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Dead Alive (1992)
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Uncle Les Rules, 30 July 1999

This special effects in this film are thankfully completely unrealistic, otherwise it would never get a certificate. Even though the blood is pink, Braindead delivers true horror. Empathising with Lionel is truly frightening. The film has an extra comedic dimension, particularly prevalent in the characters of Uncle Les (truly majestic with his meat cleavers) and the priest. 'I kick arse for the Lord' had me in stitches for days. All in all, disturbingly funny. Although the mother attempting to stuff Lionel back into her womb was a bridge too far for me. Probably what the director was aiming for.

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B-Movie Plus, 11 June 1999

Space Truckers is a perfect B-Movie. It has a title which makes anyone cringe, and a lightweight plot with no originality, except perhaps the concept of a square pig. That said, as long as you watch it with no expectations you will be pleasantly surprised. The quality of acting is generally good, with a competent cast (particularly Charles Dance) managing to avoid laughing their way through the script. The ending however is almost unwatchable, yet I can't escape from the feeling that this film is entertaining, which is all that any movie should aim to do.

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Memorable moments, 2 June 1999

This film has all the usual elements of the 'Alien Visitor' format and doesn't tax the viewer, but it is truly memorable in places. I haven't seen this film for a long time, yet I still laugh every time I think about H7-25 with his time reversal gadget, making his pursuers leap in and out of a helicopter. Bud Spencer as the sheriff looks and acts like he should have been in spaghetti westerns, yet this approach works beautifully, especially in the scene where the kid eats his sandwich. This film is just the thing to watch the day after a big night out. Sit back, stop thinking, be amused.