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blooper, or is it?, 19 March 2012

"love is blind" episode aired on March 19, 2012.

In tonight's episode there is a strange reference to House's wife to his Mother and "father".

I don't need to say all this, but I have to write at least 10 lines for this comment to be published. If I knew how to post a blooper, I would to that.

House says (about his "wife"): she gets the couch on odd days and I get the bed on even days..." Sounds like nobody gets the bed on odd days and nobody sleeps on the couch on odd days.

Or, they're sleeping together.

Women vs. Men (2002) (TV)
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Brilliantly written and performed, 22 July 2003

Never having heard of this film before, I saw the DVD at the video store and rented it on the strength of the cast, particularly, Reiser and Mantegna. I was amazed by the intelligence in the writing for these characters and their wives, Headly and Lahti, respectively. The pacing of the dialog and the chemistry of the characters flows like a Neil Simon play, a West Wing episode, or Mad About You. The two couples find themselves facing self-revelation after twenty years of marriage. It is a rite of passage that lies somewhere between middle-age crisis and incontinence (as Reiser's character, Bruce, discovers when he finds there are no books written for this crossroads in life). The honesty is hilarious. Pastorelli's character, Nick, is poignantly funny with his harmless, yet blatantly effective seduction prowess. I'm glad this was a two day rental, because I had to see it again. This would make a great stage play.

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Great attention to detail, 17 November 2002

This short-lived series (6 episodes shot, only 4 aired in the US) is meticulous on detail. Rick's Cafe and the Blue Parrot are recreated to a tee at the Burbank Studios. The supporting cast is superb and the production crew are consumate professionals rich in the history of filmmaking: Ralph Senensky is a true actors' director with over 40 years experience in television directing (from Dr. Kildare to Hart to Hart). Joe Biroc is legendary as cinematographer (remember It's a Wonderful Life)? And "Shotgun" as makeup artist rounded out a consummate filmmaking team.