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Violent but Excellent, 4 January 2003

I absolutely HATE violent movies but saw this on my birthday at the suggestion and company of my husband and two best friends. You think New York is violent today??? Check it out in 1846. A vivid, visual tale, thanks to Martin Scorcese -- too many great scenes to describe without giving it away to the moviegoer who has not yet seen the film. If Daniel Day Lewis doesn't get an Oscar for this film, it is a sin. He is absolutely despicable as "The Butcher." Also, the chemistry between DiCaprio and Diaz is ... well ... I would swear on my mother's grave that these two had a fling going in real life, that's how HOT their scenes are together. I was very surprised at myself for enjoying a film such as this. Go see it.

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Ladies-This one you've GOT to see!, 12 November 2002

Guys don't get it. Even the male film critics didn't. But female moviegoers did! This is a good, old-fashioned romance-adventure. Every actor is splendid from the lead, Edmond Dantes played by Jim Cavaziel (who is drop-dead gorgeous, ladies!), to his true love, Mercedes (Dagmar Domincynz), to the villain (Guy Pearce) with humorous turns by the devoted friend, Luigi (JB Blanc) and the devoted servant (Luis Guzman). Revenge and swash buckling and lessons learned. An entertaining movie that everybody can see from your grandmother to your kids. Well done, Hollywood and it's about time!

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Swashbuckling at Its Best, 19 February 2002

My best friend literally dragged me out to see this movie. The coming attraction trailer does not do the movie justice. It was an experience to watch the main character, Edmond Dantes (James Caviezel), grow from a whiny innocent to a domineering Count bent on revenge. Fernand Mondego (Guy Pearce) is wonderfully wicked. (He has such a snotty way of talking, you want to smack him.) The movie is only slow up until Dantes meets the "Priest" (Richard Harris), whose character is both intelligent and comical. Then the audience is literally swept into the movie's intensity, visually and emotionally. The best part: you can take your kids to see this movie. I hope Hollywood produces more films of this sort.

Memento (2000)
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Twist of Fate or Twisted Fate?, 26 September 2001

Brilliant. You think the ending of "Sixth Sense" was bizarre? After becoming deeply involved in watching this film, you will think you have it all figured out, huh? Then, you find out, to your utter amazement, that you had it all wrong. It feels like a strong drink finally hitting you after the night's over! So original, no wonder it's the #3 video rental right now. You'll see outstanding actors in this movie who have gone onto bigger things: Guy Pearce, Carrie Moss, even Larry Holden. Remember him from "Every Dog Has Its Day"? He plays Carrie's boyfriend, Jimmy, in a rather intense scene with Pearce and now he's in Pacino and Robin Williams' latest movie. Be sure to watch EVERY SINGLE SCENE or you'll miss something. Take your telephone off the hook!

Rock Hudson (1990) (TV)
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Understated Performance, 2 March 2001

Thomas Ian Griffith was perfectly cast in this role. Not only is Mr. Griffith a Rock Hudson lookalike, but he carried himself as Rock Hudson did and portrayed the underlying tenderness that Hudson's moviegoers admired. I normally dislike biography/movies and almost switched the channel, but Mr. Griffith was quite compelling to watch. I do agree with the other imdb users that the movie could have focused more on Hudson's career; however, the movie was based on his ex-wife's book and her knowledge of that aspect of Hudson's life was limited. I found it sad that Hudson tried to go straight and although truly in love with Phyllis, he could not deny his inner feelings for men. Mr. Griffith's portrayal helped me to understand Rock Hudson as a person. This movie is currently being rerun on the True Stories channel (March 2001).

"I've been kidnapped by K-Mart!!!", 14 July 2000

Besides "The Wedding Singer," "Ruthless People" is the most well written comedy I've ever seen. Each scene leads perfectly into the other. Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater shine. Even supporting characters, Anita Morris, as DeVito's adulterous girlfriend, and Bill Pullman, Anita's nitwit, Don Johnson wannabe boyfriend, are brilliant. Belly laughs from beginning to end! And be sure to watch the extras. There are few scenes with blatant gags in the background (watch where the policemen are so bored at DeVito's house, they are playing a game of tennis!) You must buy this one for your video collection!

