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Nice Try......., 1 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a sex addict follows the life of our director/ star as he tries to overcome his sex addiction. It is at times funny, creepy, and even disgusting.

The film is very ambitious but it starts to fail pretty rapidly. One problem is the confusing narration of Caveh himself. In the beginning of the movie he begins to go off track explaining problems with locations, bitchy actresses, porn stars, etc. Things that really should not be explained are, its like being at a party with someone trying to tell you a 5 minute story that winds up being 20 minutes of a confusing tangent.

Another thing is Caveh's own ego, instead of using a actor to play his younger self, Caveh insists on being the own star of his film. Something that he himself cant even pull off, there are times where it clearly reminds us of armature hour, with him not being able to keep a clear face in certain scenes.

The point winds up getting lost in the shuffle as his recovery is never clearly explained. We are told he went to a sex addicts meeting but we never go deeper than a 4 minute scene most of which is with Caveh's narration. We are just told he "got better". HOW?! After 2 hours of this story you end it with "I just got better"? This made me want to slam my head against the wall.

I Am A Sex Addict is entertaining at times (like watching a car wreck) but it tends to clearly get lost and we as an audience are the ones who suffer for it.

Home Room (2002)
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Amazing, 13 September 2005

While i was the video store i was browsing through the one dollar rentals and came upon this little gem. I don't know what it was about it but i just had a gut instic about it and wow was i ever right.

The story centers around two girls who have just survived a school shooting. One of the girls is Alicia a teenage reble who is the only witness for the full attack and another is Deanna another survivor who survived a bullet to the head by some miracle. Thrown together by fate, they slowly begin a painful and beautiful display of healing and moving on.

I just hate it when amazing movies fall through the cracks. Because wow what a performance by Busy Phillips and Erkia Christensen not to mention the rest of the cast! My only complaint is that the DVD was sorely lacking in special features. Oh and some of the jump cuts in the movie were kind of jarring. But all in all a excellent movie.

The Skulls III (2004) (V)
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Not bad..., 2 September 2005

If i were you, i would skip Skulls 2 and go directly to this nice little gem. Clare Kramer actually did a decent job at this film, as well as the other cast. Normally i don't expect much from direct to video sequels of popular teen movies but this one actually surpassed the original in my opinion. Providing more interesting twists and turns than the original ever did. Not to mention the carbon copy sequel which really sucked. This one really held my interest and kept me guessing at an outcome.

Kramer stars as Taylor a bright and head strong young woman who is still haunted by her brothers suicide and her fathers growing distance. She decides that she will take up the mantel her brother failed to do with becoming a skull. But as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. As Taylor suddenly begins to spiral out of control down a path of betrayal, jealousy and murder.

Unlike Skulls 2, this third actually spends time detailing the grueling process of becoming a skull, Skulls 2 skipped all that and just repeated the same scenes from the original, the only thing skulls 2 had differently was a breasts. And sadly Skulls 3 didn't but I'm not complaining the story was so good, i quickly forgot my horn dog ways. Skulls 3 has everything you would want in a good Friday night movie...except breasts but i think we can overlook that cant we?

Not a bad way to waste a couple of bucks on a weeknight.

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Needs work, 23 July 2005

I had heard some pretty horrible things about this movie but i love Anthony Anderson so i decided to give it a shot. Kings Rasom is a comedy about a rich man named Malcom King (Anthony Anderson) who decides to get a divorce to avoid giving his wife a divorce settlement. I never knew how being kidnapped would help achieve this but were just led to believe that somehow this will work. He enlists his girlfriends (Regina Hall) aid to help him who has the IQ of a raising and calls her creepy convict of a brother to help her (played by the brilliant Charlie Murphy).

Unfortunately 2 more sets of people get the same idea of kidnapping him, at the same time what are the odds on that? You have the disgruntled employee who was passed up for a vice president position and you have a lovable looser who is stepped on by Malcolm king.

Kings Ransom does have some funny moments and interesting turns. But allot of things fall flat. Were supposed to believe that a man who built a company would make his bimbo girlfriend vice president? So many coincidences? The feds don't get involved when a millionaire gets kidnapped? My experience with the film was bipolar. At the begging i was hating it, then i started liking it, hated it, loved it, and in the end disappointed. Its as if the script self destructed being pulled in so many directions at once it just gave out. The ending was tagged on, character disappeared, had no purpose or just got lost in the shuffle.

Quite frankly if this was rewritten I think it actually could have been up there with kidnapping classics like "Ruthless People" but instead its just one more movie for the bargain bin.

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Pretty good, 4 July 2005

I was pretty surprised with this flick. Even though their budjet was obviously lacking still you have to be impressed that this movie took 7 years to make and still turned out good. The acting was pretty impressive and the story really captivated me. My only complaint would be that the ending really was a little too abrupt for my taste. But hey if your audience is left wanting more then this movie has succeeded.

