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Intelligent fantasy, 5 June 1999

PLEASANTVILLE is a charming, intelligent fantasy. Because it -is- intelligent and it is not fast-paced, it probably loses 80% of its audience right at the start...but the other 20% will appreciate a fine film that is not dumbed down, a rarity in this day and age.

Best American Western ever made, 3 June 1999

It's not quite up to Sergio Leone at his best, but this is easily the best Western ever made in America. Strong story (swiped from Kurosawa, so it ought to be strong), fine acting, wonderful direction, and Elmer Bernstein composed the best score of any film in history.

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Great film, 3 June 1999

Great adventure film, top to bottom: fine acting, fine direction, exceptional musical score.

Brilliant, 3 June 1999

This is movie-making at its best, with brilliant location footage, enormous tension and excitement, fabulous performances from the entire cast, and a fine score. Most directors would be happy to have engraved on their tombstones that they directed THE BRIDGE OF THE RIVER KWAI; it is indicative of David Lean's greatness that he surpassed this film with LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

Sphinx (1981)
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Turkey, 3 June 1999

The first half is ok, nothing more. The second half is so bad it's almost comical. Even Langella at his sexiest can't save this turkey.

Caligula (1979)
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Turkey, 3 June 1999

You wouldn't think a film originally written by Gore Vidal and featuring Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud, and Malcolm McDowell could possibly be this bad. And it's not the sex. Take out the gratuitous hardcore scenes that Bob Guccione added and it only makes the film shorter, not better. A disaster from start to finish.

Sirocco (1951)
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Nothing special, alas, 3 June 1999

SIROCCO tries to be CASABLANCA, and THE MALTESE FALCON, and even TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT. But it isn't. It's just SIROCCO, with Bogart in his usual trenchcoat, playing a very unsympathetic hero, and Lee J. Cobb fighting a noble but losing battle with the script. Too bad. It coulda been a contender.

Very good adventure film, 3 June 1999

Very good adventure film, not quite up to the quality of THE GREAT ESCAPE or THE GUNS OF NAVARONE, but well above average. John Cassavetes steals the acting honors, as indeed he usually does.

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Not bad, 3 June 1999

A much better and more enjoyable film than you would suspect from a made-for-TV movie and a zillion-year-old Agatha Christie mystery story. Nice location footage too.

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Great adventure film, 3 June 1999

Great adventure film, better acted than most, beautifully paced.

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