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Down in the meadow..., 14 March 2004

This really was a great children's show of the 1970's. Based on the bestselling books by Charles Dickens great-granddaughter, Monica. At Follyfoot Farm, the Colonel looks after old and ill-treated horses, helped by his stepdaughter, Callie, and two stable-hands, Dora and Steve. These three have plenty to do at the stables, but can always find time to get involved in the mystery and adventure that abound at the farm. Anyone who loves horses and enjoyed Black Beauty for example would love this show as would anyone seeking good old fashioned entertainment. And that theme song-once you hear it you can't stop singing it! So go on, sit back, sing along and enjoy some nostalgia. they really don't make them like this anymore.

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Columbo at his best, 29 January 2004

Columbo playing the tuba? Yes, that's one of the highlights of this delightful and funny adventure, in which a famous sex therapist crosses wits with our hero. Another great moment is Peter Falk giving advice to a bunch of psychiatrists! This really is one of the best outings for Columbo and will delight fans, both old and new.

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Family life as it was, 14 January 2004

This is an excellent film about a traditional working class family in Northern England. Filmed on location in Bolton, it stars James Mason as the father who is the dominant force within his home. Or so it seems. Cleverly, the film, based on the play, portrays the complexities of family life. The supporting cast is terrific as well, with many familiar faces lending support.

Overhyped?, 10 January 2004

I do find myself agreeing with the reviewer who said this might be the reverse "Gigli." It is a pleasant enough film and I certainly wouldn't knock it. However, it's placing in the all time list, I can honestly only put down to hype. It's quirky, for sure, but it's no "Citizen Kane." Frankly, in some parts it's a little dull. If people take these moments as something more profound, as some critics did, then I suppose it will get a certain reputation. However, see it and make your own mind up.

Gigli (2003)
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What a Turkey, 10 January 2004

Well, I haven't seen a movie as bad as this for awhile. Even Pearl Harbor was better. There are gaping problems with script, direction and sad to say, acting. The main problem though is sexual tension between the two leads or rather the lack of it. I've seen more sexual charisma in a wet lettuce. Unbelievably bad. What were the stars thinking?

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Good Fun!, 7 January 2004

This is a very little remembered series but good fun all the same. Jon Pertwee really seemed to enjoy himself and it shows in the banter between the panelists. I actually still have the book of this series and would love to view these episodes again.

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Wickedly Funny Satire, 1 December 2003

This really is an excellent series.Set in the murky world of PR,it brilliantly sends up the world of celebrity and political spin. Wickedly funny and all too true to life. Originally a radio series for BBC R4,it has successfully crossed over to the small screen.

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Excellent, 30 November 2003

This really was a great series. The classic story of Black Beauty is continued here with fine performances and great locations. And who could forget that theme tune! If you remember it the first time around,it will bring back memories.If not, watch it and enjoy for the first time, the adventures of a very famous horse.

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Back to its best!, 29 November 2003

This series is Scooby Doo back to it's very best. Having seen several episodes now, I am a big fan. The fact that it's under new production is better, to be honest. It's a Scrappy free zone and whilst the animation is suitably modern, the characters and plots are tried and tested.There are plenty of in jokes and any fan of the original series should support this show. Go, Scooby, go!

Warlock (1959)
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Complex Western, 19 August 2003

This is not your run of the mill western. Rather darker than most and covering issues at a level rarely seen in this genre. It tells the story of a hired gunslinger (Fonda), hired to protect the town of Warlock. But beyond that simple premise is an allegorical tale that that tells us something about society and the nature of relationships. But this is not to say it's dull. There's enough action here for it to be appreciated at a ground level. Both Widmark and Quinn have interestingly complex characters that interact well with Fonda. The female cast is suitably attractive and Malone is particularly good as the embittered ex lover of Quinn.

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