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Wielki Szu (1983)
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Movie about con-man, card player and his student, magnificent performance by Jan Nowicki., 11 July 1999

This film is about con-man, great cheater, card player who was making big money, living in most expensive hotels in Poland during 80's. Intriguing plot, good acting. Jan Nowicki, known Polish actor, is great. I think, his best performance until this time. I see similarity to USA movie "Color of Money" from 1986. Well, "Wielki Szu" was made in 1982 !?!?

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Good sexy Polish Movie ...!!!, 10 July 1999

Well, is Tough for me to review movie that I saw 26 years ago.. What I remember it was very interesting story, little wicked like in horror in Europe.., very graphic for this time and more for USA audience at this time,I gesss... Very good performance by Polish actors Dmochowski and Tyszkiewicz? Komorowska was only "thee" wife.. Very Sexy !!