead during a break in.

In order to help the convict out of jail, the writer must first help the victim's sister set herself free from the metaphorical prison she's been locking herself in for the last 20 years.

The movie is better than the average American TV drama.
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Losing Chase (1996 TV Movie)
Good acting in a predictable drama
9 November 2001
Chase Phillips (Helen Mirren) is having a nervous breakdown and her businessman-away-from-home husband hires Elizabeth (Kyra Sedgwick) to take care of the household and their 2 sons. But Elizabeth has her own demons to face, her family has a history of mantal illness, which arises with Chase's self destructive behaviour.

The movie is about the relationship between these 2 women and is mostly predictable and even banal, but the acting is very good. Helen Mirren is superb as usual, and Kyra Sedgwick is doing quite a good job herself. Not bad for Kevin Bacon's debut film as a director.
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French Exit (1995)
Nice in it's own way
2 June 2000
Alright, this isn't the best movie/romantic comedy/comedy ever to be made, so don't get your hopes too high. But still I kind of liked it, and it's a nice, though a bit silly way to pass time.

I liked especially the hero's strange daydreams.

The first making love scene, when they are rolling on the carpet, was odd in my opinion. How do they manage to take off their clothes, kiss and touch each other while rolling side to side, not to mention getting dizzy and hitting their head on the hard floor?
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Stripper (1985)
An Interesting Documentary
11 December 1999
This movie was interesting to me because it showed the behind-the-scenes of strippers' life, which I knew nothing about. I just thought it was a sleazy profession that degrades women, and never thought about the women themselves. I found the story of the single mother especially touching.

This movie revealed to me the sad and human, and sometimes satisfying, side of this profession. There was, of course, some peeping in watching it, but I didn't get aroused by the naked women - it is Not a porno movie, it is a Documentary.

I'm not saying that I'm going to be a stripper myself after I've seen it, but that I view strippers more humanly. All I need now is to watch a movie about the motives of men watching strippers, and maybe that'll change my mind about them too.
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Women Unite - Give this Movie a Low Grade! (Men Too)
31 October 1999
This movie wasn't so good. It didn't have a really original concept, it didn't rise above other movies playing on the theme of prince charming and opposites attract. The plot was lame (in my opinion) and kind of scattered around.

After watching I said to myself, here's a waste of 2 (!) hours. Drew Barrymore has good intentions, but she don't know how to chose 'em!

Now you can imagine how surprised I was to find out that: 1) this movie has a 7.5 rating. 2) it is number 39 in the IMDb's 'Top 50 movies voted for by female users'. (http://us.imdb.com/Charts/Votes/female).

Now that in my opinion is terrible, I was shocked, really shocked. Being a female myself, I call for all you out there, who watched this movie: Women Unite - Give this Movie a Law Grade! Revote for it or just cancel your vote altogether, through your personal vote history. (http://us.imdb.com/register/votes/history). I personally gave it, after much thought, the grade of 1 out of 10, because I see that just as my humble duty.

And to all you men, that happened to watch it too, give this movie a law grade, just because it was a bad movie.
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Typically unrealistic "American" plot and ending
18 October 1999
This is one of those movies that seem to be beautiful and deep at first, but eventually turn out to distort reality and give people more credit then they deserve. Being unacquainted with 1500s Venice, I watched the movie without judging, until I got to the end. This end showed me the real nature of the film, for it was so irritatingly a banal unrealistic "American" happy-ending.

British Catherine McCormack sure is beautiful and talented, and British Rufus Sewell is no worse then her, but this is a movie I will give them bad credit for doing. Their talent and beauty and the gorgeous costumes and locations are not a good enough reason to watch this ridiculously-ploted movie.

I would have given some thought to the feminist massage, but I found this movie to be so pretentious in other areas, that this is set aside.
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Faith (1994– )
A fine film
28 August 1999
A fine film featuring the likeable John Hannah as a widower tabloid writer, with a a daughter, Faith. He falls for Susannah Harker, the daughter of a politician.

The movie follows their love affair and the political and journalistic intrigues that get in the way.

All and all it was a fine film and I enjoyed it.
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American Playhouse: All My Sons (1987)
Season 6, Episode 1
Boring and Slow
18 August 1999
I was learning this play in highschool. I watched it after we read the play in class. I found this movie very boring and slow, unlike the play. My advice to you is to try and find a better version, on cinema or stage. This movie gave me a bad impression and I wouldn't like the same thing to happen to other people.
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Ring of Scorpio (1991 TV Movie)
Seemed bizarre to me
22 July 1999
I was rather young when I saw it (early teens) and I remember it as kind of bizarre and scary.

3 frustrated women, with crappy life blame it all on the man who: Seduced all 3 of them with promises of eternal love, framed them with drug dealing and then left them in a horrible filthy Moroccan jail.

One of them encounters him years later and the 3 decide to take revenge. Eventually locking him in a secluded house and feeding him disgusting mushy food.

That terrible ending, and the scene displaying the seduction of the Moroccan jailer seemed so fearful to me at my then tender age that I remember them disgustingly until this day.
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Carla's Song (1996)
Beautiful! sensitive. human. sad! realistic. touching.
15 June 1999
A very beautiful and touching movie. Shows characters in a very sensitive way. A realistic film about people and the effect of terrible traumas (war) on them. It felt very sad. The movie really moved me what doesn't usually happen. Very recommended.
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