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Mind Blowing, 29 October 1999

I can see how some out there may dislike this film, many people at the theatre I saw it at wanted their money back. Not me, I'm going to see this film again.

I've read many complaints that there is little to no plot to this movie. And I agree, but I think that is a very wise move. If there was some sort of "plot" to this movie it would be something like you'd watch on TV. There is no method to the madness of being a paramedic. There is no reason for the events that occur on their shifts. They do what they're told to the best of their ability. This film illustrates that beautifully.

I think that Martin Scorsese is the greatest director ever. I love all his films and this is one of his best. Nic Cage gives another brilliant performance and Ving Rhames is hilarious. People have asked me why I liked this film so much, "Is it good?", they ask. I say to them, "Yes. Yes it is. But I couldn't begin to describe it to you." These reviews must be less than 1,000 words and I would need 3 times that to tell you why this film is so brilliant.

Kundun (1997)
The Master Doing What He Does Best, 26 September 1999

I think that Martin Scorsese is the greatest director of all time. I love every film I've ever seen of his and this is one of his best. He has taken a topic which would not normally seem to be movie making material and made it into a fantastic film. I have read other reviewers of this film say that there was not enough dramatic tension to hold an audience's attention. This is simply untrue. I found this film not only fascinating to look at, but also very interesting to listen to and follow where the plot was going.

I'm just a 16 year old middle class white kid with ADD and I was totally engrossed and captivated by this film. I am most definately going to buy the sound track, which was a work of art in itself.

I cannot say whether this film was accurate or not, but now I understand and certainly respect Buddhism.

This movie is a rare work of art.

RocketMan (1997)
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Funny! PERIOD., 22 August 1999

I pride myself in having good taste in movies. Among my favorites are Raging Bull, On The Waterfront, The English Patient, etc. Normally I hate movies like this. Austin Powers 2 was so bad I wanted to leave. But this movie just makes me laugh.....hard. Sure it has your stereotypical Disney stuff that gets laughs from the little ones, but there are so many clever lines for adults that it really surprised me the first time I saw it. Harland Williams was perfectly cast, I don't think anyone else would have been good as Fred Z. Randall. If you are in for a stupid movie that will make you laugh see RocketMan.

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Horrible!, 25 July 1999

The fact that this film was nominated for Best Picture makes me sick to my stomach. The fact that this film was nominated for anything makes me sick. Every award this film was nominated for should have been a nomination for The Ice Storm instead. The Ice Strom was interesting and touching on so many levels and it was filled with brilliant performances. This film interested me in only one way; why the hell did so many people like it?

At the end of this film we are supposed to think that Will has learned something. Well I hate to break it you, but he's still an arrogant jerk. And Robin Williams, give me a break. The only good performance in this horrible movie was given by Stellan Skarsgard. Also, how can can script comprised of mostly the F-word win an Oscar?

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I just don't get it., 25 July 1999

Why was this loved by all critics? Why was this loved by the academy? Why was this loved by anyone? I think that this is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. Steven Spielburg remains to be the sappiest director of all time. There was absolutely no point in showing the D-day invasion at the beginning of this film. There was no point to a lot of things in this film. Sure this film was realistic, but I could care less about realism as long as the rest makes sense. There were scenes in this movie that came out of nowhere for no reason. Besides a bunch of nonsense scenes, this movie has a plot that drove me insane. The U.S. government risks the lives of 8 men to save one so that his mother won't be too depressed. The worst part of the entire film however was the showing of Private Ryan as an old man in the cemetery. People were expected to weep through this entire movie, I just wanted to leave, but I stayed thinking it'd get better. Boy was I wrong!

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Not Many Movies Have Done That To Me..., 13 June 1999

I was having what could be considered as the worst weekend of my life. I won't go into detail about it, but it was bad. As a lover of films I decided to try and turn to my local video store for support. I think renting Babe: A Pig In The City was the best movie I could have rented. When I was in the process of watching this film all my problems and troubles seemed to vanish in the air. This movie is simply brilliant I loved it so much I watched it twice more. The film had some amazing parts that made my jaw drop. Take for example the chase scene the flashes of Babe's life that we see and the simple question of "Why?" are strokes of genius. Among other amazing scenes, which I won't spoil. I was enthralled from the first second of this movie all the way till the end. I'm 16 years old and I'm going to tell all of my friends to see this movie, if they decide to brush it off as a silly kid's movie they are seriously mistaken.

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I guess I'm breaking all the rules!, 29 May 1999

I've heard, through reading other reviews, Americans don't like this movie. I've also heard guys don't like this movie.

Well guess what.....I'm American and a guy, and to top that off I'm 16 years old. And I love this movie! My girlfriend's mother love's this movie and she's a harsh critic.

First of all-this movie, of course, deserved every one of it's 9 Academy Awards and would have gotten two more(best actor and actress) if it were up to me. It has wonderful cinematography, dynamite acting, a beautiful setting, and a luscious soundtrack.

Second-this movie is NOT too long, I don't think they could've made it shorter in any way. I'd like it if it were four hours, and it's not even three for Christ's sake!

Third-just watch the damn thing and bask in it's wonder!