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Cute little coming of age comedy, 1 October 2001

Jennifer Connelly stars as a 15 year old girl who invites her platonic male friend to live in her house. Naturally rumors get started and and her boyfriend isn't too pleased either. A sweet movie that both parent and teen can watch and discuss together. Some brief partial nudity but nothing near what other "teen" movies have in them.

Connelly is gorgeous as always 6 of 10

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Smart Intelligent movie., 1 October 2001

James Spader stars as a college friend of a husband whose sister in law is having an affair. Spader videos women as they talk about their sex lives, getting them to divulge their deepest secrets to him..

A good movie that takes it time to develop. 8 iof 10

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A great film.., 8 September 2001

What else can be said about this masterpiece by Steven Speilberg about Oskar Schindler who did anything he could - including bribery - to employ jewish workers in his munition plants which resulted in saving over one thousand jews from the nazi slaughter. In a way it is troubling to say this movie is great and is a favorite because of the terrific horror of the subject but Speilberg makes it a poignant memorial for those who lived through the holocaust and a reminder to those who were too young to have remembered that these atrocities did happen and such hatred should never present itself again. 10 of 10

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a bit overwrought but a good movie nonetheless, 8 September 2001

Chris O'Donnel stars as a prep school student who cares for a bitter, blind retired army colonel - overplayed by Al Pacino - who received an Oscar nevertheless- Gabrielle Anwar has only a small part in the film as Pacino's tango partner. A good film with an ending that will keep you watching.. 7 of 10

Scandal (1989)
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sex scandal brings down british government.., 8 September 2001

Christine Keeler and Bridget Fonda star in this dramatization of the Profumo government scandal that overturned a political party and had much more profound effects on others... well made movie with great performances.. 7 of 10

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river phoenix comes of age to fugitive parents, 8 August 2001

River Phoenix stars as a coming of age teenager whose parents are fugitives from the vietnam war protest era who must frequently be on the run to keep one step ahead of the law.. of course, this causes some problems for Phoenix as he becomes a man.. good drama and good acting by all the main characters 6 of 10

Salvador (1986)
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intense story of reporters adventures in civil war el salvador, 8 August 2001

James Woods stars as a photographer who faces the cruel and punishing effects of civil war and social injustice on the people of El Salvador. A visually stunning film from Oliver Stone that forces you to examine the U.S. role in other countries. 7 of 10

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Excellent telling of the tragic life of Ryan White, 8 August 2001

Lukas Haas stars as Ryan White, the young boy who became the poster child for young AIDS victims.. the movie tells the story of his life and its ups and downs as he struggles with the disease and ignorance of the people around him. 8 of 10

Platoon (1986)
A soldier's story.., 17 June 2001

Charlie Sheen plays a new soldier to Vietnam who experiences first hand the true horror of war as well as the senselessness of the war in Vietnam.. He is soon caught in the middle of a battle for his soul between Berenger and Dafoe.. A truly unforgettable film 10 of 10

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A powerful well done movie.., 17 June 2001

Timothy Hutton stars in this drama about a family coping with the tragic accidental death of one son and the suicide attempt of the other.. Superb acting by all, especially Mary Tyler Moore who is outstanding as the emotionally detatched mother.. The debut directorial effort by Robert Redford is a winner, as was he for best director and the film for best picture.. Also a fine debut for Elizabeth McGovern 10 of 10

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