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Hilarious for its time, 12 July 2001

For some reason or another, I happened to catch this little flick somewhere not too long ago.

It is basically a shoe salesman that is seduced by a women customer's good looks (who, by today's standards, really doesn't look that great at all) and proceeds to help her try on shoes. Part of the woman's dress slips and shows a third of her leg, which then the camera cuts to the man's face showing a really goofy suprised look on his face. Then the manager comes around and smacks him with an umbrella. Ouch!

Judging by the fact it was mildly amusing to watch this one minute video today, I'm sure it was absolutely hilarious about 100 years ago. Pretty decent camera work considering that no one back then was really a professional "cameraman." The whole thing seems pretty Chaplin-ish. Your typical short goofy comedy. Consider it a decent camera experiment, as that's all it really is. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

incoherent even by Kubrick standards (spoilers), 13 August 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After seeing 2001, Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, and The Shining, I had to see this. The previews and hype a year ago made this seem like a porn film to suck in viewers. Even after you've rented the film, the film still tries to decieve you by putting the nudity scenes in the beginning. Halfway through the film, thoughts and questions quickly come up:

"Wow, there's not much nudity after the beginning, and the beginning is where all the footage for the previews came from. That was no accident."

"What did the I-love-you-house-call scene have to do with anything?"

"There's not much sense of direction here."

"Am I missing something?"

"What's going on here? Will someone please tell me?"

And then, after the film is over, more questions:

"What was the costume ballet thing all about? Who were they? Was that all a set up for Harford?"

"So a hooker Harford never had sex with was diagnosed with HIV. So what? It's a hooker!"

"About a third of those scenes should've ended up on the cutting room floor. A lot of scenes pop up that have no signifigance later in the movie."

I'm sure you'll find many more questions about the movie that will never be answered. Maybe Kubrick knew he was going to die and just wanted to make a confusing movie with unanswered questions just to drive us crazy.

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It finally happened, 4 August 2000

In 1992, the original Mortal Kombat game exploded in arcades everywhere. It was bloody, violent, fun, had a pointless plot Ed Boon didn't even care about, and by 1992 standards, had very realistic graphics. The much-wanted sequel introduced more characters and a new boss. Mortal Kombat 3 introduced even more characters and the popularity still proved the MK idea fresh.

With the release of Mortal Kombat Trilogy, I think people finally got sick of more of the same. It finally happened. Ed Boon anticipated this, so he made one last attempt at this now-stale crap: MK4. What's different? It's 3-D, but by then the 10-year-old-boy public was moving on to bigger, better, and fresher things like Tekken 3.

Rewind back to THIS game: Mortal Kombat Trilogy. If you don't own a MK game by now, just move on to something else, UNLESS you've been living under a rock for 8 years. Still, this game is the best icon of the MK era, if released a little late.

It's MK1, 2, and 3 all crammed into one CD. The magic and challenge of the MKs have somehow been lost, and it doesn't have anything new in it.

BOTTOM LINE: Four years ago, I would have recommended this game IF you didn't already have a MK game at the time (like me). Now...just forget it. If you haven't heard of Mortal Kombat by now, you will never understand the magic this series of games once had.

Fun while you see it, but dumb afterwards, 28 June 2000

I'm into cars A LOT, so I liked the awesome intro to this movie and the neat car chase at the end. In the middle, though, there's a couple things about this movie I have to say....

1. GOOD: Robert Duvall was put to pretty good use in this movie. 2. BAD: I don't if you guys noticed this, but I'm getting sick of Nicholas Cage's "pseudo-ebonics." Example:

Here's an actual piece of dialogue from the movie:

"What do ya do, pay the pit crew with Oreos and gummie bears?" "Bro, I folded. You know that." Why does Nicholas Cage have to talk that way? Couldn't he talk like a normal white guy and have just said, "Hey, remember, I don't steal cars anymore. You should know that." His psuedo-ebonics is so fake. He's been doing that ever since the second half of Face/Off. I had to watch "Gone in Sixty Seconds" twice just to weed out all of the white ebonics and translate it into normal-guy English.

3. BAD: Jolie's character, like the love scene she's in, never seems to go anywhere. 4. BAD: For a movie that makes it look like it was made by car nuts in the previews, they should have shown a lot more of the cars.

