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Catfish (2010)
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Wrong in so many ways., 1 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was a very depressing experience, not what I was expecting from the misleading trailer (the moment in the trailer when he goes to the garage door is the biggest bait and switch I have ever seen). Essentially, this film is one big lie (once again, including the trailer.) A filmmaker has no right to complain that he is being lied to while patching a hidden microphone to his chest. He bemoans being made a fool after a series of too-good-to-be-true incidents occur. But when it becomes apparent that the filmmakers have stumbled upon some deeply disturbed sickness, they continue to shoot for the sake of not being "lazy" and completing a film. It's akin to the age-old question of "Is it right to televise executions?" Some things are just not meant to be filmed. I do recommend the film "tallhotblond" which tells the same type of story to much better effect in a jaw-dropping manner. I guess the moral of Catfish was don't befriend eight year old girls on Facebook.

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Basking in glow of it., 20 May 2009

Just got through watching this and had to comment on how wonderful it is. I am a big fan of Harmony Korine but if I hadn't known he had made this, I would have never guessed it was his film (I probably would have guessed John Sayles first).

So many amazing sequences in this film--the first Flying Nun sequence is unbelievable and I cannot get it out of my mind, brilliantly edited. The "Singing Egg" sequence almost had me crying and I don't normally get choked up. The stage show was also very poignant. And Werner Herzog's performance was pitch perfect.

I normally don't gush over movies, but Mister Lonely was so original, I need to gush. My one peccadillo? Not sure the title fits the movie.

(P.S. I hate critics and the ones on Rotten Tomatoes who called this a chore to sit through suck the most).

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Repulsive, 31 October 2008

I have not had this bad of a reaction to a film since Irreversible, and every time I think of Zack and Miri, I feel sick again. There is something very wrong with this movie, and I think a large part of it was casting Elizabeth Banks, who is above the material. The movie defiles her.

A better title would be Zack and Miri Is a Porno Movie, because it is, and for Smith to be shocked about it and use the "this day and age" argument is wrong on his behalf. And there is also something very wrong about a middle-aged man including such a disgusting poo joke in his film.

I didn't even want to comment on this film because I am not a fan of Smith's movies (even though I have seen them all and keep giving him a try, and I did like Clerks II). I must say that I love his Evening With Kevin Smith DVD's and watch them multiple times. I wish he could make his entire career from his speaking engagements.

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This one was the best of the bunch, 29 August 2008

Ever year, I sucker myself into seeing these "Movie" movies, and I've walked out on two of them already (Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans). But I hate to say it (and I really do hate to say it) that I enjoyed Disaster Movie. It was not a perfect comedy at all, and maybe my expectations ran low, but I actually laughed at a lot of this. I think the writers took a route this time of less cringe and more dialog development (yes, I mean that). Seems the characters in this film are taking a moment or two to react to what's going on around them, and the reaction dialog helped the comedy immensely. Overall, I was just glad I didn't feel compelled to walk out again.

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Good in doses, 14 April 2006

I watched this in two parts like I did with The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. With each movie, I got a little tired of them at the halfway point. But I did enjoy a lot of Blobermouth. First of all, I remember being a big fan of the original but had not seen it in year. Watching it with a different soundtrack shows that very little happens in the movie (lots of talk). There are some very clever jokes in this version, particularly from the female lead. When the characters go into shadows, they will shout "Where did my head go!" And the Aunt Bea segment is an absolute riot--dead on! They also make fun of Steve McQueen keeping his hands in his pockets. However, the musical breaks are needless and unfunny. The animated lips on The Blob are annoying at first, but once he continues to deliver Henny Youngman jokes, the character becomes funnier. They mostly get it right, it is just a little long.

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Yes, Yes, Yes!, 26 March 2006

This movie was soooo good and sooo funny, non-stop laughs and pitch perfect performances from everyone. Mandy Moore, Dennis Quaid, Willem Dafoe, Hugh Grant (he was like watching Simon Cowell up there). The whole film worked from start to finish and had some of the biggest laughs in years. The film is very much "of the moment" with its mirroring American Idol, the President, and terrorism, but it hits everything right on the head. Chris Klein, towards the end of the movie, has one of the funniest lines I have heard in decades. The movie also zooms by. I saw it at the festival in Cleveland, but if it was during regular release, I would have sat and watched it again. Great one!

Factotum (2005)
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This was just fantastic!, 26 March 2006

As Barfly is one of my favorite movies of all time, I was very interested in seeing how Matt Dillon would take over the Chinaski reigns. At first it was a little disconcerting because Dillon plays it almost the polar opposite of what Rourke did. While Rourke was out there, Dillon was very quiet but in a hilarious, Jim Jarmusch kind of way. One scene that was so indicative of the writer wanting to be left alone is when a co-worker is looking forward to meeting Chinaski, and the meeting is filled with silence.

Matt Dillon has matured into a great actor and I am glad he was nominated for Crash, and I would like to see him nominated for this too. Marisa Tomei and Lili Taylor were also wonderful. There are two scenes that are taken directly from Barfly, which is also interesting to see. Any fan of Bukowski's work must see this excellent film

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Doesn't Live Up To Trailer, 22 November 2005

The Ice Harvest isn't quite cool enough or funny enough or even violent enough. It suffers from a "been there, seen that" syndrome with too many copycat performances from better films (Cusack from Grosse Point Blank and Thorton from Bandits). The movie is a blend of A Simple Plan, Bad Santa and The Ice Storm, and the blended recipe winds up watered down. The only real surprise here is Oliver Platt's over-the-top yet hilarious comic performance, complete with his pants getting ripped off. It is a shame that Platt gets lost for the entire middle of the movie, because his physical comedy (which he is not really known for) completely livens up the show.

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Sorely Disappointing, 15 September 2005

You know a film about joke making is in trouble when the biggest laughs come from a scene with a mime. The Aristocrats is a mind-numbing, infantile blur. The supposed set-up of the first and last line being the same, but the middle being different, was a crock and a lie. Each comedian's so-called brilliant, jazzy riff of the joke's middle section is THE SAME JOKE. It's the same joke, one hundred times over. Each "brilliant" mind comes up with same thing--crap and incest. It becomes apparent and tiring within the first ten minutes. One of the worst of the year. The much lauded scene with Bob Saget is stupid, as he giggles his way through the same nonsense that 80 other comedians said before we get to him.

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Sex scene shuts it down, 4 September 2004

First of all, I went into this with preconceived notions because of the Ebert battle. From the first shot of the motorcycle race, I thought it was going to be awful. Then I got involved and found it dreamlike and sad. I would be interested in seeing the full version from Cannes, because I thought that the scene in the salt-roads (which Ebert complained about being too long) was capitvating. I do, however, think that the graphic sex brings the viewer out of the movie and into another realm. What goes from a dream-like experience becomes "my God, is that real, is she really doing that?" I became aware that I was watching a movie and that it was uncomfortable to watch such a graphically filmed scene. I do not think that it needed to be so graphic. The shots that Gallo intercutted, which were not as graphic, were just as effective. That said, I am still a fan of Gallo's film-making. He is original, and I suspect he will remain that way.

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