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The Crossing (2000) (TV)
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A pretty good movie -- but what irony!, 11 January 2000

I quite enjoyed 'The Crossing'. Jeff Daniels is a world away from his character in 'Dumb & Dumber', playing the future 1st President of the USA. He gives Washington a stolid, taciturn manner, which is offset in some moments by needed levity (to boost the morale of his men). I admired the way Washington would give up at nothing to secure some sort of victory for what was left of his army. He was desperate, yes, but didn't lose his dignity. I found the rest of the acting uniformly good -- the brief part by Sebastien LaRoche (did I get that name right?) was perfectly done.

My only beef -- and don't get me wrong is that this movie about a famous event in American history was filmed in TORONTO, ONTARIO! I had a feeling the cast was mainly Canadian when I saw a few familiar faces. I mean, the filmmakers saved some $ by filming up here, but the power of the story was nullified somewhat by finding out about the film location.

Overall, though, a good movie and recommended for history buffs.