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Funny as hell, 1 July 2003

Man I started watching this movie and took it off after 5 mins because it was going so stupid but then a week later I put it on in the middle of the scene where the apes where showing off their dancing skill and I almost died laughing, this is THE most absurd thing I have ever seen. Clearly these were people with left over costumes who made this movie with NO BUDGET. They dont haven have more than 3 of any one ape costume, there is a florescent pink ape for Christ's sakes. I recommend this one to anyone.

Joel Schumacher deserves to be shot., 13 August 2002

He destroyed the Batman franchise and he should never work again, along with John Woo the summer's big bombs were due to mediocre projects being directed by directors who bit off more than they could chew. I hope Jerry Bruckheimer realises that he must look for more high-concept pictures for the future and choose artists to direct his pictures.

From Hell (2001)
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Kubrick meets the Wachowski Bros, 19 May 2002

From Hell turned out to be a disappointment for me but I must commend Fox for allowing the film to be made by artists who are truly passionate, indeed all failures should be this good. Even though the film isn't the sum of its parts it is very well made, superbly acted and cast and visually breathtaking. If Burton were making Batman today with computers I suppose it would look closer to this.

Dick (1999)
Very smart, overlooked film., 7 May 2001

I was surprised during the opening credits of this movie to see Gale Anne Hurd and EP among all these no-names. The former Mrs.James Cameron is best known for T2 and Aliens and this was a welcome change. Dick is head and shoulders above any teen movie made since Clueless and that may be because it isn't a teen movie. It is a very funny and very accurate satire that boasts an excellent supporting cast and genuine film making talent. The style of photography in the true Watergate scenes are as if they were puller from something staring Robert Redford or directed by Mike Nichols circa 1970. Dick is a treat for anyone who knows anything about Watergate and i would definitely recommend. *** of 4

eXistenZ (1999)
Utter Filth, 26 August 2000

I saw the trailer and was totally unimpressed however this film made Premiere's top ten of 1999 list among films like Eyes Wide Shut, Bringing out the Dead, Being John Malkovich, American Beauty Election among others and above movies like Run Lola, Run The Limey and FIGHT CLUB so I said it had to be good then.First 10 mins into it my brother comments that it is very boring and cheezy and Jude Law does not impress him like in Gattaca but i though he just doesn't know anything about Cronenberg but I too feel this way and the only reason I continue to watch is because I expect it to pick up at some point.It does get a little better during the movie but it is still not very good but nonetheless I continue to watch hoping that the finale will explain everything. Event hough it did have some nice plot twists the ending is very stupid and makes you want to save people from the disappointment(I myself called one Bevon Sin Leong and told him not to waste his time) This is a terrible film and I do not recommend it to anyone. If you want a satisfying Matrixesk movie The 13th Floor is is somewhat amusing.

Bound (1996)
Noir is alive and kicking and not set in the 40s, 2 June 2000

I began watching this movie for the hot lesbo action it promised but was taken in by the stylish photography and intense plot. Joe Pantoliano instantly became one of my favorite character actors after this and I began to enjoy the voice of Jeniffer Tilly. The plot is full of twist and turns and stereotypical mobsters that defy their mould and edgy dialogue. The only conceiveable flaw in the movie(other than the need for more girl on girl action) was Gershon's dialogue she isnt the best actress but the plot and photography more than compensate their are actually 3 points where I said there is no possible way the film is going to get better than what just happened and it just continues to surprise me. 3 stars easy 4 stars may be pushing it. Instant classic.

Classic Arnold, 10 March 2000

First and foremost this is not a great movie, nor is it a good movie, however if you are an Arnie fan and recognise the Schwarzenegger films are a genre all of their own and you make exceptions for a lot of the over the top situations this is a really entertaining movie. During his 2 year absence I was in denial for some real mindless action it was so bad that I even watched Batman and Robin a couple times (and enjoyed it) just to see Arnie. But enough about him, considering that you are a Schwarzenegger fan and thoroughly enjoy movies like Eraser EOD is everything you would expect with some surprises but is very cheesy especially coming down to the finale. Gabriel Byrne is the most charismatic Satan I have ever seen he is just wicked in this movie and Udo Kier is his creepy self.

Not just kid's stuff, 22 May 1999

I was a kid when I saw this movie and it still rocks.I was the biggest TMNT and Batman fan and I had all the toys.The movie was something nobody was prepared for and just blew audiences away but I can't say the same for the sequels (same goes for batman).I guess if you try to introduce someone to it now it wont have the same effect but this film makes me wish I never grew up.By the way Elias Koteas kicks ass as Casey Jones in this flick.

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IT MU5T BE SEEN, 19 May 1999

The 5th Element is like nothing I have ever seen before. It has the kind of vision one would associate with Tim Burton of Terry Gilliam but only with colour. It is the opposite of every Bruce Willis, action or futuristic movie cliche you have ever heard of. The set designs and characters are all over the top, Jean-Paul Gautier did the costumes and the action scenes are set to opera and gypsy kings like music. Most of the people I have spoken to about this film either love it or hate it there are no in betweens watch it with an open mind and you will love it.