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What's the 3rd Best?, 2 June 1999

Throughout the 80's, I pretty much grew up on the 2 best family-drama-soap shows off all time (on my list). The "Dynasty Clan" & "Dallas". Whether a Sunday afternoon "pull-hair" fight between Alexis & Crystal or a Tuesday night shooting in J.R.'s office, these shows were/are my favorite. You come to ask yourself though, who comes in 3rd place? In my mind, its the one and only "Falcon Crest" . A high-quality drama about two families & their daily intrigues & plots. Well I simply enjoy that to the max. The Bad one "Angela" against the good one "Maggie". If you have never seen any of those episodes, and i doubt you have not, there is the media library in NYC which has all episodes of all TV shows ever made. Archived. Give it a try if you visit the city.

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What's the 3rd best 80's series?, 25 May 1999

I am surprised, that this is the first comment ever made on this highly quality-regarded 80's series. I grew up pretty much on Dallas & Dynasty Clan, & without a doubt those are the 2 best TV dramas on my list. The question remains though: Who comes up 3rd? For me without a doubt, it's Falcon Crest. The all-time family affair with all the dirt, intrigues, plays & surprises. I love Falcon Crest. Unfortunately, here in NY you can not find any re-runs on any cable channels. I hope one of them will pick it up soon. If you haven't seen any of them yet, try to visit the TV & Movie library in NYC. They have every episode archived.

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How can you not like this one?, 19 May 1999

My previous friend gave this movie not a positive review, to say the least. But how could you not. No matter what you think of Burt Reynolds, this is one star-stuffed movie. Show me another one, where you can find that many stars all in one. If you like car movies, i am sure you have seen such greats as "The Great Race" with Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon or "Gummball Ralley". "Cannonball" is without a doubt, one of the greatest 80' car/action/star movies ever. Forget the acting, this is one to laugh your brains out.