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Possibly the best musical ever!
4 September 2000
The story is smart, funny and sick and all of the songs are catchy and memorable (my favourites being "Blame Canada" and "What would Brian Boitano do?") It's a very clever way to discuss the issue of censorship in society. Even though I liked the series this is much funnier and smarter than an already funny and smart series. It's nice that Trey and Matt accomplished their goal of making a movie without it just being a long episode of the series. And get the hilarious soundtrack.
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This movie rules
20 August 2000
This movie is fairly dumb but luckily it is dumb in a fairly self-conscious way. Some cool fighting sequences and some weird villains (although the monster who look like a weird gorilla man was fairly lame) make this film fun for B-Movie fans the world over. There is one problem though: Kurt Russel's character didn't do to much ass kicking as a viewer might hope. For Kurt Russel kicking ass check out Escape from New York.
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The best superhero cartoon ever.
17 August 2000
This is every thing an adventure show should be. It has action, drama, comedy, tragedy and a truly Gothic feel (fitting that it takes place in Gotham). The interesting thing about the Batman character is that the only reason he becomes Bruce Wayne is to make enough money to fund his Batman work and to help the less fortunate. He's such a tragic character as he's given up a personal life for his parents dream. The stories are wonderfully intelligent and fun at the same time. There are very few poor episodes in this series (but note that their are some). Even lame villains like the Clock King and Mr. Freeze are made engaging and exciting. Ignore the movies and watch the series. Heck, at times it can even be much more realistic than the movies (like in "I am the Night") Some recommended episodes are: "Almost Got 'Im" (a poker game where Bat-Villain recount how they almost killed him), "His Silicon Soul" (a robot clone of Batman is a little too much like Batman too do a computers evil bidding) and "the Man who killed Batman" (in which a small time crook has seemingly killed Batman... by accident)
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"Hey, this is a lot like Charlie's Angels!"
6 August 2000
AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH. I new when I bought the MST3k tape that it was going to be funny (which it was) but the experience was one that was shameful and humiliating to all involved. This is one of those films that makes you squirm in you chair about every 5 minutes. If you have any sense, don't let your grim curiosity allow you to see this film. It's terrifyingly bad! Cameos by Jim Backus, Arthur Godfrey and the Skipper (yes, that skipper) hurt the film rather than help. Run, save yourselves!
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Not a rip-off, but part of a genre
3 July 2000
That genre being one of cute monsters found in many anime. Though the basic premise is kind of a rip-off, even in anime (monsters that get stronger in battle and evolve), on closer inspection you'll note the show takes place on a larger scale. Though the dub always adds some bad dialogue, the story itself is a lighthearted adventure. I'd personally like to see the series subtitled instead due to some of the changes. Please be warned that some of the dialogue would make the Pokemon dubbers blush, especially by hamming up tense moments. Otherwise a nice series. Love the music when they fight evil.
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Dogma (1999)
Brilliant comedy adventure by Kevin Smith
3 July 2000
Though I'm not a huge Kevin Smith fan I loved Clerks and this is really close to being just as good. Though some of the jokes don't work (Like the Excremental) it is very fun with a great cast (amazing having George Carlin as a Cardinal) and a never take yourself to seriously attitude. The movie had some good messages and really makes you think about the way we view religion.
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A chilling classic with a surprise twist
29 June 2000
Although I have to confess I kind of figured out the twist half way through this was definitely a greatly underrated horror classic. Although the scenes in the carnival a quite surreal it's a nice piece of work that must be admired by all horror fans. And though it is a bit slow it doesn't make it any less an enjoyable movie. Save this one for Halloween.
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One of the best anime series made
26 June 2000
Though it only had 26 glorious episodes this show was able to fit more plot twists, great characters, knee-slapping comedy, exciting action, powerful drama and even political intrigue. The characters are given great depth that you like them so much that you want to be apart of their crazy world. It also depicts a war in which both sides are guilty and the soldier are not evil. It is both (in a contradictory sense) intensely believable and laugh out loud ludicrous. If you can try to pick up all 26 episodes. You won't be sorry (especially if you an anime fan). Note that the non-existant anime that the characters watch in the series (a take off of giant robot anime like macross) was actually given a little mini-movie. I got to find that!
