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Great comedy., 1 September 1999

This was shown on BBC2 a few years ago (1994?) and was a must see show. Jay Mohr as Dorfman was hilarious and Jerry O'Connell showed just how good he can be when events around him just don't work out. All in all one of the funnier sitcoms and it's just a shame they made so few episodes - but look what has become of its two main stars.

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Well, it IS Star Wars., 16 June 1999

I saw this series years ago (probably on the BBC) when I was a kid and though I remember the animation as very bland and the story's disconnection from the movies as disappointing I still watched it and presumably enjoyed it enough to waste my time doing so. Why? Well I can only presume it was the magic still associated with all things Star Wars even as the craze was becoming Transformers (now that's what I call(ed) a robot cartoon).

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From the worst possible reviews an amazingly fun movie rises., 17 May 1999

This movie received a 1 star out of 5 rating (=awful) in the Radio Times but I decided to watch it none the less since it starred Matthew Broderick, looked fun and some of these 'dreadful' films are quite fun.

Well, I loved it, perhaps because I felt sorry for this poor, put upon underdog, but my opinion was genuine, one of the most fun films I'd seen (maybe ever). Dumb and Dumber is similar in some respects but much too brash in my opinion and without the subtlety and charm and downright sense of fun of this effort.