5. GOOD: The little black guy was funny. "Ghetto Smurf", he called once.

Well, what can I say? This film just smacks of summer-movie dumbness; go ahead and watch it, just be aware of what I've told you and you'll be better prepared by not setting your expectations too high.

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I'm here to bring you the middle ground, 19 June 2000

Okay--You've probably seen reviews on here that say, "Vegas is the best Vacation ever!", and then "Vegas is the worst Vacation ever!". Now, that doesn't help a person who hasn't seen the movie for himself yet. Here's the middle ground:

This isn't as good as the first--sequels rarely are. There isn't as much humor potential as in "Christmas Vacation", either. But for god sakes, people, this is MUCH better than the "European Vacation" movie, which has misfire gags left and right (you can check out my review on THAT by clicking on "mdnrules").

Vegas Vacation has as much "Cousin Eddie" humor as in the Christmas Vacation movie which seems to make up for the "diaster" humor Vegas is lacking. This movie seems to have the happiest ending of all of them.

Based on many opinions, here is the order of the Vacations, starting with the best and ending with the worst:

1. a tie between "Vacation" and "Christmas Vacation" 2. Vegas Vacation being a fair third, and 3. European Vacation being a very distant fourth.

Hope this helps, all.

AWFUL!!!!!!!, 13 June 2000

This is NOWHERE near the quality of the first one. I have been to London, Germany, Italy, and France in one tour just like the Griswalds myself, so I thought this would be funny since I could relate. Here's just some of the problems with this movie:

1. The Audrey from the first "Vacation" was a cute little girl whose character was subtle. The Audrey on "European" has lost all of the cuteness, is pudgy, is annoying, unfunny, and brings an unpleasant akwardness to the already bad film by whining about her boyfriend and talking about being a virgin. Her character alone was enough to ruin the film.

2. The mom. Yes, it's played by the same woman, but the down-to-earth mother from the first has changed into a mousy, superfical cartoonish mom that fails to deliver the laughs.

3. The brand of comedy was different, inexcusable in a comedy sequel.

4. The whole thing is just dim-witted. The first one showed a sense of genius by putting "Aunt Edna" in the picture.

5. The misfortunes in the first one were still kept light. The "European" movie is really dark in the ending.

6. All in all, this movie was trying to copycat a different type of comedy and bombed. I'm sorry I ever saw this movie.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: The Griswald's comedy was revived in "Christmas Vacation". Yes!

My intro to Monty Python, 11 March 2000

Yes, this is the first Monty Python movie I've seen. No, I didn't see this movie so unfunny as to never rent other MP movie again. In fact, I LOVED it!!!! British humor is a bit different and takes a while getting used to, but it's well worth the reward.

I was so entertained by Monty Python humor in "The Meaning of Life" that I rented "The Life of Brian." To my amazement, I didn't find it NEARLY as funny as "The Meaning of Life." THAT'S what dissapointed me.

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This is no "Easy Rider", 10 March 2000

The only reason I saw this movie was because we have an original record of the sound track, which is actually pretty good.

That's where the similarity ends. The audio-visual is unsynchronised, making it look like an old Karate film. Once again, I will say that this is no "Easy Rider."

Breakdown (1997/I)

Why not? Because I think that way too much of the story is being given away. I'm suprised that IMDB would allow these reviews to be posted, with so many of them spoiling the story.

Breakdown is easily the best action/suspence movie I've seen.

Here's ALL you need to know about the story, although you can just watch the movie without any info. and still have it make sense:

A couple is taking the scenic route. They notice some strange driving attitudes around the lonely road. They stop for gas and meet a suspicious man. Hmmm. Weird.

Well, they get in their nice Jeep. Uh-oh! It breaks down. Kurt Russell pulls it over the side of the road. What happens next?

You'll just have to see. I'm glad I didn't see the previews for this movie before I saw it, because it, too, gives way too much away. Great movie.

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Not the best, but still worth some laughs., 31 December 1999

This is the only Cheech movie I've seen so far, and if they're all like this, I don't know what to think.

The movie's basically Cheech losing his wallet and getting deported to Mexico. Usually, comedies throw in a plot for an excuse to do some gags, and this one is no different.

It's really not a great movie, but this one earns a few laughs. If you're in the mood for a light 80s comedy, this one will satisfy your mood if you're desparate, but I would really recommend something like Ruthless People, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, or National Lampoon's Vacation. Oh, well. Funny movie anyway.

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