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The Walking Dead (2010– )
was great, now full of liberal SJW politics
22 November 2017
this show and the comic used to be great, but now it is just full of liberal clichés...full of SJW politics...disgusting...the comic is just as bad as the show...everything is all about gays and lesbians and strong women who play the role of men...forget this ...buh bye...see ya later...
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The Mist (2017– )
fakeLeftist culture-war propaganda piece pandering to the media
23 June 2017
this series is just crammed full of any and every fake-leftist culture- war trope--a skinny girl who can miraculously beat up a huge man...a gender-fluid teen, etc...I guess they are pandering to the media trying to get media attention... that said, after watching episode 1 a while, it develops into a decent story....IF you can get past the media-pandering and them pushing all the fake-leftist culture-war tropes on you...
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Drive (I) (2011)
a vacuous film for vacuous, empty-headed youth
17 May 2017
this movie caters to youth, callow youth, empty-headed youth...youngsters love to be flattered and be catered to...and that is what this movie self-indulgent...oh, young people are so so so special...this movie drapes itself and its characters with so much indulgence...what is there? Nothing...
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Drone Wars (2016)
not a bad movie AT ALL!
6 May 2017
it's not citizen kane, but a decent alien invasion's primarily a guy movie...lots of weapons and fighting...made from a male warrior point of view.... decent acting--the lead actor is a very experienced actor who had the lead in a TV series some years ago...

good production values...a simple, straightforward story line...definitely worth a watch...

it's low budget, but with current computer graphics tech, almost anything is possible...
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Cops (1989– )
This show disgusts me
12 September 2006
I used to be able to watch this show for entertainment value. Not any more. As I grow older I get wiser. I learned too much about life.

Now this show just disgusts me.

Most of what I see on this show is just the cops picking on people who are not hurting anyone. People who are for the most part just dysfunctional biological machines.

This episode I am watching right now, they just arrested some guy for sleeping in the cab of his truck for a couple of hours while his kids were playing in the park nearby. Apparently he had a couple of drinks and dozed off. Oh, the horror!

And they bust some poor guy who was soliciting a prostitute who was actually a cop. Haven't they got anything better to do? Here in Houston, they won't do a %$#& thing about the thieves who break into our cars for years. But they devote teams of people to bust some poor guy napping in his car or trying to have sex with someone else for money.

Why can't the cops and the puritans and baptists just leave people the &%$#@ alone?

I am in law school right now, and ya know what? I am going into criminal defense when I graduate.

And it is not just this episode. Most of the episodes I see of this show &^%$# me off. Freaking puritans are in charge of this nation because of our low rate of voting. And why do our poor people not vote? BEcause this nation was set up from the start to discourage voting among the poor. THat is how the constitution was designed by James Madison.
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Stark, uncompromising, austere style makes up for poor production values
3 July 2006
This movie has poor production values but makes up for it with a brutal and uncompromising style of storytelling.

This is the story of a man gone mad, driven mad by life and its turns and twists. He gone on a killing rampage. And you will want oh so badly to take your own revenge on him.

Not a sentimental movie. Neo-realist, maybe. Gritty in its own way, even though most of the acting is shoddy.

It really picks up the suspense at the end.

Worth watching.

This movie is also apparently in the public domain. Filmed in Belfast Ireland.
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Jenny (1970)
A glimpse into the NYC filmmakers community
1 June 2006
This is a little piece of autobiography, I suspect. It is really best for giving you a glimpse into some chapter of the screenwriter's life or the life of someone he knew. This is in part a story of New York City and the film makers's lfestyle there. It is about a contrast between the educated and sophisticated and a simpler person. Or at least this is a subtext of the movie, I think.

On the surface, this is about a young girl who gets impregnated by someone who was/is a friend of a NYC filmmaker. He makes commercials. It is an all comsuming business for him. He is knowledgeable and sophisticated. Some friend of his impregnated some country girl who made it to New York. Then this friend moves away and Alda, the filmmaker, is placed in the position of having this pregnant, naive young girl living with him. I think the impregator-friend was his roommate, and now Jenny, the pregnant young girl, is moving into the apartment, after the friend has left town. Or something like that.

Well, Alda at first does not have much sympathy or room in his life for this girl. He sort of ignores her. But they develop a relationship. And so forth.

Not bad, and sort of a window into time and into a certain subculture.
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The Pass (1998)
this movie is way underrated
6 May 2006
What is it that this movie is rated? A 4.2 or something like that? No way! It should be rated about a 6.5 or so. I gave it a 7.0 This movie is well done with professional actors and good production values.

It is not clichéd and has several surprises.

Good music, good suspenseful atmosphere. How could it be rated a 4.2? That tells me it is not worth watching. But this movie is definitely worth watching.

I ain't it saying it is the second coming of the Godfather or anything like that.

But a solid movie worth watching.
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The Ring (2002)
Perhaps the best horror movie of all time
7 June 2005
Well, maybe not the very very best, but it has to be very close to it. Excellent pacing, visually hypnotic, tight tight plot, surreal atmosphere. It's right up there with Psycho and exorcist.

OK, maybe it does have a some weaknesses. Maybe it depends a bit too much on built-in Hollywood horror mythology. It doesn't explain a lot, or offer any kind of substantive framework for how this happens. I mean this is all in the mind, in the realm of ghosts and psychic stuff. I mean, it works, and very well, but it could never happen.

Really, horror movies like Psycho are better, because that could have actually happened.

This movie is just way out there in ghostland.

But the visual effect is simply tour de force stuff. A beautiful movie. Not all THAT original, like I said--in a way it depends on a huge framework of Hollywood horror clichés. But the visual world is alluring. Sort of reminds me of Jacob's Ladder, what with the way it slips from a totally realistic workaday world into surreal otherworld.
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Flesh+Blood (1985)
the nasty realities of Life is what Hollywood tries to avoid
7 May 2005
And they do it not only because a positive movie sells better (I doubt it), but because decades ago Hollywood and its rich investors were afraid that socialism would sweep over America (ti almost did! But you do not know that, do you?).

So, back about 80 yeras ago, the backers or the movies demanded a different focus, one that avoided the nasty realities of life, the better to avoid providing a vehicle for labor union organization. But that is a foreign concept to you, right? And maybe that explains why Europeans have universal healthcare and live longer than Americans? Or maybe you would just rather listen to Limbaugh cuz you are gonna be rich someday. The Wall St Journal promised you that.

Or maybe you are ready for some of the nasty realities of life? If so, then watch this movie...
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