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Judas Kiss (1998)
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Ugh, 11 November 1999

This was not a good film. It might've worked better in England with Americans playing the lead investigators. Better yet, in France with Australians. Or Ireland with Swedes. Or South Africa with (gasp!) a script.

I LOVE THIS!!!, 6 November 1999

This is the best Murray Head film. EVER. He is marvelous in this, everyone else is marvelous, and I've watched it nearly 12 times. What Murray Head fan could resist a film where skinny dipping is the prevailing plot theme? Seriously, this is a beautiful film, it has an excellent plot twist, and if you like Murray Head, all speed to the video store (in Canada, that is. I doubt you could find it elsewhere without purchasing it).

Mediocre, like its heroes, 13 August 1999

I personally did not like this film that much. I guess my expectations were either too high or I was expecting Stiller and Garofalo to be inventively funny as per usual instead of the mostly childish humor that seemed to be the gist of this pic. Two unneeded nasty death scenes made really disgusting by special effects also put me off. I suppose if Mitchell and Ruebens were tossed in for the kids, then the super disgusting special hyped up death scenes were for Die Hard fans? They certainly managed to gear this movie towards several crowds.

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Odd, 7 August 1999

Yes, this was a really really odd movie. But, as in all Lindsay Anderson films, they get unrealistic but only to make a point. There is a fantastic Sam Raimi-esque scene with a headless body throttling the life out of a nurse. Casting Mark Hamill wasn't the odd bit- why he would take such a small part so soon after the fame of Star Wars was. Perhaps he was a fan of If...? Don't expect too much Malcolm McDowell in this movie- he's not in there too much- but I must admit, while he's there it definitely is... weird. His fate is an odd one, I'll give you that. Lots of themes on society and equality.

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Odd fare, 7 August 1999

An odd sort of film, but excellent for Stephen Rea fans. Here Stephen does not play his usual sort of sad, world-weary Irish gentleman. Instead, he plays a sweet but lying chauvinist. Plenty of odd sort of scenes you won't find him in anywhere else- one in particular he whips off his shirt and parades about a room before fighting gladiator style. Other pluses: the 80's tight pants and his gay button. Love that mouth scrunching he does when he's angry.

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Silly silly silly, 5 August 1999

This is a very blah movie- overly graphic, underly written. Murray Head has a particularly sucky role. Love scenes are many and very awkwardly done- embarrassing as heck. Still can't get over how on earth this film was made- though some of it HAD potential. Unfortunately, movie takes a billion people and makes them all one dimensional and unlikable- can't even muster up any sympathy when a main character dies. So pretty much this is trash. The dubbing sucks too. Argh! Poor Murray! Poor everyone!

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Stupid, Sad and Moronic? NO, 23 June 1999

This film is one of the cutest scifi films I've seen in a long time. The answer to enjoying it is to not concentrate too hard, and get a load of Jim Metzler in tights. The attempts at humor, although not always entirely successful, are certainly not stupid, sad and moronic. Well, stupid yes. Some of the characters are actually very funny. We find Dennis Christopher here, having forsaken his Italian bike-riding days, instead munching on leeches with rotten teeth, and talking in an extremely loud and irritating New Jersey accent. Jim Metzler, of whom i think I'm the only fan, is really very cute, even with the wig. He plays an android who has a crush on some program in his head. Hey- I liked the police's assistant.

Delusion (1991)
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Brilliant, very touching., 20 June 1999

After seeing this film I was so blown away by Jim Metzler's performance that I decided to look him up- and the guy is terribly under-appreciated. The film has great moments and many symbolic ones- also, a few twists for good measure. Definitely a must-see.

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Cute, 8 June 1999

Extremely cute film for McDowell (who's normally X-rated) and who shows not a glimmer of Clockwork Orange or his usual eccentric bad guy characters. He is very charming in this. David Warner and Mary Steenburgen are excellent supporting characters.

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Very interesting look at cults, 3 June 1999

Never before have I seen the world of cults shown in such a frighteningly realistic way. Michael O'Keefe is simply brilliant, with Brian Dennehy his match in every way. My only problem with this film would be the casting of Peter Fonda- I think he tried as hard as he could, but he simply did not seem right for the role. He also seemed a little bland. Personally, it would have been easier to believe if he was a hyper-er person, more enthralled with his purpose. And James Woods- he blew everyone AWAY! That man can act up a storm.

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