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Dexter (2006–2013)
Dexter is genius
20 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so at first I thought that the ice truck killer was Dexter's Father who died 10 years ago. But as it turns out the killer was his own blood brother. This is where the story gets weird. Poor Deb doesn't want to admit that her father might have lied about a couple of things. Dexter was rescued from that giant storage container at the shipping yard. So where was his brother when the first cop on the scene discovered him. He could have taken both boys. but instead he came out with only one like he was alone. So, I guess the older brother Brian played by the stunningly sexy Christian Carmargo was left behind. This rejection along with the trauma of seeing his mother sawed to death lead to his supposed anti-social personality disorder which he was later declared as cured when he was 21. This open the door for the whole story line to occur. There is a whole background story that should be covered for the next season of Dexter if there is one. Poor Deb has to deal with finding the love of her life and finding out he is a serial killer and suffering the grief of the loss of love and the sulking that comes with a bad breakup.

So, next season I would hope to see that this background story is brought to the forefront. Although, the police staff cannot know to much about Dexter as the story would be over. Then after the background comes to light the rest of the second season can continue with other plot lines. Kind of hard to top this one.
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Iron Eagle IV (1995)
Iron Eagle IV!?!
16 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I certainly didn't expect there to be four movies. The first movie was ok, but the Second movie with Mark Harmon was great the Best in the series. The third movie shakes on interesting and the fourth movie is just impossible. How can Doug masters help Chappie when he was killed in flight engagement in the beginning of the first movie?

It baffles me how people can die in one movie and come back in another, two down the line. ***News flash**** That stuff only works in Soap Operas, not in the movies.
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Touching Evil (2004– )
The New IT Show! Creegan sours, carries the whole show.
13 April 2004
Well, I would have to say that I agree that this is the new ' IT ' show. Jeffrey Donovan definitely carries this show with his wittiness and in depth manic behavior. He's very sexy and quite intriguing which makes me wanna watch this show every single time it comes on. I watch it when it premiers on Friday not and have to watch it again at midnight and again on Saturday morning and Sunday nights and Monday mornings. Clearly the show itself is greatly and equally intriguing with distinct plots and flexibility of the characters and their boundaries. I predict and problem with Krakauer in the future and a psychotic revelation (surprise break) from Creegan at any moment. I think there's something about Creegan that we've yet to find out. I think he perhaps maybe dangerous. I also believe he actually may have shot Dr. Hinks. In the end of the third episode he dumps for bullets into a pond he crosses while jogging. I thought this was strange. I also thought, why would he have done that unless he was trying to get rid of evidence. I believe we will come back to this assassination, later.
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Troll (1986)
Harry Potter Jr !
25 October 2003
I'm a bit confused. I was a kid when this movie 'Troll' came out. But, I distinctly remember hearing the name Harry Potter. I noticed in some of the other comments that people were commenting on the name because it has now become a huge series of books. At first, I thought this was a Stephen King movie, but now I see it isn't. I think the movie is reminiscent of things I've seen in other Steven King movies. I would bet the writers, directors and/or producers were somehow influenced by Steven King.
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17 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Well, so far the first volume of this film embodies all of what I'm interested in as far as movies. It has lots of action, drama, suspense, violence, subtitles, strong actresses with strong acting abilities (there's nothing worse than a bad actor, seen a lot of that this summer) and great use of genre mixture. I had no idea this movie had animation in it. I have never watched a Quentin Taratino film before, but I must say this was a pleasant surprise to have all of my favorite movie types included into one picture. Vivica A. Fox didn't last too long in this one, but I guess she will be back in the second part in flashbacks. I also hear Daryl Hanna is going to get it in the next film along with of course Bill himself. And she will also find out her daughter is still alive. Very interesting... They don't even mention that when she's in the hospital. We all just assumed that she had lost the baby. But, I tell these circumstances only occur it the movies. To have the tar beat out of you when you are pregnant and then be shot and still survive and make a comeback the way the Bride does is totally amazing. I heard that Taratino was obsessed with Kung-Fu films when he was growing up as a kid, thus we have Kill Bill Volumes I & II + Samuri Swords, a whole lot of asian looking people and a bunch of blood and gor, but it's not horror movie blood and gor. I can't wait to see the conclusion.
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Cabin Fever (2002)
What a waste!
15 October 2003
I have to say, I thought this would be a good movie, but I was mistaken. I should have checked reviews before I saw it. When I heard about it I thought hmmm.... seems interesting. Since there haven't been any good Horror movies released since, Oh I don't know about the early 80's, I just decided to go see this. I wish I hadn't. I had no idea that this movie was an independent film. I think Blair Witch was much better and much more convincing. I shortly figured out what was going to happen when the kids got to the cabin and once The Dufus shot the "squirrel" -->guy, I knew the movie would be stupid from then on out. The only reason I stayed and kept watching and didn't walk out is because right down to the last minute of the film, I actually thought it would get better. Actually finally the point was made, but then it reminded me of how much of a plot the movie was missing. The plot was not organized or clear at all. I'm just glad I've seen enough Horror movies and movies altogether to know that this was not necessarily a winner. It's got the feel of a good horror flick with no substance. I guess what the people at the Toronto Film Festival saw was future promise. With the help of some of the best horror film writers and directors, this could have been better. But, then again look what they did to the Blair Witch Project II. First movie was much better than the second.
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Red Water (2003 TV Movie)
17 August 2003
This movie just premiered tonight on TBS. I wasn't really impressed with it to tell you the truth. When I looked up the title on my cable box, it said that this movie was a knockoff of "Jaws". I couldn't agree more!

