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GoldenEye (1995)
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This one deserves much more credit then it has received., 1 November 1999

This is by far one of the best Bond films simply because it does not try to be a Bond film. GoldenEye demonstrates an impressive independence that separates it from the tried-and-true-but-getting-boring Bond formula. The one liners are not that great, but the action sequences are mindblowing. The chase scene is the best I have ever seen in any movie. Period. Purists will complain that there is a lack of gadgetry, but let them pout and go back to MacGyver reruns. Possibility is not permissibility. Just because Bond has a snazzy car does not mean that he has to utilize every perk that Q has included. It is a relief that the writers did not force a new scene just to show off the car. The movie does not need one, which helps it to maintain its quality as not just a Bond movie, but a high quality action movie that can stand on its own. You will even find (gasp!) . . . character building! There is actually dialogue between Q and Bond, instead of just a briefing and some commands. Brosnan more than holds his own against past Bonds, and offers some of that GQ gentlemen element found missing in some of the past ones. Bond fan, action fan, any fan, check this one out. I even made my girlfriend watch it, and even she enjoyed it. Chances are you will too.

Funny, but drains IQ points., 31 May 1999

This movie has some dynamite one-liners and running jokes, but don't mistake it for a comic masterpiece. Masturbation gags are good for a few yuks, in both senses of the words "gag" and "yuck." The movie would pretend to offer a cross-section of high school life, but rest assured that most of the nation's youth hasn't de-evolved that far yet. We may cackle at the jokes and the opening scene with the scrambled channels strikes home too, but apple pie is traditionally still a dessert.