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Brilliant Documentary That Solves the Tupac and Biggie Murder Cases, 4 February 2016

In this amazing documentary one of the key witnesses says: "What I do have to tell you is gonna blow your f***ing minds!". And that is exactly what this documentary is going to do - it will blow your f***ing mind!

It is based on taped confessions of key players involved in the murders of late rap icons Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, that have never previously been shown on film according to the filmmakers. In these confessions we learn exactly who were involved in both hits, who the respective shooters were, and - most importantly - who ordered the respective murders. The extremely compelling and convincing evidence points to two very prominent persons...

The lead detective, Greg Kading, whose criminal investigation this film is based on, is also interviewed extensively. His deep knowledge about these cases and his highly plausible and rational explanations, together with the explosive taped confessions, form the basis of the films narrative.

This is without a doubt a must-see documentary. It will probably appeal to most people, even those who are not interested in rap music and who are not familiar with its subjects, simply because the story that unfolds is so incredibly compelling. Basically I think it would appeal to anyone who likes a good murder mystery. But of course, for fans of the two slain artists, the documentary will naturally provide yet another dimension.

Due to unfortunate and vexing circumstances that are revealed in the film, these murders are still unprosecuted. However, after you have watched this masterpiece, you will know that they have finally been solved.

Memento (2000)
Fantastic!! =), 25 March 2001

I saw this film almost by chance when I was on vacation in Spain. I had never heard of it, and that's why I decided to see it. And I'm glad I did. Very glad!

This is a fantastic film! Original, intelligent, funny, interesting... and the list goes on and on... This is definatly a must see, and if you miss it, then it's your loss...


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Unique yes, but not sympathetic at all!!, 31 August 2000

Everyone seems to love this film, because it's so unique and bizarre! And sure it has it's fun and interesting parts, but as a hole it's almost disgusting! The characters are so stupid and selfish and unsympathetic, that I got p***ed off!

Another thing I didn't like is: that films like this usually have something to say, about life, or relationships, or whatever. But "Being John Malkovich" doesn't tell us anything at all. It's just a pointless film that lives on it's unique ideas - which I'm sure the film makers were in love with. But for me it wasn't enough! Far from it!

This film also made me wonder if John Malkovich is as unsympathetic in real life, as he was in the film, since he played himself.

Also the ending is too bizarre, and just sooo bad! You won't lose any night sleep if you skip this one!!

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Is Martin Lawrence supposed to be funny??????, 1 August 2000

Oh please, spare me!! I should have known!! Why? Why did I see this film?? With Martin Lawrence in the lead, I just know in advance that it just can't be any good. I just know that the script's going to be cheesy, that the dialogue's going to be bad, that the jokes are going to be cheap and lousy, and that Martin himself is going to be unfunny in his usual I-wanna-be-Eddie-Murphy-even-though-I-don't-have-his-talent kind of way.

Eddie Murphy used to be a kick-a** comedian in the eighties, and still delivers once in a while. But wannabe Eddie's like Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and Chris Rock, never seem to come off as anything but loud, stupid, and childish, in my opinion.

"Big Momma's House" is a cheesy story about a stakeout of... yes, you guessed it: Big Momma's house. And as you can find out from any trailer for the film, Martin's character has to go under cover as the old and overweight lady: Big Momma. This is supposedly where Martin Lawrence's comedy routine should work miracles. But as you probably figured by now, I don't think the guy is funny. I don't even think his die hard fans could enjoy this one, because believe me, it's even worse than "Blue Streak".

Please people, don't spend your dollars, or yens, or kronor, or pesetas, or whatever on this crap. At least I saw this film for free, since I work as a movie projectionist. Don't let the producers of movies like this get any richer and fatter, unless they can give us something better than "Big Momma's House". Remember they are already counting their money since this film has become a financial success. And they need to read more good scripts instead of counting more money.

Nia Long - Hot damn! That girl is fine!! Ohhhhweeee!!!

Nuff said!!

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Amber Valletta - good looking, even as a corpse!!!, 1 August 2000

Even though we've seen thousands of similar films, director Robert Zemeckis feels the need to give the world "What Lies Beneath".

Well, actually this film isn't as bad as I make it sound. It starts out like all the regular (or classical, if you prefer) suspense/horror films, with all the traditional, yet odd events that take place, which makes you wonder how it all will unfold. But halfway through the film the pacing slows down, at the same rate as my interest in the story decreased. Especially the ending sequence is so prolonged ("milked") for dramatic effect, that it's almost boring instead of suspense full.