The plot of the movie disappeared as soon as it was established. I was hoping for something more since Kristie Swanson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the movie) and Lou Diamond Philips (Labamba) were in it. I don't recall any of their recent work, so I was glad to see them back on the screen. TBS movies are usually good, but Red Water was a real disappointment.

I thought this would be a good movie to wrap up the summer with, but unfortunately it fell short of completing that mission.
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Pandora's Box (2002)
Not a Good movie!
31 July 2003
Someone else mentioned that this movie was very reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. This was just the black version. The plot of this movie was overpowered and entangled around an obviously pregnant star. It just irked me that she was pregnant and it didn't seem to fit into the movie's plot. It's like they ignored the fact that she was pregnant and jsut "shot around" the scenes that showed her being naked were shot from the wrong angle, they just reinforced the fact that she was pregnant. I kind of feel like if white actors were used this would have been a much better movie. If a white actress was pregnant and showing as much as the lead actress they would have replaced her. This definitely took away from the movie.

Oh well I'm through with this. I can't get away from the pregnancy thing.
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Hunter (2003– )
Hunter was back on the air?
25 July 2003
I knew Hunter was back on the air, but I don't think it was in a good time slot, that's why it didn't have as strong a comeback as they thought it would, and it's not that it was a bad show, even for the comeback. I did, however, think the plots were a little thin, but, all it needed was some revamping. The theme music wasn't explosive either. Back in the 80's, when it was on, the theme music got your attention. I know the year is 2003 but, they should have stuck with the old time theme of the eighties. There's nothing wrong with having a period theme. It worked for Highlander and it still works for That 70's Show. I'm not sure why it didn't work for That 80's show either. I thought that show was funny. Anyways, Hunter could have been a great hit again if it had been given a chance. The execs should have thought out why it wasn't doing well. I don't think it was because of lack of content. It was because they had it up against other network time frames that were more popular than NBC on a Saturday night. NBC Saturday nights are not that exciting, I guess by now they have figured that out.
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Port Charles (1997–2003)
Sorry Charlie!
23 July 2003
It doesn't surprise me that Port Charles has been cancelled. I was never a big watcher of it but I started heavily watching it during the last arc, which I believe was well I don't remember the name of the arc but it was on between about April and June of 2003. Then I started watching the next arc and then I just stopped watching because I couldn't keep up with all the tapes I had stacking up. I don't know really what to say about the cancellation. I feel that some of the actors on this particular soap can't really act. One of them is Erin Hershey-Presley. I really don't feel like her acting is superb and Lynn Herring, who's been a veteran soap star for years is lacking in substance too. Maybe the writing for them is too teeniebobpish. I guess they need to shoot some pilots and show them to test audiences. I feel like bad acting and indecent writing is the reason why Port Charles is being cancelled. What's next, General Hospital? This is another soap that is just reaking havoc on plots and characters to keep audiences interested and by telling viewers they can catch the entire episode on SOAPNET tonight is no good if 1) they don't have soapnet and 2) their cable/satellite provider does not carry it.
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Insomnia (2002)
Robin Williams is totally out of character, for 2nd time this year!
29 May 2002
Well, Robins Williams was definitely out of character for this old ring around the rosey. I thought the movie was very suspenseful, but the plot of murder was just boring. I myself thought there was more to the murder but there wasn't. I think the twist they thought would get everyone was when the Detective shot his partner. So what! And the thought of it being his actual subconscious that really shot the guy because he was angry with him or wanted to get back at him was no big deal. I was really dissappointed in the outcome of the movie. It was boring as Hell! I just expected more of Robin Williams character. Finch and the Detective talked about a wildcard, but it was never used. And I hate to think the detective, although he knew that he actually did kill his partner and Finch saw him do it, that he would really let a hotheaded but abusive boyfriend go to jail for murder. I don't think that was fair. All in all the movie kept me going up to a certain point then it just dropped me off.
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Enough (I) (2002)
Well, enough is definitely, enough!
26 May 2002
Jennifer Lopez has continued to prove over and over again that she has the talent to be put on the "A" list of top actresses. This movie is very "Ashley Juddish" in nature, but it indeed was a good movie and J Lo. did a good job of portraying a battered woman. Noah Wyle on the other hand is totally out of character for playing that of a sadistical ass. What can you say. And Billy Campbell, I thought something was fishy about that whole scene in the diner where Noah was trying to pick her up and to later have it confirmed that they were the guys in there betting on who could sleep with her first. Billy Campbell , played his role exceptionally well. Billy Campbell, welcome to the ' D. W. Moffett ' era. Well done
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Unfaithful (2002)
15 May 2002
This movie is exciting! It starts off nice and cool and then that day comes when she meets Mr. Perfect! And then everything goes awry when the husband snaps. I couldn't believe it. The movie has its mountains and valleys but never leaves you hanging. What I didn't like about it was how the wife never turned her husband in. Adultery is a sin, not a crime. Murder is both!

