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Another Spencer Tracy Triumph, 14 October 1999

It's so easy to criticize this film. The soundtrack from DeVol is *awful*. The film is incredibly dated and there are some scenes, (the scene with the delivery boy and the ice cream shop), that are unbearable, like something out of a Gidget film.

Of course the other problem with this film, 33 years after its production, is who in the year 2000, would be upset about their daughter marrying a Yale educated Doctor?

However, despite all this, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a great film. The film is wonderful because it was the last film made by one of Hollywood's greatest duos, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

This film was made while Spencer Tracy was dying. Spencer had to put his entire salary in escrow in order for the film company to allow him to do the film.

So why did Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy agree to do this film, without immediate payment? Because it's a film about forbidden love, it's a film about loving someone no matter what society thinks, or what the rules are. This is something Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn knew a great deal about.

What makes this film outstanding is, by the end of the film you realize, Kate and Spencer are not even acting they are relaying their feelings about each other, through the film. Once you catch that, the drama of the final few scenes is just unparalleled and Spencer's final speech, about his love for Kate (Christina), can drive even the most twisted soul to tears.

A few things to catch in this film, watch Kate's face when Spencer recites the line, 'screw what the rest of the world thinks about your love'...those are real tears. Watch Spencer Tracey as he paces back and forth on the terrace near the end of the film. He realizes he is about to begin one of the last scenes he will ever film. He's line 'well I'll be a son of a bitch' more a realization he's about to make his last grandstand on the big screen, in his entire career.

Spencer Tracy is one of America's greatest actors. This is his last triumph. For that reason alone, it's a true cinematic treasure.

Ivanhoe (1982) (TV)
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Good Television, 27 August 1999

Television is such a wasteland at times.

Every once in a while a good thing comes out of TV. Ivanhoe is one of those things. It's episodal, which diminishes the dramatic impact sometimes, but considering its budget and the medium, it really is a fine piece of work.

A great story...some great acting (Rebecca is exceptionally played) and a wonderful blend of drama, adventure, romance and raw violence.

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The Phantom Menace Is Terrific, 19 May 1999

The Phantom Menace is a terrific fantasy sci-fi movie. Only those with hatred in their hearts, will not enjoy this movie. It's visually stunning, very funny in spots, a terrific fairy tale in space. I loved it, I can't wait to see it again.