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Good News (1947)
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a great, though often-overlooked, musical, 19 August 1999

Makes me wonder why they didn't let Peter Lawford make many musicals. Sure, he couldn't sing like Sinatra or dance like Astaire, but he did both very well. The rest of the cast is equally excellent, the songs lively, the plot entertaining if a little stretched. A great way to spend an hour and a half.

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One Terrific Movie!, 19 August 1999

What can I say about It Should Happen To You? It has the perfect cast--Peter Lawford, the always-wonderful Judy Holliday, and Jack Lemmon in his first starring role. It has a great plot--a woman (Holliday) who wants to make a name for herself, who wants to be famous, more than anything else, and who goes about it by putting her name on a billboard in New York City. From there it escalates to several billboards, then a national soap campaign sponsored by Lawford's soap company. Lemmon, who's in love with her, thinks she's crazy and obsessed. All in all, a classic movie, with dozens of great scenes, particularly the one with Holliday in Lawford's apartment. The chemistry between the stars is perfect. I highly recommend it.