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Fun with Dick and Jane gives you a wonderful time with George and Jane!, 1 October 1999

This is certainly my favorite show for both George Segal and Jane Fonda. They are marvelous as folks trying to make ends meet (by hook OR crook) in the face of unemployment. Their hijinks are marvelous, as they exhaust ALL the possibilities for humor in the search for employment.

Especially memorable are the fashion show, the celebratory dinner, and the performance of Carmen. But good spots in this film are too frequent to even cite!

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A very, very, very funny movie. A little naughty, but all in fun!, 1 October 1999

This is a super film, with laughs galore. Visit kink in a fab fifties decor, and enter SM the "Bland" way. The film is beautifully cast, especially leads Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel, Robert Bethan, and Susan Saiger.

And you'll learn something, too. Whether it's about bland Buritos, or doggies, or what NOT to take into a hot tub with you!

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This film is wonderful, heartwarming, engaging, funny, sad, short, stupendous!, 29 September 1999

Here is a perfect movie. The actors (Kathy Bates, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary-Louise Parker, and Jessica Tandy in particular) are credible, rounded, warm, funny, absolutely perfect. The plot is (in its way) epic, involving a long time span, with significant developments in both past and present. It is a total must-see!

This film too offers tons of memorable moments. It will also supply those quotes to use when one tires of the usual Gone With the Wind or Wizzard of Oz items. You will NOT forget "Towanda," or "The Secret's in the Sauce" in any near future.

This movie is a masterpiece, and a masterful presentation of some most significant lives, and of a way of life which should have survived.

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A super movie based on a super book. Wonderful film and a wonderful adaptation!, 29 September 1999

This film is a delight. It basks in the warm glow of Savannah, presenting a truly delightful range of characters in an endearing manner. The plot is engaging, and it unrolls beautifully.

Casting is masterful. I could especially point out Kevin Spacey's gracious southern gentleman Jim Williams, John Cusack's fresh New Yorker new to southern ways, and Lady Chablis' most stupendous portrayal of her/him self!

The movie basks in the glow of Johnny Mercer ballads. Quite frankly, there is nothing to pan and everything to praise with this film!

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A snazzy film fun, with a fine message and a moral purpose., 24 September 1999

This movie is one of those rare perfect films. Casting is brilliant (especially Stockard Channing, who only gets better and better as the years go by--and she was always totally incapable of less than a fantastic performance). The general plotline of the movie is congenial, and the themes are fulfilling.

In essence, the movie deals with the healing of "broken people." (For other such films, see such gems as "Batteries Not Included".) The unlikely angels? Three drag queens from New York City. The vehicle? Their car breaks down in a red-neck hamlet. Unlikely hijinks and dangerous confrontations lead to a satisfying finale.

And Julie Newmar was never better!

Batman (1989)
This is a super show, thrilling and haunting and fun too!, 24 September 1999

This is certainly the best of the 4 modern Batman epics. A major cause is Tim Burton's wonderfully twisted imagination which was used to create Gotham City. The setting is, in fact, a star of this show! Michael Keaton is no slouch as Batman (he's my favorite of the Batmen) and Kim Basinger is a most appealing romantic interest. This is also just about Jack Nicholson's best role.

In short, all the elements combine in this film to make it memorable, appealing, exciting, and enduring.

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Armageddon visits Hollywood, thanks to Nathaniel West., 17 September 1999

A most unusual film, this. And it is a personal favorite. True to the flavour and colour of the Nathaniel West novel. It is well cast, well conceived, and beautifully presented. It is the cynic's view of Hollywood, but with a goodly quantity of truth to it. It ranges from the banal everyday life of a court apartment house, thru some rather high-flown action at the cock fights and the sound stage, to a raging fantasy in its surrealistic conclusion.

I find it gripping, exciting, funny, suspenseful, and a heck of a great entertainment.

This is a WONDERFUL MOVIE, a perfect 10!!!!!, 16 September 1999

The film is brilliant, and brilliantly cast. This is your ultimate backstage film. It is wildly funny, almost painfully so! The timing is remarkable, the casting incredible, the script flawless!

The film recounts trials and tribulations encountered by the cast and crew preparing and touring the British sex comedy "Nothing On" on its way to a Broadway opening.

Buy it! Rent it! Watch it!

Tango (1998)
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Stunning film!, 15 September 1999

This is a stunning film. The score is dynamic--beautifully written and magnificently performed, with a shockingly wonderful presence in its new DVD incarnation. The color is gorgeous, bright, subdued, subtle, stunning--broad of range and magnificent. The dancing is incredible!

Add to this the magnificent variety of tango, and you have an undeniable winner!

And this in spite of the fact that the plot is rather slight, relieved finally and solely because of a rather Pirandelloesque twist at the end.

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Just about the weakest of the James Bond films., 10 September 1999

Roger Moore is a surprisingly stiff James Bond, and lacks the humor most of the other Bonds have brought to the role. The movie is clumsy, and (from the perspective of 1999) terribly dated--rooted as it is in its own times "swinging" pop culture. The movie is slight--with such events as the power boat race occupying a disproportionate amount of screen time, and the cute but clumsy use of the southern "cracker" sherriff.

In short? Give the film a miss if you possibly can.

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