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The Kid (2000)
A Pleasant Family Movie, 18 October 2000

Well, Disney does it again! Here is another pleasant family movie, but with some adulthood flavor this time. Bruce Willis is surprisingly good here, Spencer Breslin is charming, but Emily Mortimer needs to brush up her acting a little bit. The dialogs are mostly funny, combined with some touching moments. See this movie, and you will find out why the moon looks orangish when it just rises...

100 Girls (2000)
A Romantic Comedy with Extra Flavor, 18 October 2000

I didn't expect much when I stepped into the cinema to see this movie. I thought it would just be another romantic comedy, but it turned out to be having some extra flavor. Jonathan Tucker is doing a great job, but the rest of the casts are not.

In a glance it seems like a "guy" movie, but the movie quickly reveals that it's really a "girl" movie. In fact it's so feminist that I suspected that the director was female! Oops, I was wrong...

Nevertheless it's still worth it to see this one no matter which gender you are belong to.

After Life (1998)
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A Mind-Stimulating Movie, 18 October 2000

The idea is really genuine and brilliant. The storyline is very engaging. The characterization is entertaining. And overall, the movie is very mind-stimulating.

It's a story that takes place somewhere between earth and the underworld, where dead people gather together to relive their sweetest memory to be brought over to the next world.

A different kind of movie that will make you see life from a different point of view.

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The Best Indonesian Movie So Far, 17 October 2000

Well, this is no doubt the best Indonesian movie so far. The directing is flawless. The story is simple yet deep in meaning. The acting is also great. All the three lead actors are capable to get into their characters well. And the cinematography is breathtaking. It's very different from the mainstream Indonesian movies. It's even better than Garin Nugroho's other production, such as "Daun Di Atas Bantal" (Leaf on a Pillow), which is quite boring, although the cinematography is still as good. I hope this movie will be available on DVD someday.

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The Best Modern Adaptation of the Classic Tale, 17 October 2000

This is just the best modern adaptation of the classic Romeo and Juliet! Baz Luhrmann is really doing a GREAT job, not to mention the great casts! Well, I'm not DiCaprio's fan, but he was really good in his role, especially when he shouted Juliet's name in vein and also in the dying scene.

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One of the Best Spanish Movies Ever, 17 October 2000

Pedro Almodovar deserves two thumbs up for this movie. It's so natural and yet moving. He took the audience deep inside a mother's mind, whose son was killed before knowing who his father was. This movie follows her life after the incident step by step. Cecilia Roth is great in her role as the mother. Eloy Azorín is brilliant as her son (by the way, I think he will be great as teenage Anakin Skywalker, instead of Hayden Christensen). But Antonia San Juan is simply the best in portraying Agrado, the transvestite. All in all, this movie is one of the best Spanish movies ever, alongside of "Belle Epoque" and "Like Water For Chocolate".

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Nice Story About Father and Sons, 17 October 2000

This movie is not bad at all, not very good either though. At least you can learn about the bond between a father and his son who's been keeping a very dark secret. About how they finally accept each other for who they really are. Jason Behr from TV Series "Roswell" did a very good job in portraying one of the sons, with his very convincing acting. The director did a good job in presenting this one-night event movie without making it boring.

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A Very Touching Movie, 17 October 2000

This movie starts as a comedy, but somewhere along the way, it becomes a touching drama. The story about Billy who is often rejected by his love interests will give you a very different view of homosexuals, whom often portrayed as a group of people who have sex a lot and always change partners. This movie will show you that that is not the case. It's worth the money.

The Best Drama of 1999, 17 October 2000

I missed this movie when it was screened here in Singapore. That was because only one cinema was willing to screen it. This movie was not popular at all, maybe because people tend to go for movies with shorter titles (I joked about it with my friend).

I was so desperate to get this movie and I had to ask one of my friends who went to USA to buy it for me (it did not pass the DVD censorship in Singapore). But the movie is worth all the trouble because it's simply the best drama for 1999.

The director's effort to find children with striking resemblance with the actors (Ethan Hawke and Yuki Kudoh) deserves credit! Hollywood MUST make more movies like this one!

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Simple "Date" Movie, 16 October 2000

What can happen in a teen flick where there are roommates from both genders? Romance, of course! Well, don't bother about the ending because you know it even before you start the movie. However, it's still worth watching because there are some sweet moments inside. The plot is very simple: the guy became famous and neglected the girl, things happened one after another, they got back together, blah, blah, blah. Still it's good to watch this one together with your special someone.

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