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Blue State (2007)
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Successful but begged for more, 19 April 2008

Eager to tell a story certain aspects of the plot and characters can take a back seat to a film's desire to push the plot.

The film was successful, however, I feel like proper pacing and better character development would have helped.

The political rhetoric, name and fact dropping get old after a while mostly because their analysis is only surface deep. A desire for more thought provoking facts could have helped validate the hero's desire.

Overall acting felt tense and awkward which made the craft more noticeable and made it difficult to let go of the actor's fame.

It's a unique film in it's story and arguably would have been better in a more independent circuit or with less known actors. An overall style or unique artifact was desired and severely missed.

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My First Time, 6 August 2000

I remember it like it was last night because it was. Its

October 6th 2:00 in the morning ET I am flipping through channels (Basic Cable), and for some reason I stop on Channel 22 (TBS Superstation). There was a movie in progress. All I could see was two kids on a small row boat one of them was obviously female and not wearing a shirt. The other was a male with very curly hair. The commercial break came and they announced the name of the movie, The Blue Lagoon. I had never heard of this movie before. Knowing I had a 7 am meeting the next morning didn't stop me from staying up until 3:30 in the morning to watch the movie. Weather it was the interest to see nudity or the wanting to know what was going to happen to these two individuals, the story sparked my interest to watch it. The next day after work I went online to the Internet Movie Database and looked up the movie. Finding out more and more made me want to buy the movie. In reading the comments from other patrons I found out there was no movie available. Now I am on the verge of sending a letter to the Movie company and asking for the release of the original The Blue Lagoon of 1949. Whose with me??? P.S. Sorry I didn't tape the edited version on TV I didn't know how good the movie was