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Filthy, 12 July 2000

If you enjoy hearing the "F" word every other sentence, then THIS is the movie for you! Sorry Spike, but not even New Yorkers cursed THIS much in the 1970's. It's hard to believe that classy actors such as Leguizamo, Sorvino and Neuwirth agreed to appear in this trash. A huge waste of my time.

A slice of life, 29 June 2000

I thought this was Levinson's best movie to date, especially the dialogue. Although I am not Jewish, many of the situations (the "bubby" listening on the extension, the young teen's stubbornness in dressing as Hitler to trick-or-treat in a Jewish neighborhood, etc.) were absolutely hysterical. Again, only one character, a bit character who is announcing names at graduation, had a Baltimore accent. (I just don't get Levinson; if you film in Baltimore, educate your actors to use local dialect.) Also, the film did not depict enough people smoking; everyone and anyone smoked cigarettes, especially in the 1950's. I am frankly surprised the boys and their friends weren't at least sneaking a smoke. However, the storyline was greatly thought out. It was shocking to others in 1964, when I hung around with my black neighbors just to play dodge ball or hopscotch; imagine in 1954, a black girl and a white boy being friends?! Well done, Barry!

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My least favorite version of Cinderella, 29 June 2000

One word: miscast! Gemma Craven as Cinderella was too weak an actress to carry it off in the lead role. Her singing voice was lovely but she was too short in stature and simply too shy in all of her leading scenes to convince me that she was the woman to become royalty. On the other hand, Richard Chamberlain was perfect as Prince "Charming:" nice singing; graceful dancing and fine acting, in fact, very commanding in all of his scenes. The biggest disappointment for me was the climax of the film when Cinderella appears at the ball and the prince sees her for the first time. Craven does not stand out at all (many other guests also have white gowns) and she was, simply, too short. "Ever After" still remains the best adaptation of the Cinderella tale in my opinion.

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Enjoyable but..., 20 January 2000

I was in my early 20's in 1978, the setting of this movie. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. were the prominent rock bands and although the music of Kiss was great, I clearly remember that they were not considered to be "cool" by rock fans. Kiss enjoys more popularity today than in the 70's.

The four main characters were great in their roles, although too much 90's talk made it's way into the script. In the 70's the f word was used, but not every other word, like it's used today. Jam's mother was way over the top--what was the deal with all the Catholic-bashing? I realize this was for comic effect but there were so many blatant errors out of the mouth of Jam's mother who was a misguided but devout Catholic ("holy" confession? I think they were confusing it with holy communion!). Jam's mother was funny but too much screen time was spent on this and it became boring. Mothers standing outside of Kiss concerts with megaphones? Gimme a break.

Have no recollection of Kiss being portrayed as evil? People were still shivering over Charles Manson and his followers and worrying whether they would be getting out of jail! Most people were confused about the make-up and theatrical stuff of Kiss but figured if some people liked it, sobeit.

This has been the ONLY film about the 70's that got the styles for guys exactly right! Guys wore either long, straight hair or a shaggy cut molded very close to the head, and clothing: army jackets, plaid shirts over "baseball" t-shirts (white shirts with rounded dark blue collars), jean jackets, etc. Those who followed disco tried to look exactly like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever." There needed to be more cigarette smoking which was really "in" (you were a minority if you didn't chain smoke). Smoking inside concerts was also permitted. (The country was still "free" back then.) Only a few mistakes on the girls: platform shoes went out of style in the mid-70's and had made way to strappy heels and Candies. But the permed hair, rabbit-fur coats, etc. were right on the money.

Many funny scenes (the domino bathroom stalls; Hawk's debut as a dancer; Trip's brainstorm to beat each other up); many far-fetched ones (a security guard who chases kids; love in the confessional; a 40-year-old knock-out coming onto Hawk); but a movie most teens today who have openness with their parents will enjoy--"Did that really happen, mom?" (Most frequently asked question -- about disco -- a small minority followed disco which quickly faded out.)

Parents, not for kids under 16!

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