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The crimes of love., 25 October 1999

I could not forget that scene where the hustler decides to free the soul of the one he loves. After seeing this film I now have a much better understanding of how the love and sexual desires of two men, for each other, can be as harsh and beautiful as that of a hetro relationship. It's a film not to be missed.

The mysteries are revealed., 10 August 1999

First off, yes... see the movie. It has a great sense of poking fun and quite silly humor towards the multi mass produced Superhero movies we've had to endure at the box office. Great cast, I would have added a few more like PMS-Girl who would have been a hoot!

He meant to do that!, 3 August 1999

This movie is a classic. Although Pee Wee (himself) was created for mature viewers, he did a superb job entertaining the kids and grownups in this movie. Where ever you are Pee Wee you'll always be the Rebel we all wish to be!!

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A hard look at marriage, life and flaming love., 20 May 1999

I saw this movie in 1983 when it was released. Gudrun Landgrebe acted superbly as a wife and woman with no respect. If you find it in the video store, please rent it and cheer her on!

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A true "Romance" of the ballroom!, 7 May 1999

Brilliant casting, smart and sometimes silly dialog. Paul Mecurio is a charmer and hunksome. The dance studio life is all too familiar. Sometimes in life you have to change the routine. "5,6,7,8,... "

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What a party!, 7 May 1999

The movie is fun. Wally makes you wonder what to do with a summer... work or play... hmmm... PLAY of course! The characters are human and the relationships are predictable but, life is just that way sometimes.