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As an avid reader and movie fan, I am childishly happy if the movie is good as much as the novel/play is. Some of the movies listed below are much different from the originals they were based on, some aren't so good - but either didn't matter much if the essence of the story was still pretty much same, and if they were worth watching anyway.
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P.S. Some movies I like very much, but the novels I haven't read yet - they are in another (seen-but-not-read) list.
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This is the list of movies (and series) with interesting storyline, well with plots I found compelling-interesting-touching ie worth watching and really worth watching afterwards.
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P.S. The list isn't in any particular order, it's pretty much chaotic and defies any genre and language and age criteria...
P.S.S. Sorry in advance for my English and somewhat clumsy explanations (and possible spoilers!) below.
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I admit, I am a grown-up person and still like to watch animated movies, but mostly feature-length ones.
I grew up in time of traditional Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse & Pluto cartoons and therefore genuinely dislike modern short-length cartoons offered to today's kids.
Here in alphabetical order is my selection of animated movies I would watch many times and that I would recommend to show to kids. Well, most of them...
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For some movies I've read the books they were based on, but for many movies I just made a note - I would really like to read the book too.
After reading, if I find a book worthy enough, I'll move the related movie to another list :-)
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Here's the list of my favourite TV series that I deem worth time spending, in no particular order - alphabetical's too clumsy as I might in time add in more. Happy browsing!

P.S. No period dramas here (Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice etc) - I like them all so it would be impossible for me to choose between them and to list them all here would make the list pointless.
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This list includes great film adaptations that just weren't lucky enough to get the place in the first list, because there are so many good movies made from the books and the criteria were a bit harsh. Here we can lower our standards a bit - overall rating of the movie may go down to the number 7, but no less, please!

Discuss the list and add your suggestions here!

P.S. Movies are sorted in alphabetical order.
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We all know some great movies are made from the books (or stories), but do we know are they so great in terms of the sources from which they were adapted? So, vote here for the movie that you think translated the best the intentions of the author of the original work.
I chose book adaptations that have IMDB rating higher than 8, but you are free to suggest new movies that you think were as great as the books themselves.

Discuss the list and add your suggestions here!

P.S. The poll is sorted in alphabetical order, so not to make any movie "better" than the other. This would be simply your opinion on what do you think was really well adapted book or story.