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What's next?, 27 September 2009

The Pilot of this series is nothing short of great. If this turns into a series where women play a dominating role and men are relegated to a weak-kneed role, it won't last. Noth is presented as a "special guest star". His few seconds on the pilot brings balance to the plot (and the series). Baranski's role is good as a person who had to fight her way to the top and shows the scars to prove it. When she meets a competitor who is capable of coming up with a "Hail Mary Pass", she reacts negatively. This pilot is "so open" we have no idea what comes next. It is a mirror of real life and proof that fact is really more interesting than fiction. The viewer has virtually no idea what will occur next but wants to stay for the next installment. The first of the series has given it a running start. Stay tuned.

The Hunted (1998) (TV)
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Rewrite, 5 August 2006

The twists and turns of the plot as well as the splendid acting by Hamlin and Amick who supply equal animus to the product are outstanding for a B-film. There are many non sequiturs that could have been edited out through a couple of rewrites.

There is a love-hate relationship between the two characters which is intriguing and lures the viewer as the movie moves along. The HUNTER has numerous opportunities to kill his PREY. Yet he never does. He has killed before without so much as a second thought. As he says during the hunt: the emotion (fear and aggression) is truly exhilarating. She begins to feel it reluctantly. One of the last scenes indicates that she gets the drift and takes over. The last scene shows that her life and the way she looks at life is forever changed (which way?).

Take this plot and the two main actors and a couple of rewrites and better supporting cast and end result could be a winner.

I ordered a copy of one of films on which this film is based as was recommenced by a previous commentator (I think it is WOUNDED) and look forward to seeing it.

agony of love, 5 May 2006

I saw this movie only when it came to cable. Then I had to see it again and again. In my latter years I pay attention to the credits as it gives me an insight as to the message of the movie (if there is one).

The preponderance of women (who directed, produced, and wrote it) is telling. If one keeps this in mind when viewing the movie, additional appreciation can't be avoided. The main nonsequitur in the movie is the 'coolness' of the male actor. Although Mulroney did an excellent job, one wonders if a man who is about to do an ab-outface in his lifestyle (when he realizes it) could do so nonchalantly.

Messing plays and performs her role with excellence. She is a control freak who has no idea what to do when she meets a man who is in control. She is drawn to him as if addicted. This makes the movie.

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Absolutely, 24 April 2003

I also saw this when I was in my "tender" years(pre 24). It made a lasting impression on me. A man who was a looser came back to his roots to not only pay homage to them but too use them to make something of what he had left of his existence. There were the vultures that were more than ready to pick the meat off his flesh. With his guard let down he was humiliated. The worst thing in the world: To be humiliated.

He tried to "make amends." Not enough. His previous life came into play. Note the hat that he wore at the beginning of the movie. Still it was not enough. His anger was slow to arise.

Even at the last of the movie the angst was subdued. He called gunfire justice only with the utmost reluctance. This was the ultimate strength of the movie.

It truly was one of Brando's finest!

class action, 10 April 2003

One of the best films of all times. Flynn hit a peak and never really achieved it again in his later efforts. Love, injustice, war, loyalty: it's all there. Considering it was created in 1935 when with a quarter of the population out of work and millions on part time to spread whatever was left, it was an inspiration.

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It sold ten thousand Ford trucks, 1 April 2003

Of all Bronson's starring roles, this is his best. The movie is low budget but effective. I've seen it umpteen times over the years and still enjoy it immensely. Al Lettieri is perfectly cast as the heavy and Paul Koslo is exquisite as the weasel. Linda Crystal's beauty tops off the appeal of the flick.

The truck chase scene is probably one of the best ever filmed. What more can one ask for?

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The way we were, 29 March 2003

The sixties were a time of great transition. At their beginning was the Peace Corps: a way to help those in need of a better life. At their end it was the me generation: how high can I get or how can I satiate my senses to the fullest. This movie is one of the best "encapsulations" of those events that I've seen.

The moral overtones of the movie are overwhelming. Wrongs occur. Do we run away from them? Do we trash our lives because of them? This movie attempts to address these questions. It does it well.

Finally, what brings it all together? In two words: Diane Lane. She possesses a deep but quiet beauty that makes it work. Her character asks, "I'm approaching middle age. I have children and a good but somewhat boring husband. Is this all there is?"

All ask this question as youth begins to fade. The answer this movie purports makes it exceptional and even classic. A hundred years from our descendants will look at this movie and appreciate its incite in human existence.

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Sophisticated, 21 March 2003

What a thought provoking and stimulating movie. One begins to sense what was lost due restriction of the Hays Commission. The svelte Ann Harding steels the show. She literally makes you fall in love with her character. Frank Morgan's role was very different from those that he later played. The sincere caring that the two female characters had for one another shows a sophistication that is as entrancing as it is admirable.

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Intriguing, 26 September 2002

Having seen this movie as when it came out, I loved it, as a ten year old. There were several movies that came out around this time: "Valley of the Kings" and "Land of the Pharaohs". The performance that mesmerized me then and even now was that of Peter Ustinov. To see him take a precious stone from under his eye patch fascinated me then and does today almost a half century later. The film has stood the test of time with me and as I can see many others. The story line is a fictionalized plot of one of the most interesting times in ancient Egyptian history. Pharaoh's embrace of the monotheistic concept caused political uphevels that rocked the country.

I agree that in spite of its length or perhaps because of it, seeing it again and again is still worthwhile and stimulating.

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Not as bad as one would think, 24 September 2002

The plot is not all that bad for a low budget item. The acting is good. Three viewings and no boredom! Must say something for it. The underlying theme to me is that sometimes in life two people come together reluctantly and their life changes. They are not meant for one another or so they believe. But every now and then they wonder: "What if?"

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