Harrison Ford, who I don't think is a very good actor, gives an okay performance of an extremely boring character, and Michelle Pfeiffer steals the show as expected, with a good and solid performance of a complex character.

This film is worth watching, but nothing more. Don't expect anything special, or you'll only get disappointed.

By the way: Amber Valletta is damn good looking - even as a corpse!! If you'll check the film out, you'll know what I mean. As far as I know, I've never heard of her before. So I hope we'll see more of her in the future, in "real" roles. It would be nice to see that she's talented, and not only the beautiful woman we've seen so far.

X-Men (2000)
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Made my ass hurt!!, 24 July 2000

This film made my butt hurt!?!!? Sometimes you can sit through a three hour movie, and it keeps you captivated all the way through, not giving you a reason to think about your sitting position in the theater seat. Even though "X-Men" is about ninety minutes long, it's really slow, and it made me think about how I was sitting, and therefore it made my butt hurt. So now you know that!!

But "X-Men" is not just a pain in the a**, it's quite good, but not a must see.

The trailer for "X-Men" promises an action packed movie, as trailers often do. But "X-Men" is more of a character film, even though the characters are not that deep. So I guess this movie would be more fun for readers of the comic book, to whom I don't belong.

Anyway, I was hoping for action a la "The Matrix". And surely director Bryan Singer has been inspired a little by "The Matrix". One of the female characters makes a sideways flip in the air, and I think that shot even has the same camera angle as in the otherwise same shot in "The Matrix". This is the kind of stealing that film makers call homage. But to Bryan Singer's defense, I would like to say that he has already proven to me that he has a good visual sense, in "The Usual Suspects".

The problem with "X-Men" is that the action scenes are few and far between, even though they are visually stunning. Other than that the film has some cute scenes making it all worthwhile in the end.

I also have to add, that this is Newton Thomas Siegel's (Director of photography) best work yet.

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The Unperfect Film, 30 June 2000

After last years "Three Kings", with the duo Cloony/Wahlberg, I was hoping for two entertaining hours, but this is not just a disaster movie, it is a real disaster. "The perfect storm" is not funny, it's not exciting, it's not moving, it's not interesting, and it's not worth paying to watch! However it is really bad.

The story is thinner than toilet paper, and the situations and events of the film are unbelievable and unrealistic.

The characters are not interesting at all. You see them laughing, crying, shouting, fighting, and uttering all the common "supposed to be touching" lines. But you're never given a reason to care for them. Unfortunately the emotions are "wasted" in this film. It's too much, it's all cliché, and it's all used before.

When is director Wolfgang Petersen going to redeem himself?

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Pretty good !!, 4 November 1999

"Noll Tolerans" is a pretty good movie even though the pacing is relatively slow for an action movie.

Most scenes in the film are quite good, but the could also have been better. It's all in the details. For example: as mentionened above, the pacing could have been faster; the dialogue could have been more interesting, the script could have been more inventive e.t.c.

The actors are very good overall, especially Jakob Eklund and Marie Richardson (a couple in real life, I think !?!?).

Anyway, this movie is pretty good and it's worth a viewing.

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Superb !!, 25 October 1999

When I saw "Little Odessa" the film immediately caught me, and never let go. Like most other great films, it's structure is fairly simple, but yet so powerfull that I can guarantee it will have an impact on you. A memorable film that can handle multiple viewings without losing it's effect !!

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Disappointing and pointless, 21 October 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Blair Witch Project" only proves one thing ! And that is that you can have an enormously successfull movie, without the movie being any good at all. As If we didn't know that already !!

"B.W.P." doesn't have a script. It's just filled with uninteresting trivial stuff that you don't really care to watch at the movies.

The only good thing about this film is that it makes me wanna grab a VHS camera and go out and shout a full length film by myself. Because whatever I'd do, it couldn't end up worse than "B.W.P.".

This might be a spoiler, so if you haven't seen the film, and still want to see it despite my warning, then you shouldn't read any further : Am I the only one who thinks that the characters in "B.W.P." are complete idiots ! Despite everything that happens to them, they keep on filming... That's not logical, and it's far from the human nature. The only natural reaction to the events depicted in the movie would be to throw the camera's the hell away, and to do whatever one can to save ones own butt. Not to keep on filming !!

Avoid this one !!

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