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Hurrah (1998)
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Great Outback Aussie Struggle of Life Story, 2 May 2000

Marton Csokas makes a great performance as Raoul. A man who has had his life turned upside down by the death of his fiance. Running away from life, he finds himself in an old country house in outback Australia where he begins to live out his life in solitude, with only a hermit for a neighbour, 5km away.

This is a great love story. Perhaps the love scenes were a bit much, but that's just me :)

If you are a fan of movies and like a good love story, you'll love this movie.

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Great Aussie Action Drama!!, 2 August 1999

If you want to see a bit of Sydney, and be on the edge of your seat half the time, then this is DEFINITELY the show for you!! I didn't hear about this show in it's original run, but having now seen it on cable for myself, I think it's definitely worth watching! If this is available on video, HIRE IT!

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And About Time Too..., 24 June 1999

A great feel-good movie, with a lot of clutching at throats and screaming 'Why?' but no less realistic than any other movie.

This is the first time in a while I've stayed up to watch a good movie and nobody has been able to sidetrack me from the film.

It is a well-deserved 10. A great movie to get out the microwave popcorn and sit in front of the TV with friends, hire it out! :)

Paws (1997)
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Another Great Aussie Film, 7 June 1999

Nice to see another great Australian film come out of our film industry. Acting was quite good for some unrecognised Australian(?) actors and an outstanding performance by comedian Billy Connolly.

This is the second great animal flick to come out of Australia in recent years. Napoleon (1995) being the other.