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Actually pretty good, 22 December 2015

I have to disagree with the previous poster...this is a typical LUCY SHOW episode, with the usual jokes and such, and several times I did laugh at Lucy's, Viv's or Joan's jokes. Joan is not "in a fog" and she does not "slur" her speech. She appears quite cognizant throughout the show, and Lucy (the perfect hostess as the star) defers to Joan when appropriate. I am not a Crawford fan (I actually think Bette Davis is the better talent), but I find it too sad that Joan Crawford's personal problems in her later years have influenced IMDb posters to make such negative comments about her. She may not have been perfect, and maybe she was a real bitch, but she WAS a star for five decades and she deserves at least a little respect for that!

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What a Waste..., 31 May 2011

...of time (mine) and talent (the actors) Some very talented actors were involved, but they were given BAD material, BAD direction and BAD production values. I think there was an attempt by the director/writer to be "artistic" - with the weird footage like dogs f**king during the rape, etc., overall this is dull, boring and a blot on the careers of everyone involved. And I wasted my money on the DVD/BD version. AVOID IT, if you can! I have nothing more to say about this movie, and i detest the 10 line minimum for comments, so I will repeat myself: time and talent (the actors) Some very talented actors were involved, but they were given BAD material, BAD direction and BAD production values. And I wasted my money on the DVD/BD version. AVOID IT, if you can!

The Omen (2006)
Why did 20th Fox even bother?, 13 May 2007

An almost scene-by-scene remake of the original classic film, this version (like the PSYCHO remake) is totally useless, and should never have been made. 20th should have re-issued the original. One or two deaths are slightly re-thought here, but over all this is the 1976 film with new actors, and none of them stars; except for Mia Farrow, who is enjoyable, but who doesn't come across nearly as evil as Billie Whitelaw, in the same role in the original. Right down to the ending, it is a ripoff...not needed and poorly executed. Ah well, 20th must have needed the money very much to make this film. What's next in remakes? "Gone with the Wind?" "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte?" "All About Eve?" "Singing in the Rain?" "The Exorcist?" Comments?

True in Spirit--a Wax show for a new generation, 14 April 2007

Okay, so the new HOUSE OF WAX has some really impossible stuff happening (like the title itself which refers to a real HOW), but in spirit if pays great tribute to the two previous films. Not all that bad, in this old-timer's opinion.

Yes, there is the modern slasher type story happening, but at least the "Friday the 13th kids having sex get killed off" is not the motive here.

Effect are good, and remind me of the first time I saw those wax figures melting in the Vincent Price version.

All in all, a nice modern addition to the genre

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It's okay to enjoy sex...., 3 February 2007

This movie just reinforces the current belief, in our new, "enlightened" century, that it is all right with the perverts...excuse me, I mean the conservative right--to show a heterosexual white man in a movie enjoying sex, and such films will get a PG-13 or R rating, but a straight woman...or two women...or two men...doing the same in a film will get an NC-17. What's more, violence with blood, guts and gore can get a PG-13. So the message is: it's all right to kill a (female, lesbian or gay) cop, but don't let her/him enjoy her/his husband/partner f**king her/him. . .

What a f'ed up society we live in in the "good ol' US of A!

Stonewall (1995)
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Good depiction of an historical event. . ., 20 January 2007

..but--sadly--we're still dealing with the same issues of hatred, bigotry and inequality more than 35 years after Stonewall.

If more people from the so-called Christian right would/could see this movie (among others) with an open mind, maybe they would see that gays are not their enemies, or threats to their children, husbands, wives and marriages.

Too bad that won't happen.

BUT--maybe if Obama or Hillery become President in 2008...well, then, maybe those who are afraid of homos (and women and blacks) will finally come around and welcome us into this world.

End of comment.

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Laugh Track is so annoying, 2 January 2007

I could enjoy this show (and many others from the 50s and 60s--maybe the 70s and beyond) if that stupid laugh track was not there. Why did the networks think that we at home would not laugh at funny lines, unless they knew that the writers couldn't write humor? Many of the lines in this show are funny, and should be without a canned laugh track. I think of THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, with a live audience: if a joke fell flat, the cast would try to make it work, but at least the audience's reaction was real and not canned. In particular, I recall Carol's comment in THE LITTLE FOXIES spoof, after Vicki Lawrence's character (Birdie) has just been shot: "Bye bye Birdie." The joke sailed over the audiences' collective heads and Carol made a priceless facial gesture that commented on the audience. All without a laugh track. Canned laughed = boredom. Thank goodness we don't have too much of that today, and more shows are taped or filmed in front of live audiences. (Or are they?)

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Blood and guts do not equate to suspense and horror, 6 December 2006

Okay, so after watching about 10 episodes of this series, most in the new season, I am SOOOOOO tired of seeing blood and guts (i.e., human intestines) being pulled out of a human being and shoved into my face--and the face being chopped off by an animal trap, as in PELTS. Gore has its place, but this show is more gore than substance. Although some of the shows have been quite good, most have tried to gross us out, and even then they use the old tried-and-true plots--going back to the old Universal horrors--but without style or intelligence or artistry. At least TALES FROM THE CRYPT on HBO--well, in the old days when it was on, I guess) was more about style than grossness. Mind you, I am not squeamish..but this show isn't even close to the class of TFTC and other horror/suspense shows of the past. Bad TV is bad TV.

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Cold War and Ghosts?, 30 October 2006

I saw this way back in 1969 when it first aired, and I saw it as a plain old ghost story, since I knew nothing of the Cold War when I was 12 years old. But...seen today, I think that maybe we could have a really cool horror movie with the Ghosts of all of our American Heroes who have died while fighting in Iraq coming back to haunt and terrify George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice ... and all of their peers and cohorts who put our American Heroes in Iraq in the first place--all because George W Bush had to prove himself to his old man since Saddam tried to kill the older Bush.

Now that's a movie I would pay to see!!!

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Saw this in '71..what was I thinking in buying DVD?, 1 September 2006

I first saw this film in 1971, when I was 13, and upon the original release to theaters. Not having seen it since then, and all these many years later, I wondered when it might be re-released on home video. I shouldn't have bothered waiting! Having just watched it, I now find it is boring, and low budget crap, with obvious ties to the original 1968 NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. It tries to be a vampire movie, but the vampires are far too subtle, and more censored than the 1931 Dracula. No wonder it took 35 years for a re-release, on DVD. Who cares about this stupid, not-scary movie. Not me! Next stop for my DVD: eBay! And it will be cheap! BTW--better ton watch any number of films form this period, like HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS, NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS, GHOST STORY...etc.

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