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Very Imperfect but has some decent points.
20 June 2000
Though this movie doesn't live up to the hype there are definitely some good parts. The pod race was ruled (despite the announcer and pointless shots of Jar Jar) and the final battle was incredible (except Darth Maul's death). Thing is Jar Jar was just embarrassing and a lot of it just wasn't as fun as the original and has continuity errors (Didn't Obi Wan said he met Anakin as a great pilot and not before he became one?). The main flaw was the fact that these catered to little kids while the other films were great for all ages. So this is a 50/50 review for which is leaning into the area of a negative review.
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Nice movie about breaking into the biz
20 June 2000
I was kinda surprised I liked this movie. I thought it was going to be cheesy, seen it before crap but it was actually a nice little flick. It shows how fame can be enjoyable, yet fleeting and it also shows the kind of evolution a band makes from one stage to another. All and all a decent flick. The best part was the soundtrack. Like a previous review mentioned, it sounds like it came straight from the 60's. The one thing that would have made this more interesting (perhaps) was if it was in quasi-documentary style, with the drama scenes acting as "dramatizations".
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Cool movie about every young boy's dream come true.
20 June 2000
Admit it, every one of us has had those fantasies where we beat the bad guys and stuff like that. It's fun. Just like this movie where a kid who gets a high score on a video game is told he has the potential to be the best chance for the galaxy's survival. It ain't brilliant but it is good fun for the whole family with some original ideas (especially for it's time) and good special effects. The characters are likable and it's a great experience. We need more fun popcorn films like this in saturday matinees at the theaters. Whose with me!
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Scream 2 (1997)
Good sequel but yet another let down ending.
6 May 2000
This movie was good but the ending was as disappointing as the originals. It was a little to similar to that of the first Scream so it didn't sit well. But horror movies endings are only REALLY good with a twisted joke or a Twilight Zone-esque ending (though there are probably exceptions). Anywho this is a nice tongue in cheek (or wound) slasher flick that's better than most Wes Craven stuff. The biggest problem: my favourite character dies. Plus I think that character should have been played by Seth Green (if you know who I'm talkin' about).
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A failed attempt at an homage.
6 May 2000
This was supposed to be an homage (I love that word) to those camp fire tales of hook handed killers and scare teens but ends up an attempt to cash in on Scream. The actors just look good and die and the story isn't interesting enough. The killer had potential but nothing was explained. Is he immortal or just hard to kill. Is he natural or supernatural. Is he cut or uncut (just kidding). Anyhoo this is only good if you're the type (like me) who likes to heckle films.
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The Incredible Hulk (1996–1998)
The First Season was great but Season 2 reeked"
4 May 2000
The first season of rocked. It had decent voice work, fun plots, great characters, and great moments. It even ended on a kick*** cliffhanger with Rick Jones turned into a monster and Hulk going gray (like in the comics, though I don't think the Rick Jones thing happened). Sadly season 2 was really Hulk and She-Hulk. It was bad. So if you watch it just stick to season one.
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Thunderbirds (1965–1966)
Fun goofy show.
4 May 2000
Another spy intrigue show from the 60's with a difference: PUPPETS! That's right puppets. It's the fun type of adventure show for the whole family, and though the mouths barely move, the step can defy gravity,the strings are visible and the plots are fun, albeit goofy. So check out this series if you like this type of thing.
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Gordon's movies are all big Turkeys
27 March 2000
If you don't know who Bert I. Gordon is let me give you the jist of his movies: big things attack people. What's with this guy. Just about every movie he does has a giant something or other attacking people. And this is no different. This film is unintentionally funny and feature giant rats, bees, maggots, mosquitoes and funniest of all: giant chickens! You haven't seen a bad movie till you see a movie that has a man fight a giant chicken and still take itself seriously!

This is one of those movies that should have appeared on MST3k but didn't (a darn shame). With really fake gunshot wounds (rats are "shot"... shot with red paint and look perfectly unharmed) this movies good for heckling with friends.
