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Abandon (2002)
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Significantly better than its below average rating, 1 July 2007

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This is not a great film, but a good one. The near uniqueness of the ending alone qualifies it as such - murderers (even crazy ones) are almost always caught. Katie Holmes is not, by the movie's end.

Her performance is really quite good. This is a role I have never seen her in, and didn't expect. Yet she is quite believable.

Other comments posted about the greater accuracy of the college milieu are right on point. Katie's performance in the McKinsey interview was spot on. One especially witty comment, when Katie responds to her friend's politically correct suggestion that they join a protest against globalization ("there's as much chance of stopping that as stopping" the sun in its tracks,) deserves special mention.

Yes, the film is slow-paced, but it should be, given the unusual nature of the events described. The one moment of action, when Katie sends Bratt to a watery grave, is surprising, as one expects Bratt to solve the mystery and collar Katie, given his Law and Order background.

Spanglish (2004)
Deserves much more than the average to date, 19 March 2006

This film deserves a much higher average rating than that to date. I watched it on cable in the first part of 2006; I was so pleased with it I wondered if it had been nominated for Academy Awards in 2004.

The performances of Adam Sandler, Paz Vega, Tea Leoni and Cloris Leachman were all superb. The film was well written and directed - constructed tightly and with an ending that was far from conventional.

It deserved a Best Film and Best Director nomination for its freshness and quality.

The total package is much better and quite different than the standard Hollywood output. I think it occupies a largely vacant niche - a romantic comedy with depth of feeling and many characters that are multi-dimensional.

"K Street" (2003)
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Original and excellent (some light spoilers), 8 November 2003

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The series has progressed to the point that the Carville-Matalin lobby firm has become the target of a Federal investigation. This story line brings immediate relevance to every show.

D. C. has long been the home of investigations that also have a political component. Art and reality meld perfectly here.

The form of the dialogue underlines the reality. The professional actors (and some real-world actors) speak as real people do every day ... stumbles, searching for the right word, umm, uh ....

I don't know about the numbers of viewers necessary to be successful on cable, but HBO has an aesthetic and stylistic winner here. I agree that following Beltway events is a big plus for viewers, but I would bet that the realistic dialogue patterns alone produce a breakthrough.

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Where are the Wanda credits?, 13 November 2002

This is a fine show. I was predisposed to it based on the casting alone as I enjoy the performances of both Caruso and Delaney, but I have continued to watch because of the topicality of the episodes and the willingness to take on prominent people in our society, and perhaps just a hint of ignoring the politically correct line.

The opening theme alone advertises a different experience to come. One item has me baffled. Wanda De Jesus receives no credits, does not appear to be recognized as a regular, yet gives a good performance in practically every episode. Even IMDB does not list her as appearing, yet it must be her.

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Surprisingly tasty, 9 March 2002

I've seen many of the movies of this era. As remarked elsewhere, it is a fast-paced action film but has fetching little vignettes along the way that point out the characters' humanity.

Superb performances by Nicol Williamson and Michael Caine. Poitier plays his usual role to perfection. Many good supporting performances -Persis Khambatta is a revelation and there is really not a weak link in the cast. Not often remarked, this movie deserves a solid 7 out of 10. The Rutger Hauer sequence is worth the price of admission.

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Makes me lose my faith in user ratings, 14 August 2000

I always have used viewer comments and user ratings as guides to what I want to see with near 100% success, but luckily did not rely on the rating and some of the flame comments that this flick received.

The soundtrack is excellent, the mood is Miami, the Allenesque milieu is perfect for those attracted to it and not limited to urban New York backdrops for its appreciation.

Sarah Jessica Parker is outstanding, Banderas sends himself up perfectly as does Mia Farrow. Other supporting cast is very strong, script is well-written and sparkles in places. I can only attribute the relatively low rating to those that don't like Woody Allen movies; they surely would not like this.

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Great story, compelling acting, 24 June 2000

Very rarely on television is there ever portrayed a realistic portrait that is both believable, and as another viewer remarked, keeps you on the edge of your chair.

Daniel Benzali performed superbly as the attorney in private practice who is constantly drawn to the edges of ethicality, personally and professionally.

Stanley Tucci embodied the sinister aspects of the role he played superbly, while still remaining likable.

As is characteristic of most Bochco productions, the supporting characters and actors that play them are most interesting and convincing.

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A marvelous recreation of the novel that is very faithful to it, 18 November 1999

Anthony Hopkins stars in the role that brought him to my attention, that of Pierre Bezukhov. He gives a rendition of Pierre that is very convincing, and takes the character through an education that is far from sentimental, though it is very moving.

The depth of the novel is brought out by the length of the mini-series, which I saw on PBS' Masterpiece Theatre in the early 1970's. It is well shot, with wide open vistas that do some justice to the Russian countryside. The portrayal of Russian country life and its glittering high society of the cities is most convincing.

The performances beyond that of Hopkins are also quite strong. Very affecting was Alan Dobie as Prince Bolkonsky. The whole effort deserves 10 out of 10.