I would really recommend anyone in Hollywood to look up Antonella Ríos who is an excellent Spanish talent (something hard to find now days with all the bad novela over acting). Antonella Ríos truly is a star on the rise.

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Just Good Bad TV, 27 December 2004

I remember staying up and watching this show mostly due to the almost sofcore stories and air brushed cast but as i grew older i started watching the show more for the unnecessary comedy than anything else.

Just noticing the typical casting done for the extras and supporting cast, every cop in that station was a model or made of plastic. Every female cop wore more make up than a porn star and their police procedure were just silly. The acting wasn't exactly bad persay just that the cast didn't have much to work with or just became compliant to getting a pay check.

Watch it for fluff and turn your brain off, and you'll get some pleasure from watching this bad TV.

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Funny and Shocking......., 13 September 2004

I was lucky enough to actually be able to see this small independent film. Santa Cristal is about a fictional island that suffers a crisis when an actor turned new age guru announces that the world will end in a short period of time. This creates a fever pitch of panic in the island when another Christian religious leader speaks out against this. In this middle of this is a reporter trying desperately to speak rationally, a prostitute trying to take care of her autistic sister, a man betrayed by the woman he loves, and even a homeless man dressed as bunny (yeah I'm serious).

Santa Cristal is a social commentary on the society of Puerto Rico (when local radio stations hold a rave at the end of the world), Religion (the opening scene is the most shocking thing i have scene in the cinema) and big business (the funniest part is when an older man is trying to unsuscribe to a horrible telephone plan that his wife was tricked into subscribing to). It doesn't hold back or sugar coat anything.

Its shocking, Its hysterical, Its controversial and hopefully more people will see it because it is something the local Puertorican cinema has never seen before.

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This Was a Good Movie......, 8 August 2004

I know allot of people are slamming this film because its pretty much a stonners comedy and it is made by the same guy who made the cult "Dude Wheres My Car" (A film i still don't understand why its so popular) I have to disagree. This film touches on some nice points. It touches on stereotypes and racism and makes fun of of the absurdity of it. And it also is kinda heartwarming.

The Dougie Howser jokes really got me laughing pretty hard and the situations these two guys got in were pretty freaking hilarious. Even though it wasn't exactly a box office hit i can see this movie being a cult classic probably in the same footsteps of Cheech and Chong. And i personally would like to see a sequel.

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My two cents, 17 July 2004

I really wanted to enjoy this movie (being a comic book geek and all) but it was just too long and you can see that 90% of it was improve and the thing with improve is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. So the movie is mostly the actors throwing jokes at a wall and seeing what sticks and thats very sad because these guys are really funny. The best voice's in show business today and its a shame that Hammill could not channel that.

I admire Hammill, i mean he really knew his comic book history here. But i think like most comic fans he got hung up on one tinny thing and just grinded it to dust. Loosing the character from the journey of comic to movie is great but it doesn't hold a movie together.

It is admirable that they didn't make fun of the fans. In movies based on the comic book culter people tend to take the easy way and just point at the fans and laugh at how they are so "weird". Its very rare in this movie that this happens, Its more like the "normal" people are the weird ones and thats a breath of fresh air.

Most of the actors did a great job, The camera guy was really stealing the show but i think that Hammill should have railed him in more because too much of a good thing is not good. Billy as always did a great job but seemed to loose focus most of the time. Hammill of course was very good and probably the best of the bunch but i think he didn't take a step back and looked at the film in an objective point of view.

The cool thing about this movie guys is that if you buy the DVD you wont be wasting your money. Hammill does allot of extensive interviews about the history of comics and the subculture. Actually I'm quite sad that he cut it out of the movie when other things should have been cut instead. Hugh Heffeners interview about his history with comics is fascinating! Bruce Campbell comes off very funny in the extended interview, Some deleted scenes were very good, like the comic guy who almost seemed despondent after printing up his comic and going all the way to sandiego, spending money he really thought that he would make back and just to be shunned really makes you choke up a little. But probably the funniest and best special feature is the panel they hosted about doing voice work in animation, its worth the price of the DVD alone.

So all in all, i think that the movie deserves a 6/10

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Why couldnt they just follow the comics...., 13 April 2004

This series was based on the Keith Griffen run of the JLA comics which was quite funny and interesting. Now that was something i would have loved to have seen on TV. Unfortunatly like every failed comic book adaptaion hollywood decided to deviate from the source material. Guy Gardner was turned into a responsible workaholic, Barry Allen was dumb and couldnt hold a job, The Atom was a geek with really horrible hair, Fire was a strugeling actress, and Martin Manhunter......bwahahahahaha!!!

Some of the most ridiculous aspects of the pilot was that they all lived in a house (and wackiness insues), Fire had a secret identity but yet wore NO MASK!!!, Atom uses his power in the most usless ways, The stalker that Fire had was just a retarted subplot.

I think if they would have followed the original comics they could have had a hit......and redo the costumes.


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