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Proof Missing ONE thing Causes a Fail, 24 December 2015

This show has so many great things, but fails. The documentary style of the production is great. The productions themselves have good acting, directing, action, editing, color, style. And shockingly good cinematography at times in the shorts.

But it proves that having everything right, and missing one key part, can make EVERYTHING fall apart. And that is, the writing. The stories just fall apart on the floor.

Without a good story for the short, it's laughable when everything else is perfect. And without a good story for the short, it's sad to watch the documentary on how much work and talent went into making something that resulted in a laughable story.

If anyone ever needed proof there was a case for sourcing scripts, and NOT letting producers and directors rewrite them just for good visuals, this is proof.

Hulu, as much as I love the service, didn't learn from their tragic failure "Resident Advisors." They don't get that they can't become Netflix or Amazon with original content UNTIL they spend money on writers before they dump a ton of cash into production.

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Potential was DESTROYED by Direction/Production, 4 January 2015

No spoilers here, just basics.

The acting was fair to OK. The story/script was fair/OK (interesting, but maybe a little to detailed and over-thought, which COULD be OK or great).

But the direction and production of this just blew any "watchability" elements apart. What was reoccurring themes got lost in the convoluted mishmash of the director over emphasizing things that didn't matter, and letting things that do matter just slip right past. Then throwing in totally unneeded special effects that added nothing, and actually detracted from the ability to get into the story. On and on and on, ever 10 minutes part of me went "ok, I get why the actor played it that way, but why did they shoot the scene like that, and edit it that way, it might has well of been a live play on stage..."

If you can see past the horrible production of this movie, there is some decent acting and an interesting story underneath. But, to be honest, it's SO difficult to see because of the horrible production, I couldn't recommend ANYONE try to watch this movie (unless you are only doing so to get horror movie story ideas and see if the actors in it are any good).

Stake Land (2010)
It doesn't suck, but lot's of "things" without "action", 1 December 2014

I don't like to dis a movie that so many people obviously worked so hard on. The script, story, cinematography, aren't amateur hour, this movie was something that was worked on in excess, obviously.

But, somehow, the story had this happen and that happened, to the point that the writers over wrote the subplots (which weren't very good) to the point that the main plot was so secondary and anti-climactic that it was boring.

Acting wasn't bad, but they had nothing to work with, where were the characters going, what was their struggle, what was their victory? EMPTY.

It made me feel like it was never going to end, and never going anywhere. I just watched the time pass going REALLY? It's still only part way through?

The best I can say, is if you are a Walking Dead fan, and desperate for a halfway tolerable fix of killing undead like things and surviving, it might be something to pass the time. And, OMG, does it waste a couple hours.

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Big Stars can still add up lame movies, 11 October 2013

Other than the David Rasche and Robin Williams cameos (which were actually very funny) the rest of this movie was so cliché and boring, I would never recommend anyone watch it. This is just rehash of the most boring plots with bad jokes that was barely even watchable. It wasn't even saved by the great cast and decent cinematography, it was just a flop of a comic attempt with a boring script.

Adding lines to the story, like they did, doesn't make it good. Much like how I have to add these lines to the review to get it over the limit to be accepted. It's so boring and repetitive with the same bad ideas, and goes on and on.

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Epic Information, Epic Fail Telling the Story, 20 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I wanted to like this documentary, because it was a great topic (the city) and it really pulled up a lot or research, interviews, footage, and history. It has a title that tells a story in itself, and it is about a city with a story to tell. And, any scene taken in isolation seems really good. It's how it was put together that is a mess.

And wow, what a mess this documentary is… (there is not polite word for it) it is a cluster#**k of a story. They took some decent narratives by the people they interviewed, and dropped completely random footage, music, and history over the top of it in no order what-so-ever.

If there is any "order" to this mess, it is "things were good, it's bad now. Things were bad, it's bad now. Things were good, it's bad now." If ending with "it's bad now" tells a story, I guess? But, they told this story so horribly, they jumped right from "Paris of the Midwest" to "race riots" to "high center of fashion in the US and children safe an no one had to watch them" without ANY transitions… Just giving extreme examples of raising wages of American workers, to race tension, to WWII hero's, to violent race issues (again), to cultural melting pot, to poverty, back to beacon of culture, … with no transitions or reasons, over and over. Dramatic? YES. Reasonable explanations? No.

Sure, Detroit's history is complex. But if this documentary explains it, it's in a way that says "on Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday, Detroit is wealthy, happy, safe, and booming, but on Tuesday and Thursday they are violent and irrational. Oh, but on weekends they were poor but friendly. See how easy it is to understand?" ? WHAT?

The documentary does document some of the more epic moments of Detroit's history, but they are pulled so out of context, and mixed up in the weird blender of this director and producer that it's just almost pointless to even watch.

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It's OK for a Netflix Cue but not worth a Ticket, 28 December 2012

While this movie at it's heart is funny, and probably in it's original script, has some humor, the movie itself falls very flat.

