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The most emotionally powerful film I've ever seen, 10 November 1999

As I sit down to write these comments, the credits are rolling, so the event is as fresh in my mind as possible. It is difficult to write as I struggle to control my sobs. As a U.S. Army veteran, I feel a special connection to the story and to those who fought and sacrificed all between 1939 and 1945. I separated from the Army just as Operation Desert Shield commenced in 1990 and have always secretly felt disappointed that I missed military service in a combat theater and somewhat jealous of my brother who did serve there. After seeing Steven Spielberg's graphic representation of the horrors of close combat, I no longer feel such disappointment or jealousy. Instead I feel thankful that Providence led me far out of harm's way, unlike two soldiers in my former unit who did die in Saudi Arabia. If Mr. Spielberg was trying to convey the message that war is a terrible thing that ought to be avoided, he definitely succeeded with me.

Airspeed (1999)
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Don't bother, 10 November 1999

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I'm sorry I sat through this one, but with afternoon TV choices being what they are...

None of the cast delivers any kind of decent performance, except the aircrew and adult passengers on the plane, who spend the vast majority of the story passed out. In that they were convincing.

***Spoiler ahead (if you really care)***

Technical errors in the story are so abundant that they don't even merit mentioning. It is obvious that the storywriter's knowledge of aviation stops at folding and unfolding his tray table. I realize that fiction need not be realistic to be entertaining, but the lack of reality in this film really detracted from my viewing experience. If only someone had thought to reset the circuit breaker on the autopilot at the beginning of the crisis in the story, we would have been spared the worst elements of the story.

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Another great HBO film, 27 October 1999

This is another fact-based HBO film that brings every element together for a movie with an incredible emotional impact. It is impossible to come away from this movie without feeling incredibly sympathetic toward the Buckey family.