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Good sequel, but could've been better!, 5 August 2000

After having just sat through a rather interesting sequel, I thought I should give my two cents on it. If you look at my voting on this, I gave it a 7 mainly due to special effects, along with strong performances from Janet Jackson, nice to see her on screen, as well as Eddie Murphy who played just about everyone. However, it most certainly could've done better (overall I think it did a good job), but in all fairness, it had a lot of shoes to fill sort of speak because of the first Nutty Professor Movie, which I thought was just outright funny and gave a good spin on the Jerry Lewis classic. This second run of the mill for Professor lacked the spontaneity and zest of the first film, where the feeling of "been there done that" more of less plagued me throughout the film. Don't get me wrong though, it did have it moments to try and stay interesting and make up for the lags, not only from what I mentioned above, but three classic scenes in particular were: the opening dream sequence, the gerbil mishap at the presentation, and the final sequence with the Professor getting his revenge on Buddy.

Overall if you're a fan of this Saturday Night veteran or a nutty professor fan, you're sure to like this movie. I would most certainly look forward to a third Nutty Professor Film.

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5

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ALWAYS BEEN A BIG FAN!!!, 2 August 2000

This being the second of three specials over a period of 7 years, probably ranks as my second favorite, mainly because of Sandra Bullock!!!! She really had a great role and her sexy outfit didn't hurt either! It was good to see Lee Majors and Lindsey Wagner, the originals return as well to show they too still are the best.

Overall rating 3 out of 5

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ALWAYS BEEN A BIG FAN!!!, 2 August 2000

Lee Majors as Colonel Austin has always been one of my favorite actors / characters!!! If you're a big fan like me, you'll be sure to enjoy this special. Ever since the Original Series went off the air, The three TV specials that aired, this being one of the three, really don't sum up the awe and power that the character of Steve Austin has. However, it was good to see Colonel Austin and his team back in Action, great action sequences and a captivating story-line, reminded me of the great 80s shows like Knight Rider, The A-Team, and countless others.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Liar Liar (1997)
FUNNY MOVIE!!!!!, 29 July 2000

Being a Jim Carey Fan and a comedy fan, I was very much looking forward to this movie. Turned out, I had no idea what I was in store for, IT WAS A VERY FUNNY MOVIE! My two favorites scenes are the speeding ticket scene with the cop and the elevator scene with him and the beautiful brunette; Not to mention there are quite the handful of classic moments in the film, the scene with him and his son at the school playground is a good one as well as the scene with him and the magic marker as well. If you are a Jim Carey Fan, this is a must see, assuredly one of his most outstanding performances as a great comedic actor. If you're simply a comedy, I think the comedian in you with appreciate some of, if not the majority of the humor in it.

Overall Rating, 4.5 out of 5!

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THIS WAS A GOOD MOVIE!, 20 July 2000

I must say, going into this movie I had some preconceived expectations and pretty high desire to see this, based on the fact that I am a huge science fiction fan as well as a technology / special effects fan. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the film, mainly because of the style of the story telling. It was at the present and went back several months and then came back up to the present, which is a method of storytelling I enjoy the most. On top of the that, performances by Mr. Chase, Ms. Hannah, and Mr. Neil, were all top-notch. Special Effects too thrown in were top notch as well, not only cause we were dealing with an invisible man, but we got the viewpoint from two sides, that from the main actor's standpoint (played by Chevy Chase) but from that of how others saw him, or rather how they didn't see him. By the end of the movie, I felt sorry for Nick but at the same time I wanted to be him.

For a good family movie with mystery, suspense, comedy, and some drama, you won't be disappointed in checking out this rare gem. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Stay Tuned (1992)
Interesting Concept!! Funny movie!, 20 July 2000

What an offbeat comedy! Performances by John Ritter, his wife in the movie (I loved her and Robin Williams in M&M), Eugene Levy and the remote control salesman (I love that guy!) were good, the plot was intriguing, and the characters were believable! Overall the movie was interesting, kept you involved with the characters, and really gave the audience a shockingly no-doubt accurate third-person view of America's TV Obsession.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Project A (1983)
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I happen to come across this one on my recent trip to my local video store and I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Being mainly a Jackie Fan when it comes to action movies, somehow though it seemed I had missed this one, not surprising at all since I seem to come across more and more of his titles after since Rumble in the Bronx and just like everyone else, I can't get enough of Jackie!!! Overall, the movie flowed very nicely. There was very witty dialog, a great story-line (who can't excited when pirates are involved!), and unparalleled action sequences with not only the movie in general, but add to that the scene with Martial Law's Mr. Hung and the bicycle chase scene about half way through the most just adds even more to the fact why I think this movie is definitely up there in the top 5 Jackie movies of all times.

Overall rating 6 out of 5, you won't be disappointed with Jackie Starring and Directing in this one, as he most often does, and does well!

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ONE WORD: AWESOME!!!!, 17 July 2000

If only the average movie going experience could be this good! When going down to the Florida area just a few short years ago, nothing could've prepared my friends and I for what we would find at Universal Studios Florida!! This by far has to be the best movie / Terminator experience I ever had! If you are ever in the Walt Disney / Universal Studios area, YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT! Special Effects, good story line, mystery and intrigue all make this is MUST SEE when there!

X-Men (2000)

If you happen to check my movie rating on this movie, you'll notice I gave it a big emphatically high 10, there are a few reasons why:

1) The script and story was TOP-NOTCH, kept me interested from beginning to end, in some spots simply being in mental anguish just waiting to see what was going to happen next.

2) The Fight sequences with Wolverine should be noted by themselves, they were awesome and very well choreographed. The precision timing that was executed was very impressive to watch.

3) I can't forget Special Effects, and oh man, were they ever good, the weather sequences from Storm, the train tearing apart and the gun sequence with Magneto, all scenes with Mystique, and who could forget the statue of liberty scene.

Finally, the most important is no. 4:

4) The overall message that the movie conveys is important to admire, appreciate, and point out as well. I think it easily explains the draw of so many fans quite simply. That message is that of the profoundness and power that can be brought forth from universal acceptance or respect for our fellow man and woman, which most assuredly helped drive all the numbers listed above!

My final thought on this is if you looking for a good movie to take the family to see, consider the X-men a definite worthwhile time. Also, if more people today in our own society could exhibit such profound and passionate humanitarian qualities as Charles Xavier, the world without a doubt would be a better place for all of us to live in.

OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5

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After having seen Gladiator earlier this year, I wasn't sure there was a movie that would be able to come even the smallest amount close to matching the same quality visual effects, realistic and enriching story-line, high performance scene deliveries, as well just an overall great movie! Well, the patriot most certainly and pleasantly surprised me! With it being the same length as Gladiator, I hardly even noticed it to be quite honest, the plot kept me hooked from beginning to end! THIS IS, BY FAR, A MUST SEE MOVIE OF 2000!

Overall Rating, 6 out of 5 stars!

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