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Must See Wanton Violence, 28 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watch the Magnum (1985) VHS version if at all possible. The DVD is completely worthless with a horrible transfer (unwatchable picture) and 21 minutes cut from the film. The old Magnum VHS tapes still show a clear very watchable picture. Don't even bother with the DVD and some of the other VHS versions are also quite inferior.

The film is about a mad doctor who develops a drug that turns humans into fighting animals. He then puts people in cages often men vs women and lets the fight to the death for his own enjoyment and research. Women and men engage in brutal combat which is often quite real looking. The women are at least as strong and ferocious as the men and the fights are very interesting to watch. Since the point of the film is to watch and study these matches, they take up most of the movie. If you like ultimate fighting, death matches or women beating the hell out of men, then you would be interested in this film.

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Beautiful nude martial artist makes White Fire very memorable, 28 August 2010

It is important that you watch the big box TWE VHS tape which has a clear vibrant picture instead of the fuzzy washed out DVD put out by Westlake entertainment. Like many old movies, the DVD is made from a far inferior print to the VHS. You really want a nice clear look at Belinda Mayne's body.

There are a couple of scenes that make this movie a classic. The one that comes to mind is Spectacular Belinda Mayne taking a nude swim and providing full frontal nudity view of her spectacular body. Think a Ursula Andress, but better looking and nude. After some playful banter with her brother, Ingrid (Belinda's character) is attacked by a gang and uses martial arts while wearing only a white towel to kill or dispatch them.

The movie is fun, campy and watchable. You might also enjoy the sadistic female villain.

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Wow - I can't believe how great this movie is, 7 October 2007

This one really surprised me an blew me away with style, story, humor and sensuality. I expected a vampire movie on the order of Blade and got that, but so much more. Uwe Boll made an absolutely fantastic western in the tradition of Sergio Leone. Take out vampires entirely and this has to be one of the best Western's made in the last 40 years. While many characters are vampires, only Billy the Kid played by Zach Ward seems to be a real vampire with traditional tastes. He has made the rest of the town's thugs into lackey slaves with fangs. If anything Natassia Malthe is even sexier and more effective playing the role of Rayne that Kristina. I loved her high kicks and would like to have seen more of them. Expect more bullets than bites, more gunfights than stakes through the heart and more leather than skin on Rayne. This is absolutely in my top 50 movies of all time and I've seen over 10,000. I prey for Uwe to make Rayne 3 as well as more westerns and I can't wait to see more of Natassia Malthe in anything.

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The Brilliance of this movie is timeless, 15 July 2007

I first saw this movie over 20 years ago. My memory was of the basic plot, but I had forgotten all the subtleties as well as the film's brilliance. I honestly can't think of a film that is as haunting and captivating as this wonderfully told tale. Martha Bryne puts in an all time great child actor performance and Donna Mitchell plays a great mentoring taskmaster. I can only imagine that the premise of this story while probably completely fiction would be well within the realm of possibility in the modern world. As scary as the film is, it gives great hope for the human spirit to overcome pre-disposition and also shows the importance of heart and feeling over mechanical perfection. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys thought provoking and well written movies.

Vendetta (1996)
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Decent Thriller, 8 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed the movie for style and pace. Rapists who were either acquitted or not charged are being castrated and murdered by a beautiful woman out for overall revenge. There is no gory detail, but the little knife is shown being removed from the garter of the leather clad dominatrix before she strikes. It is no secret in the plot that the murderer is a police woman since she is working off the same list of potential victims as the police are. The question is which Policewoman is doing the deeds. If you look carefully at her hand just above the knuckle of her index finger, you will see that the killer has a mole. Watching the hands of the police women, you can figure out who the killer is by finding who the mole belongs to. I will say that the movie ends 5 minutes too late. We know who did it definitively because of the very obvious mole. The movie should end when she dies. However, it then goes on that another policewoman suspect makes a virtual confession as she cuts fruit with the exact same type of little knife used in the castrations. How stupid does the director take the audience to be? I can only believe that somebody forced them to throw that weird open ending in after the fact. To me, it ruins the movie since it is 100% against the facts and 100% impossible that the woman is the killer. If you are smart, start the rewind as soon as the killer dies.

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In the Tradition of I Spit on Your Grave, 8 July 2007

"Hunting Season" is a low budget, but very entertaining Rape/Revenge movie in the tradition of "I Spit on Your Grave", "Deep in the Heart", "Her Vengeance", "Ms 45", "Outrage", and "Deadly Darling". It is much better than other recent attempts at the genre such as the horrible "I Will Dance on Your Grave" series. As with many low budget DVDs, "Hunting Season" is a re-release of a film released on VHS "Grave Vengeance". The DVD version is double sided and gives you the option of 2D or 3D as well as throwing in a few extras.

If you don't like super low budget and you don't like fairly graphic gore, then this movie is definitely not for you. However, if you appreciate the movies that I listed above and enjoy a strong female character taking matters into her own hands, then you should watch this movie.

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What a great little movie, 29 April 2007

I often see teen movies and they usually provide a chuckle. Some are so awful, that they are instant eject button. Sometimes they just force me to keep my finger on the fast forward button. Hatley High was an absolutely GREAT movie. There were many depths and subtleties underneath a movie that kept my undivided interest every step along the way and provided many laughs as well. The chemistry between all the characters is great and there are several interesting relationships that develop. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is young at heart wants to see a good movie with some chuckles along the way. I am so glad that I stumbled upon it.

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Awesome - One of the best movies ever made, 3 October 2004

All I can say is WOW! This movie has it all. There is action, comedy, drama, suspense. I have never seen a movie combine all elements as well as this one. I've seen about 10,000 movies in my life and this one rates in the top 5. It is that great! Chow Yun Fat is brilliant and certainly would have deserved an Oscar if this film had a proper US release. His comic genius is present in all aspects of his character. The supporting cast does a fine job, but he is the God of Actors and not just the God of Gamblers. The direction is superb as well. The timing, the camera angles and the music make this movie an absolute pleasure to watch. I just finished watching the DVD and will order the remainder of the series as soon as I'm finished typing here. WATCH THIS FILM!

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Painful to watch., 30 November 2003

I enjoyed the first 15 minutes of this movie. After that all I could do was cringe at this movie and each and every character in it. Stay away. I don't understand why anyone would make a movie like this. I can only imagine that half of the audience walked out.

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Grade A Tribute to B movies of the past, 10 October 2003

I have been waiting for this movie to come out since I first heard of it around 2 years ago. It is hard to live up to anticipation like that, but Kill Bill 1 was better than I ever could have hoped. There were so many subtle and not so subtle references to grade B action flicks even I may have missed a few. I clapped at the opening splash on the screen that said ShawScope. What a wonderful tribute to Hong Kong cinema. Every scene was complete within itself. The audience knew what to expect from seeing the thousands of films to which this one paid tribute. Quentin delivered what the audience expected and what they wanted, but he did it better an more stylishly than they could have hoped for. I was completely absorbed in this comic book came to life, and it delivered over and over again. I loved each and every vanquished villain and would love to see a whole movie about each one and what came before. I can't wait for volume 2.

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