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Interesting just for children, 15 December 2013

It's a low budget movie. You can see that based on the few locations and sets. Also, it's a very childish movie for adults. There's no deep message on it. It's just for children's entertainment. And there's no much of comedy on it either. I love Christmas movies but I almost gave up on this one. But it's not that bad. But as I bought it, I wanted to see it. Surprisingly, the acting is not bad at all. Kevin Pollack is the usual bad guy here. And there's no much of "country" on it although it was produced by Kix Brooks of "Brooks and Dunn" and Tracey Atkins made a very small appearance on it. It will go directly to my local community library.

The Trial (2010)
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Surprisingly good!, 11 July 2012

Surprisingly good movie with Mat Modine.

Some people said it's a religious movie but it's not as much others I've seen lately. Except for some dialogs between Mac and the psychiatrist, there's no more of that.

The plot is kind of predictable but much better than several of the current courtroom dramas we see in the theaters or TV.

The movie has very good acting with some exceptions but those don't compromise the movie itself. Very touching, with some twists and some suspense in the end.

I would recommend for my friends.

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Not as bad as some reviewers want us to believe., 9 July 2012

I saw much more worst movies than this.

I think the main issue here is that people don't like the movie because it is a Christian movie. If it wasn't, the reviews would be better. In another words, people has a prejudice against Christian movies.

Now, the movie itself:

First things first: David White should leave the acting to other actors. He's good as director, not as an actor. But the acting in the general is good.

The plot is interesting, captivating, and, contrary to other opinions written here, I don't think that push so much the Americans as the good guys against the "bad guys". Any Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal movies is more pushing that this one.

I will recommend this movie to my friends and other people as well.

Excellent movie, but... not accurate according the 'real" Frank Lucas and others, 10 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's interesting the fact that, after 15 minutes of movie, I mentioned to my wife that, no matter which character Denzel Washington is playing he's always "classy" and seems to be a gentleman. And it's not a negative critique.

But the fact is, if you google the name "Frank Lucas", you have a link for the wikipedia. There you learn that according Frank Lucas and others, the movie is "1% true and 99% Hollywood".

Also, the real Richie Roberts was upset with the movie because of(WARNING: SPOILER HERE)the custody battle scenes. After all, according to him, he never had a child!!! And again, according to him, the real Frank Lucas was an illiterate, and extremely violent man.

Despite of all the things above, it was a pleasure to watch another very good performance of Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe (although he's not one of my favorites).

A new "Christmas Carol", 31 January 2002

This movie is a romantic comedy that uses almost the same idea of the old "Christmas Carol". A kind of "angel" that gives to a rich and lonely financial mogul another chance in his life with the woman that he abandoned in the college. There isn't anything new on it but the cast is perfect, including Jack's friend performed by Jeremy Piven, a very good actor that deserves a leading role. A movie with no doubt, for the whole family.

Snatch (2000)
Hilarious..., 31 January 2002

Hilarious, fast and very funny movie where everything goes wrong to everybody. Except for the dog that almost "steals" the attention. This movie was a nice surprise for me. It was the first time that I saw Benicio del Toro and although his part was short (unfortunately), I liked it very much. Dennis Farina gave a very comic tone to his part. Brad Pitt though, could be better. This movie is a must to people who likes to laugh at dumb robbers in action.

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Intriguing Movie, 16 July 2001

I bought this movie with intention to lend it to friends who don't believe in Jesus Christ as our only Savior and don't believe in the Judgment Day.

The movie is good although except for Kirk Cameron, his wife Chelsea Noble and Brad Johnson, the acting seems to be amateur sometimes. But the purpose of the movie can be easily achieved.

Congratulations to the cast and crew. I'm waiting anxiously for "The Tribulation Force".

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I've seen worse movies than this, 22 February 2001

It's a bad movie but not the worst I've ever seen. But everything on it is obvious. After 30 min, I told my wife that the character of Gary Busey was not dead. I was right. But at the same time, they didn't say who was murdered there. Besides, as far as I know no other operator but Susan, took the calls between the D.A. and the character of Eric Roberts (in bad acting as usual). More, the detectives were dumb! They should watch a few episodes of Law & Order!!! Thinking better: it's not the worst movie I saw but it's one of them....

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Takes another another angle of vision for cops and crime series. Everything is perfect: the choose of the cast, the cast themselves, the stories, etc. Although some can think of gore scenes, the episodes are not so violent as the similar we have usually. A suggestion: it should be a good idea to start to show some aspects of the their personal lives.

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VERY POUR HERO, 13 February 2001

I can't understand how someone can do such thing. I don't know if it was independent movie or what. But I never saw so bad image (like every scene was "blur" or something)in a movie, even in independent ones. The script is predictable, the actors are bad acting, trying to make scenes funny. Instead they have come ridiculous. So, why did I watch it, someone can ask: because my kids (11 and 13yo) asked us to watch any movie in the TV with them. Then I suggested them to choose one. And they did! But even they didn't like it. It should be better if they had chosen other films at Nickelodeon or Disney channel that are re-run several times a week. My time wouldn't be so wasted as it was. And this movie was played at prime time on HBO Family!!!!!

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