It doesn't suck, but it's not good. It's partly the acting. But I would blame as much the editing and production. The pace of the whole thing was slow.

It's this slow roll of a joke about how the girls think (and the bad accents only make it WORSE with slow rolling, and would be funny if it was quick and witty). But it's missing the comic timing. It's missing the character building drama scenes in between the pointed comic moments.

Characters aren't developed, they are slow rolling shallow comic shills. The whole thing felt off until Aubrey Plaza's scene, and then I went, WOW, that's what's missing, comic timing, wit...

I wanted to blame how it was adapted, but sadly the screenwriter is the director. As a story, it could have been funny. As produced and directed, it's just not living up to the potential comedy that is in the story. The script needed a rewrite and a good producer/director. For example "character development" could be replaced by a thesaurus... and this is rubbish. Bad accents and a thesaurus don't make for good character development. A good character may have an excellent vocabulary, but a great vocabulary does not make good character development.

The premise was funny, really funny. That's the only thing that carries this thing to a 5 out of 10 for me (middle of the road, never recommend it to someone).

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OK Horror movie, unless you want an "ENDING" (SPOILERS), 2 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, I have to say, for a horror, it started out bad indie, and got better, and better, and better. They squashed a lot of horror cliché stuff, and made you wonder and get a little scared.... But.. then...




K, now that you are hear... OK, the first part set you up for a good horror movie, and you expected something, or thought "here comes the twist" and then it will be cool. But it didn't.

In the end, it went to an almost David Lynch style "surreal" WTF? level, but not as stylistically, and then ended with, "we are not going to throw this CRAZY bit in at then end that won't wrap up anything, and just tie up all the loose ends with a "well if something this weird happened, why not have people experience crazy stuff" (as the Title sort of gives away).

Really, WEAK story. I was so disappointed by the ending. Just, "really, so it was THAT? OK, well, it explains nonsense, but not in a "cool" way, just a "oh, yea, guess goofy stuff that happened can be explained away with a 'wave of the hand' now in a WEAK way."

Not a bad thriller/horror, really. About average. But the ending, just made every effort in the first half pointless. And then I think how the first 20 minutes were really bad low budget indie style, where the "payoff" makes you forgive the bad acting/editing/style... and... there was no payoff.

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So bad I loved it..., 4 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, first off, it's a movie called Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. If you really expected something serious or good, the title was warning enough.

I guess I was just in the mood for some stupidity. I gave it a 3 of 10, but I have to say, even though it was bad, there were moments I really did laugh out loud. For example, when the little kid is sitting on Abe Lincoln's shoulders and telling him to move left and right so he can shoot zombies on the other side of a brick wall that Lincoln can't see over... Hysterical. The kid's shooting a big old musket, and there is no smoke, no recoil, and he never has to reload it! Just BANG, BANG, BANG... Dead Zombies.

To me, that embodied the whole movie. If you can look past such obvious problems with having reality get in the way of the movie, you might get a good laugh out of it. I mean, after all, it is a zombie movie...

There are two types of zombie movies in my book, the ones where you go "ok, here's the crazy scenario that you might have to face zombies" (like I Am Legend or 28 Days Later), and then there is the "who the heck cares, it's a Zombie movie, let's get goofy." This is the ladder, and as such, it's funny as heck.

But, even for the ladder, it does move a little slow, it's no Zombieland... So, I give it a 3.

MegaFault (2009) (TV)
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Watch ANY other Brittnay Murphy Film, PLEASE..., 2 July 2012

Oh Brittany Murphy, the only excuse for this I can think of is that you knew you were about to die, and wanted to get one last paycheck to leave to your family. I know that sounds like an absolutely horrible thing to say, but she had done some decent acting in her life, and this isn't a swan song.

I feel horrible about writing a bad review, knowing it was maybe her last film. But, the acting is bad, the plot is laughable, and it's almost as though the producers of this film didn't even want to spend a dime to research a single scientific element of this film with even a high school kid who passed earth science.

The only thing I can say is, don't watch this. Honor the career of the actress by watching something better she did like Sin City, or 8 Mile (or even Just Married). Don't watch this. It's not only a bad movie, it's an embarrassment to a fairly decent actress.

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Started really strong, but..., 3 June 2011

I liked the start of this movie, I really did. It got my attention, and drew me in with a really strong suspense and drama feel of old school horror, supernatural, suspense, psycho murder. I really didn't know which way it was going to go, it could have been really great at just about any twist, the beginning was really that good.

But then, it slowed down, just as it should have ramped up. And got more and more convoluted (not confusing, convoluted in a totally boring way), and just finished with this sad, flat, boring sort of end. I wasn't scared, I didn't care about the lead character anymore because I was so bored with him, I just wanted it to end, and it went on and on and on and on... This REVIEW is boring and sucks, and the movie inspired that, it was boring and sucked.

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