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Nigel is Hilarious, 19 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this episode. Nigel Planer's 'Den Dennis' complains to a waitress that the menu says "bangers," yet he only receives one sausage on his plate, all during the taping of the diner scene. Chaos ensues.

{Without further ado, a few spoilers}

And when the end comes, well only with a down-on-their-luck band could have so much trouble. The guys get fed up with the film crew, after having ran out of petrol, and so beat them up and steal all of their recording equipment and the van they had (just because the film crew could not 'interfere' with reality). Next thing we know, the boys in the band try to continue the filming in regular chaotic style. As the film runs out, sound recording continues. The boys argue as the credits roll, and cannot come together on any good resolution to continue with the film themselves. The audio ends for us, so we think that the only conclusion these trouble musicians could agree on, was to leave the whole lot. Or perhaps trade it in for money.

Coyote Waits (2003) (TV)
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An American Mystery! Special lights up the little screen., 17 November 2003

The second American Mystery! Special from a Tony Hillerman book, that basically picks up where the first one ended. Praise should be given to the producers of Mystery!, the ones who listened to the American audience when it begged for stories from American writers that were set in America.

Both Adam Beech and Wes Studi reprise their roles as lawmen, seeking truth this time about an unlikely murderer and the crime he supposedly committed. The struggle between mythology and law continues in this movie as Adam Beech's character, Jim Chee, has to deal with doubt and remorse, and Joe Leaphorn, played again by Wes Studi, reluctantly seeks positive proof about the reservation murder.

Robert Redford also lends his name again as Executive Producer, thus ensuring the unchanged production value. There is no doubt that the next movie, due to air in Spring of 2004, will exceed its predecessors in taut, mysterious entertainment.

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I vote this one for the dumpster., 15 November 2003

I must plea with you, do not watch this movie! Unless you want to know what not to do in a movie, then that's okay. We all must learn from others' mistakes. Such as: hiring people that can act; do make-up; edit sound; do special effects; edit film; produce; direct; and proper caterers, 'cause these people were emaciated from lack of talent.

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'Mr. Average Man', 26 August 2003

No. 16 in the 'Mr. Average Man' series for RKO Pictures. Not the best of the series, but certainly worthwhile. The print that is going around is of good quality. Co-written by George Stevens, some of the milder comedy from his later work is evident here. And Edgar Kennedy has never been better with the dog.

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Hard to keep a straight face, or food down..., 28 June 2003

Watching this movie, I was reminded of Harlem Nights constantly. But, whereas the other is meant to be funny, I fear that 'Rage' is 5 stars short of being a good drama. I hate to spoil anything for the fortunate viewer that has yet to see the movie, but to avoid a sour stomach, pass on this one. I can only think of a few war movies that had more killings than this did. And with the 'can't-catch-my-breath' action (at times senseless), the movie-goer may just hyper-ventilate themselves to sleep.

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Angry 'Ironbar' Anderson, 29 May 1999

Angry Anderson should have gotten top billing, too. He gave us comic relief, and had that antagonist virtue that villains rarely have in other films; especially those foreign in nature. At the time of its release, Tina showed her all, (literally), and could have garnered an award somewhere, if only the movie had improved more on the series plotline. I would still give it a good 7 stars.