I started thinking of this movie as a cross between Intersection anothe Richard Geer movie and Fatal Attraction. The same premise is there. Where the spousal character kills the cheetee. That part was completely unbelievable. The fact that Geer replaced the Water buble back at their house was almost an act of arrogance. I don't know why he couldn't have just told her that he knew she was having an affair. He got in trouble when he went to the guys apartment. But, that just shows you how stupid men are. The guy should not have let him in! He too was caught of guard when the globe started crushing his skull!

This movie was great! I would recommend it to any adults interested in a mystery like movie.
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High Crimes (2002)
"Psycho Military Crime... Revealed"
11 April 2002
Well I thought this movie was pretty good. I didn't see the hidden plot until it was revealed sneakily at the end. I was totally convinced of the overlying plot. This was a typical Ashley Judd movie. It was suspenseful, dramatic and in the begininning very romantic. James Caviezel was excellent in this film. He proved himself as an real actor to me. I have found that his work in other movies (Frequency and Angel Eyes) was not as significant(dramatic) even though he was the leading man. I actually believed he was the loving husband he was portraying. The plot line gave a confusing twist to the story, because the hidden plot was portrayed by other actors as being a setup. So even though I liked the movie in the end I started to think about it and I was confused about how the movie ended and why it ended the way it did. I heard that the end credits then shed light on the "inconsistencies."

Well I did learn a couple of things from this film. It did reveal some truths about the Government and Military and how they operate. It kind of makes you wonder..... !
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The mother of all Vampire Movies
16 March 2002
I am not quite sure where to start with this movie. It seems like this movie fills in a lot of holes as far as how one becomes a Vampire; willingly or victim.

I thought the story line of 'Queen of the Damned' was pretty good. I was really into the idea that Lestat was a rock star. The way the concert scenes were shot from a bird's eye view really gave the feeling that he was a true rock star, and he was the star of the movie, not Aaliyah, who played her part exquisitely. It's just a shame how she didn't live to see her work on the Big screen. Her part was very little but she played it well. She seemed very into it. I noticed that about Aaliyah, in her other movie. She really gets into her parts.

The movie, in the beginning, was slow, but it picked up quickly. The action started and the film suddenly became really exciting.

I think what made it exciting for me was Lestat and the relationship he ended up having with the girl who was obsessed with him. It was kind of romantic, because she died for him,to be with him; and she knew she would have to become immortal to be close to him.

