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Heartwarming Twisted Fairy Tale, 12 November 2003

At first I didn't expect much from this movie. I even thought that the animation was terrible. But halfway throughout the movie, I had a change of heart. Even though the ending was twisted -- it's a happy ending, unlike the original sad one -- I think this movie is one of Disney's greatest animations.

The characters are likable, especially Sebastian the crab! The songs are nice and catchy, and I like "Part of Your World" the most. Jodi Benson is simply wonderful in singing the songs.

This heartwarming twisted fairy tale is much better than the original. Sorry, Mr. Andersen, but that's the truth... :-)

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Much Better Than What They Called "The Original", 12 November 2003

A lot of people claim that "Lion King" was ripped from a Japanese anime called "Kimba", but I think this movie is way much better! How could they compare the glorious "Lion King" with "Kimba"? I just don't get it.

When I saw this for the first time, it won my heart over. "Lion King" holds a record as the most versions of movie that I own. I have it on VHS, Laser Disc, Video CD (English version), Video CD (Mandarin version) and DVD. I even bought the movie soundtrack!

Disney included a new song in the DVD release, but it doesn't flow along with the movie. The original version is much better, so there goes the effort...

"Lion King" is great because it's the only animation that makes me cry. I seldom cry, but the scene where Mufasa died is really heartbreaking.

The cast did a marvelous job in bringing out the voices to live! I didn't know that Jeremy Irons can sing very well. Too bad JTT couldn't sing his own part. He's perfect as the little Simba though.

I hope all this comparison with the Japanese anime will stop because "Lion King" is a masterpiece.

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TGIFE - Thank God It Finally Ends, 12 November 2003

After seeing "Matrix Reloaded", I reluctantly went to see "Matrix Revolutions" for the sake of completing the trilogy. Besides, I was also curious to find out if my predictions of the ending were right.

This movie was much worse than the other 2! The dialogs were cheesy and raw. The screenwriters tried to be intelligent but failed miserably. The most intelligent conversation was actually in "Matrix Reloaded", between Neo and the Architect.

"Matrix Revolutions" is full of crappy dialogs such as "Why didn't you tell me earlier?", "It wasn't time yet", "Now it's time", "You've already known the answer", "Don't ask me, ask him", "I want to say this one more time", blah blah blah. They just wanted to stretch the length of the movie just because they couldn't write any more story!

I still think that they should've left "The Matrix" alone and not made these 2 crappy movies.

Ca-bau-kan (2002)
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Should've Been Competing for Oscar, 7 November 2003

This is the first Indonesian movie ever to be shortlisted for Oscar under foreign language picture category. Too bad it didn't make it to the final nominations list. I've seen this movie and some other nominated foreign movies and I feel that this one should make the list instead of the overrated "Hero".

I bought the VCD because they didn't have it on DVD format. I hope they will release this on DVD just like "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?".

"Ca-bau-kan" tells a story of a "concubine". It revolves around the Chinese community at that time. The setting and acting are believable, but the ending was a bit abrupt. But still it's better than "Hero", which was nominated just because it's "artistic"!

Nevertheless, "Ca-bau-kan" is one of the best Indonesian movies of all time!

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Excellent Road Movie, 7 November 2003

I happened to see this one during Japanese Film Festivals and I'm glad I did because this is the only good movie that was screened then.

The story revolves around a 15-year-old boy who went a distance just to see a 7,000-year-old cedar tree. Just like any other road movie, he met many characters along the way. But this is not an ordinary road movie. This one is excellent!

One particular scene was done beautifully. It was morning and the boy had just took a ride from a truck driver. The road was quiet and we can see a lot of trucks on the side. It gives me the peaceful feeling, as if I was the boy on the scene!

I've been waiting for it to be released on DVD, along with some other Japanese movies, but I guess it will never happen...

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What Are Singaporeans Like?, 7 November 2003

"I Not Stupid" brilliantly portrays what Singaporeans are like. Jack Neo has done it! He finally made a brilliant movie!

Through this movie, you'll be able to know how typical Singaporeans talk and behave. That everything your parents do is "for your own good". So much so that one of the kids becomes so spoiled until he can't even prepare his own breakfast!

You'll also understand why Singaporeans don't question much. It's all because of the way the parents treat the kids, making them a bunch of "obedient" citizens.

Jack Neo even went on to criticize the government in a very subtle way, and that scene actually made me laugh the loudest!

So if you want to know how Singaporeans are like, see this wonderful piece!

Highly Overrated Sequel, 7 November 2003

They've done it again! They produced a highly overrated sequel again!

I love "The Matrix" with its mind-blowing storyline, but "Matrix Reloaded" is no more than a piece of junk! The storyline is so thin that people start fighting without any reasons! It's like a bad Hollywood version of a badly done gong fu movie. I see you, you see me, let's fight!

The plot made me predict the ending, which I think would be similar to "Thirteenth Floor". I hope my prediction is wrong though because it would make "Matrix Revolutions" a total crap.

Amazingly, "Matrix Reloaded" is even worse than "T3"! I wish they've never made this and leave the beauty of "The Matrix" alone!

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The Best Indian Movie of the Year 2001, 7 November 2003

I initially gave this movie a miss after I was totally disappointed by "Asoka". The latter was hugely advertised but I don't find it good at all.

I finally saw "Lagaan" after a friend told me that this movie was actually good. And she was right. I borrowed the DVD from the library and had to see the movie in 2 sessions due to it's almost 4-hour-long running time. But it was worth it!

The cricket game was captivating. I didn't know anything about cricket but before the movie ended, I felt that I almost understand the game!

I'm not Indian and I seldom see Indian movie even though I love foreign movies, especially Japanese. But "Lagaan" is truly the best Indian movie I've ever seen, or at least the best of the year 2001.

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Disappointing Feature-length Version, 7 November 2003

I've seen the short and it was truly great, so I went to see the feature-length version with great expectations. I was totally disappointed.

The first section is actually the short version, where the story of the 3 friends unfolds, but then the director focuses on 1 protagonist. I guess he might not be able to get the other 2 actors to 'complete' the story.

Shaun as the only one remaining acted quite well, but the story would've been much better if it explored deeper into his love-hate relationship with Vynn. The movie fell flat on several scenes because the director just couldn't build the story based on Shaun alone. He introduced 2 new characters but they really couldn't help much.

I guess Royston should've just left the short alone until he managed to build a stronger plot. All in all, 15 is a heart-warming short film, but a disappointing feature-length.

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One Sick Obsessive Self-Absorbed Movie, 31 August 2002

I usually can tolerate twisted movies, but this one is really a sick obsessive self-absorbed movie!

Firstly, the writer/director is totally a self-absorbed guy full of sick jokes that are not funny at all. Secondly, he is also a sick pervert who manipulates and poisons children's mind! I can't believe my ears when I heard the sick and perverted monologues spoken by the kids!

I really feel sorry for Zane Adlum and Devon Matthews. They are both very talented, but fell prey to Eric Schaeffer's dirty little-known movie!

And what the hell happened to Eric Mabius' good looking face? I mean, he met this girl that he's supposed to marry, but he wasn't in the wedding! In fact there is this bald guy in his place! Did time really fly that fast?

Anyway, don't waste your time to see this movie, unless you want to be poisoned and manipulated by one sick Eric Schaeffer!

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