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I Do (But I Don't) (2004 TV Movie)
23 October 2004
this was undoubtedly a woman's film. Just the kind of film for a night-in.

Denise Richards (Lauren) and Dean Cain (Nick) have good chemistry in this film, maybe it's because they are old friends in real life, & i think this comes through.

This was a very well acted movie and showed everyone that Dean Cain can play a comedy role and is not just a 'hunk'. His acting skills improved with every role.

This is the first time i have seen Denise Richard's in a leading role and she played the part well, although the voice-over, with her thoughts and comments, was very annoying. I love the scene in the wedding shop and Darla trying on so many dresses!

The down side was as someone else has already stated why Lauren should ever have married Brad, who is a jerk, i will never know. He was the most irritating person in this movie.

Rating: out of 5: ****
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Out of Time (I) (2003)
8 January 2004
i simply loved this stylish 'steamy' fast-paced thriller which kept you guessing the whole way through. The twist at the end was unexpected and kept you on-the-edge-of-your-seat.

A word about the cast (who were brilliant). Special mention should be given to DEAN CAIN as Chris Harrison (a new departure for him as a 'baddy', Sanaa Lathan (a new actress to me) and John Billingsley (another new actor to me)all of whom gave outstanding performance. I suspect the fact that they were appearing opposite the 'great' Denzel Washington (who made the part of Matt look so easy) allowed them to take their performances to another dimension.The only person who looked lost in this movie was Eva Mendes.

The Florida landscape also added to the tension, as it was 'steamy' and made the characters a little crazy (i think).

Kudos to Carl Franklin, the director.

This is my kind of film - more of the same please!!!
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Christmas Rush (2002 TV Movie)
Re: Great Action Movie
5 December 2003
I loved this movie. It had plenty of action, a reasonable storyline and a simply gorgeous leading man (DEAN CAIN). Add Eric Roberts to the ingredients then you have, in my opinion, a really great T.V. movie.

Dean & Eric work well together and have great respect for each other. A revelation to me was Erika Eleniak. I think she was good as Cat, the wife of Dean Cain's character, Cornelius.

I loved the ending to the movie!!!
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The Division (2001–2004)
Powerful Drama
19 August 2003
Dean Cain's (Jack) performance in this series is taken to a whole new level(this is partly due to Deborah Joy Levine(writer) who worked with Dean on Lois & Clark) when he teams up with Nancy McKeon (Jinny).Both actors give a powerful performance and bring great sympathy and understanding to the subject of substance abuse and alcoholism. Nancy McKeon is a great actress and working with her has added a new dimension to Dean Cain's acting abilities. They also had great chemistry which made their scenes together so totally believable. It would be good if the writers could expand the Jack & Jinny story next season, but this would only occur if they could persuade Dean to return for further guest appearances.
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Power Play (2003)
Lifeless Film
10 November 2002
i saw this film and couldn't not tell you what it was about. It is very poor.

Dylan Walsh (who played Nash) appeared to me wooden and showed no sign of emotion whatsoever. He looked like he found himself on the film set but did not know why he was there nor what he had to do. He was supposed to play a journalist who was also a heart-throb (I DON'T THINK SO!!! - NO WAY) and having woman fall at his feet. What a joke!

Alison Eastwood looked bemused and no wonder (Dean Cain (who is a heart-throb) was set to play 'Nash' but for some reason he did not take the part - a very wise guy indeed) finding herself faced with a completely different co-star to Dean, who wouldn't look bemused.

My main concern with this film was that Nash (Walsh) spent most of his time spying on various people and getting caught. He was then in a fight and every time he seemed to be beaten pretty badly BUT SHOWED NO SIGNS WHATSOEVER OF ANY INJURIES (THIS INCLUDED FALLING ABOUT 20 FEET AND STILL GETTING UP WITH NO SIGNS OF INJURY) doesn't this send the wrong message to people, in that you won't be hurt whether you fall 20 feet or are beaten pretty badly.

My advice watch something else.
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The Glow (2002 TV Movie)
A film with a 'glow'
15 September 2002
This is a good film, no a very good film. Well acted by Dean Cain & Portia De Rossi (Nell from Ally McBeal). Portia De Rossi surprised me as she was very good as Jackie. I did not like her in Ally McBeal but she proved she can hold her own. A very good performance.

Dean Cain is a very under-rated actor, who deserves more recognition for the good actor that he is. It never ceases to amaze me that he has not been cast as the lead in a major movie. He was absolutely excellent as Matt. Matt was such a trusting soul and was prepared to give the 'twelvers' (the old people) the benefit of the doubt, a touch of Clark Kent here.

The rest of the cast were excellent too. They were very convincing and we were certainly deceived into believing they were just nosy and not evil.

This film gets my vote as a top-rate t.v. movie and one that i would certainly watch again. A thoroughly enjoyable film and one i would recommend.
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Gentle Ben (2002 TV Movie)
Gentle Ben a Gentle Movie
20 June 2002
Never work with children or animals - so they say - but it worked.

This was a movie for all the family. This was a remake of the t.v. series(i must confess that i never saw the series)however Dean Cain, who plays Jack, the park ranger,in the movie version comes across as not being very comfortable when he has to become an instant father to his nephew, (not something he has a problem with in real life - being an excellent father to his 2-year old son)when it is discovered that his brother and sister-in-law are missing in a plane crash, again turned in an excellent performance. Reiley McClendon(Mark) - in what i believe - was his first movie turned in a good performance. Mark finds solace from his grief when he finds and befriends a bear, 'Gentle Ben' from the title. He appears a bit bewildered but that is understandable as most of his scenes were with the bear (whose real name i believe is 'Bonkers'). Cody Weiant (Ashley) was equally bewildered by the bear but again played her part well. Ashley Laurence played Dakota - Dakota could not hid the fact from anyone (accept Jack) that we was in love with Jack. I believe that Jack and Dakota's relationship will be pursued in the sequel as will the fate of Mark's parents.

BUT THE BEAR WAS THE UNDOUBTED STAR. I recommend this movie and i am sure it will be loved by all.
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I love this show
16 March 2002
I love this show even though here in the UK, it is not hosted by Dean. It would certainly be that much better if we could have Dean as the host, but Craig Charles does a good job. This show teaches you a lot about people and the weird and wonderful things they get up to. Its just a pity that alot more people here in the UK can't see the show as it is on Bravo (which is a satellite channel) because it is so educational. Yes i certainly love this show and all credit to Dean and his staff who produce the show, they have done a really great job!!!!
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New Alcatraz (2001)
7 February 2002
I watched this film solely because i am a Dean Cain fan. Well apart from the fact that this is one gorgeous talented man, (the part in the classroom where Dr. Robert Trenton (Cain) looked like Clark Kent reminded me of L&C (and also it takes place at Princeton where Cain was educated) and would have been recognised by a Dean fan, this movie was simply awful. Dean must have needed the money. The ending was simply unbelievable in the fact that i thought perhaps it was supposed to be a comedy it was so ridiculous. Not one of his best, just best forgotten
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Firetrap (2001)
24 June 2001
I simply love this movie. Dean Cains' performance is just first class. In fact the whole cast are good. There are 1st class performances in this low budget movie that put some of the 'so-called' box office hits to shame. As Dean was also the co-producer in this movie, he certainly did both of his jobs well, proving that he is not just a very talented and handsome actor but is also very accomplished behind the scenes also.It can't be long before he is recognised for the great talent that he is!!! A very enjoyable film that i want to watch over and over again. Well done to the whole cast and crew.
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