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This one is for Scrooge, 23 May 1999

If you know anyone who hates Christmas get them to watch this and it will melt their icy heart in no time. For best results watch on Christmas Eve snuggled up in front of a cosy fire eating Christmas food and drinking hot chocolate and you will wish Christmas was every day.

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A Treasure, 23 May 1999

I've had this movie on video since I was a child and I watched it whenever I could, I always got angry when the audience laughed at him when his voice was changing. I watched it that much that I know the lines that are coming. This movie is one of the best as was Al Jolson.

Carrie (1976)
Hilarious, 23 May 1999

I've seen this movie a few times and each time is just as funny, Carrie may certainly be Creepy but she is also sadly funny. I especially love the groovy 70's music played while the girl's do their gym.