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"Mega Man" (1994)
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UGH!!!, 14 December 2000

This is the worst videogame show ever! The cartoon didn't do anything right like the game. Mega Man and robots have muscles and they don't look like robots, not like the game. Roll suppose to be a housekeeper, not a sidekick of Mega Man! Dr. Light doesn't look smart. Protoman is not suppose to be bad, it seems like he wants to be on his own. Dr. Wily looks absolutely UGLY! If you watch the first episode, you will laugh what Mega Man is saying when Dr. Light created him! Don't watch this WASTE-OF-TIME show, play the game instead.

Mega Man Legends 2 (2000) (VG)
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The best Mega Man Legends game!, 14 December 2000

This game has better graphic and voice acting. I wish they could just keep Mega Man's voice from the first. The Servbots are so cute and the Birdbots are very funny! The graphics are much better than the first and the cutscenes are awesome. This is about Mega Man and Roll who find the Mother Lode and find out about a mysterious woman I recommended that this is the best Mega Mangame and Capcom has done it again. I give it 10 out of 10.