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A lot better than expected, 8 February 2003

I saw this movie on video and it was a lot better than expected for a TV movie. Hell, it's a good movie period. Rufus Sewell is great in his part and the cinematography, FX, and storyline are pretty cool. It's a classic story, yes, but elegantly told. The part that takes place in the ship reminds you a little to Bram Stoker's Dracula, and that's a good thing! Sebastian Gutierrez has talent indeed, and I can't wait to see Gothika, written by him and to be directed by The Crimson Rivers' Mathieu Kassovitz! Enjoy this little movie. It won't dissapoint you if you know what to expect.

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Film noir at its best, 8 June 2001

This amazing neo-noir is so well written, acted and directed that never stops surprising. Christopher McQuarrie created a very strange, supenseful and action packed film. The shooting scenes are different than your average "John Woo style" action scenes from the nineties. Don't get me wrong, I love those kind of movies, but this one is somehow as good as that, only different. The photography and the music are also superb. Benicio Del Toro is great as usual, but the real surprise here is the incredibly good performance by Ryan Philippe. Juliette Lewis and James Caan are great too. Check this one out, it's not what you think it is. It's better. An unexpected instant classic. 9/10

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A masterpiece, 23 May 2001

This spectacular comedy provides as much fun as you can have at the movies. It should come out in DVD soon. I can't wait to see it over and over again. Believe me, gentlemen, when I tell you this is an incredible piece of art-trash! Yes, it's trash. I like trash... So what? You should too. Trash makes life better. Long live Gino Renni, the biggest Argentinian performer since Federico Luppi!

Blow (2001)
Better than expected, 6 April 2001

This movie was released today in my country, and was even better than I expected (though I expected it to be good, considering it was fron Matheu Kassovitz). It's like Se7en, only french. That means it's more bizarre: it includes kickboxing, nazi conspiracies and more. I even liked it more than Se7en 'cause it wasn't american, and that makes it less predictable. It kicks ass!!! Cassel and Reno are amazing! Trust me, watch this one and you won't be dissappointed.

Asfalto (2000)
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A (ignored?) masterpiece, 19 March 2001

I saw this movie at the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival and it blew me away. The story was greatly told, photographed and performed. I was really moved by the story of this three lost souls in modern Madrid. Najwa Nimri steals the show as Lucia, but Juan Diego Botto and Gustavo Salmeron are great too. I truly didn't expect it to be this good. This is really Calparsoro's best movie since Salto al vacio and is even better than that one too. In time, it has become one of my favourites. It hasn't been commercially screened in Argentina, but it should. A must see. If you have the chance, don't miss it. You'll want to see it again. I did.

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One of Franco's best movies ever!, 9 January 2000

I know...Jess Franco has directed a so many trash movies, even he can't remember them all! But this one is one of his best. It's action packed, erotic and fun to watch. The acting and the script are a lot better than the average Franco film. It's Hard Target with a twist. Not just for fans: Tender Flesh is a festival of sex and action that'll blow up your mind and will make you want to see it over and over again!