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An absolute riot!, 28 March 2003

I only recently "discovered" Wanda while watching "Inside the NFL" on HBO. I was disappointed on the weeks she didn't have a segment because her wit is so sarcastic and hilarious, that, in my opinion, it made the whole show. When I found out she was starring in her own sitcom, I was thrilled. I also was NOT disappointed.

I watched the pilot this week and found myself laughing out loud all the way through it. I really hope it does well and continues for a long time. It certainly made my week. WATCH THIS SHOW!

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Absolutely hysterical!, 16 January 2003

When I first caught this on Comedy Central, I only saw the last half and loved it. For over two months, I searched for the repeat and finally saw the whole thing. Kevin James is a brilliant comedian. Not only are his stories very funny, but he is a master of gesture, body movement and facial expression. I kept this on tape and have passed it around to friends who've come back laughing every time. Too bad Comedy Central enjoys commercial interruptions and censors. I'd love to see this guy on HBO.

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Absolutely HILARIOUS, 4 June 1999

As a person who has experienced the relationship between client and therapist for several years now, I found this movie to hit on the "sensitive" areas of that relationship in one of the most comical ways I have seen to date. Anybody who has ever been in therapy or who is in the profession should especially see this movie. I laughed all the way through it.