So,overall the movie really turned out to be about love and what people do for love.
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Cruel Intentions 2 (2000 Video)
??? Duh !!!
24 September 2001
What's the point? I thought I saw this as supposing to be a prequil to Cruel Intentions. Then I watched it and wondered why it was made. It was just another day in the life of Sebastian and his crazy family. It reminded me of the first movie, like a remake.

I just don't understand why they would make a movie with basically the same twisted plot. It was THE SAME MOVIE!
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Where'd U get those eyes?
22 September 2001
Considering the horror movies out today compared to those of my younger days (Friday 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street), this movie was pretty darn scary. I mean it gave me the same feeling it gave me back when I was little and watching horror movies. The only thing in the movie I didn't get was the black psychic lady. I think she kind of threw the movie off. But, I guess they figured it would kind of create some suspense as to who the lady was and how she knew all this information about the two college kids. I sat there thinking "oh my God this is crazy, who is that?"

To make a long story short when i first saw advertisements about the movie I kept trying to think where I had heard Jeepers Creepers. I thought it was a comic book of some kind, but now I still don't know. But the movie turned out to be good.
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Splendor (1999)
Many a Splendor
19 May 2001
Well, I saw this movie for the first time last night. I was flipping channels and I noticed the the girl from 90210. It's funny I didn't like her on 90210, her prescence was kind of annoying. But, I thought the movie was good. Many people would think the plot was rather, hmmm... how should we say in flagrante delect, but I actually liked it. It sparked possible fantasies in my head. But, of course we all know in this day and age threesomes aren't a good idea. Overall I really enjoyed the movie. In the end I think she made the right decision
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The Bodyguard (1992)
19 May 2001
Well, this seems to be a decent acting role for Whitney Houston, not bad. The plot of this movie actually wasn't bad. I liked it. The first time I ever saw this movie I had watched a movie before hand that also contained the actor Bill Cobbs. I was like Geez. Anyways, this was a great effort by Kevin Costner, but the chemistry he had with his leading lady didn't seem to be that great. Well, we can say they did try. I liked this movie but I wasn't impressed with the chemistry. To say the least that's why this review isn't that great either!
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Hannibal (2001)
12 February 2001
Well, I decided to see what all the hype was about. This movie to me turned out to be a big disappointment. The plot was lost in the gruesomeness which for some reason made me queezy. That usually does not happen. I think the director of this movie waited too long to make a sequel. Julianne Moore changed the personality of Agent Clarice Starling. I think she would have been more convincing as Agent Starling maybe if she had picked up the old hick accent.

Julianne Moore is a good actress, but she was exactly that as Agent Clarice Starling, just a good actor. I don't think she did a good job of getting into character, however. Although, Clarice was supposed to have changed over the years, I think Julianne's portrayal was that of someone pretending to be an FBI agent. It just wasn't the same.

Another downfall for this movie would be the amount of time alotted to make the sequel. These days I think actors should sign contracts to continue as the characters they play instead of having other actors replace them. It takes the character of of context to have someone else come in and play them and not have the role of the character well thought out.

I give hannibal a low 2 of 5 stars and a Ebert's thumbs down. This movie was just plotless!
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Great Movie
2 February 2001
This movie is very funny. It is a complete change from teeny bopper movies for Freddie Prince, Jr. who is as handsome as ever. His charm is soo mesmerizing in this movie. It has it's romantic moments and it has its disgustingly funny moments (the shower scene). I overall enjoyed the experience of watching this movie. This movie could have Golden globes or Oscars ringing in the ears of its stars. The girls who were supposed to be models fit perfectly and added a little drama to this comedy. In the end I was happy with the turnout. I felt soo in love with Freddie.....
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Cast Away (2000)
What a movie
2 February 2001
I tell you they really know how to use special affects. Thats a good thing. This movie had me driving my fingernails into the seat at the theater. I was soo engulfed with emotion. Now that's how you know the movie is good. If it puts you in the say frame of mind as the main character, it's a knock out. I felt like I was stranded on that island too. But I do think that 4 years was a bit drastic and far fetched. Again Tom's will to live kept him alive. In most cases many people wouldn't have that strong of a will. I think this one's an Oscar contender from Go. Tom Hank's brilliant acting skills puts on the line, too. And at the end, you know how they feel when they meet after all that time. I can just imagine how hard it was to lose a love like that twice! An award should also go to Helen Hunt for her supporting role.
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