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Brilliant but a little confusing.
13 March 2000
This was a great movie, despite being quite short and moving at breakneck speed with some interludes. It talks about what makes a person an individual and asks what it is to be human. It may sound trite but it was well done and intelligent (I really liked the scene were a guy discovers his life is an illusion). Unfortunately it's a little confusing in spots and it took me a while to figure it all out (I was tired at the time I watched it anyway). The animation is incredible and the characters were well thought out and I look forward to the sequel.
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What's with the elevator music. This is a horror movie.
13 March 2000
Just stick with the first Pumpkinhead kids 'cause if you watch this you'll get a headache. The plot has little to do with the original Pumpkinhead and ignores continuity (the old lady who invoked Pumpkinhead died but Pumpkinhead stayed alive. Big plot hole. And soft music during a so called "horrifying" (Re: absurdly fake) murders don't make it better. The only scary thing about the movie is it has Roger Clinton and the girl from Big Comfy Couch.
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The Tower (1993 TV Movie)
It sucks but it's a guilty pleasure.
13 March 2000
Even though this film is really dumb and unoriginal there is a fun feel to it. Sides, you got to love a movie where a computer really hates Paul Reiser and tries to kill him. (after those damn phone commercials I don't blame him. Candice Bergen is still worse) It's great for a night were you and friends want to heckle movies. Enjoy this little cheese ball. I did.
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Here Is Greenwood (1991 Video)
Great OAV but try to read the Manga first.
13 March 2000
This makes more sense if you read the Manga (Japanese comics to all you outsiders) first but not reading it won't ruin the madcap fun that this series holds. Every character is a world onto himself (or herself) and will capture you attention and your heart. And even though sometimes goes seems to do stuff that isn't what you'd expect (the show never got into magic and the supernatural and out of the blue they had a ghost episode) it's always entertaining and endearing. For great comedy/drama check out this great show.
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Good movie, better if you've read Shakespeare
9 March 2000
I've read Romeo and Juliet for class and the time this came out was after I had done the class I had learned it from. It helps quite a bit in my opinion. And while I feel this wasn't the best film of '98 it was a very fine film. The acting is good as is the directing and story telling. Yeah, it's a chick flick but it's a good chick flick. One without an "All-men-are-satan" message and an ending that is good without being super-cheesy. See this film on a date.
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Hamlet (1990)
Decent Shakespeare film
9 March 2000
This is quite a well done version of Shakespeare film with Mel Gibson as a surprisingly good Hamlet. It's a nice Shakespeare film but I wouldn't start watching it at like 11 or so. It's pretty long. But all the same great movie. My favourite part is when Hamlet puts on his play.
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Decent film with some nice twists
8 March 2000
Though this is a good movie this one is more of a renter than a theatre film. Ben Afflek is good in it and the direction is good but it's not terribly memorable. Plus the ending (while enjoyable) is incredibly implausible so the good and the corny cancel each other out into being simply "OK".
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The Mod Squad (1999)
so/so, nothing special but what's with the history change in movies?
8 March 2000
The movie's nothing special. A nice time killer on a Saturday night maybe but wait till it's on TV or something cuase it's better not to pay o see it. The ending seemed to be very similar to the end of a cop show (having never seen the end of Mod Squad I wouldn't know if it was similar to the end of that show) with the good guys beating the bad guys and atmosphere and what-not.

But what's with Greer dying. This is pretty strange. It's similar to when Mr. Phelps turned traitor on Mission Impossible. It just doesn't interest me. Nice to try to take twists and turns but when it upsets the fans of the old series and doesn't impress new viewers, what's the point. Anyway, enjoy this time killer.
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Surprisingly Light-hearted hitman movie.
8 March 2000
This was a great comedy. The characters are fun and likable, even the villains. Dan Akroyd is great as Grocer, an assassin who wants to start a union. And of course John Cusack is great as Martin Blanke, the hitman who goes to his high-school reunion. Great humor with some cool action and romance mixed in with a great 80's soundtrack and one of my new favourite songs: Blister in the Sun by the Violent Fems. Check it out.
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