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A show worthy of Bruce Campbell's talents!, 30 January 2000

Bruce Campbell shines in this action series set in the early 1800's. Bruce plays an American spy named Jack who is assigned to an island to keep Napoleon at bay. Not wanting the U.S. to become a French-speaking country, Jack agrees. Once there, Jack finds himself with a beautiful British woman assigned as his partner. Over the course of his adventures, Jack finds himself having to occasionally assume the role of a swashbuckling local folk hero named the Daring Dragoon.

Bruce Campbell is very entertaining to watch in this show, playing his Jack character as sort of a cross between Zorro and Ash. A must-see for any Bruce fan. The only drawback is that it's only 30 minutes long. So just as things are starting to take off, the show suddenly ends. I guess we can hope that the awful "Cleopatra 2525" gets cancelled and the show gets expanded to an hour.

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How to make 30 minutes seem like an eternity., 30 January 2000

The only reason I watched this show was because I was waiting for "Jack of All Trades" to start. Boy, did I regret it! This show achieved what I thought was impossible. It dethroned "VIP" as the dumbest show on television.

The show revolves around two women in skimpy outfits in the year 2525 who spend their time fighting evil robots. One day, they come across a stripper who went in for a boob job and got cryogenicaly frozen instead. She gets woken up 500 years in the future so it's too late to file a malpractice lawsuit. So she's sort of adopted by these two women to aid in their fight against these evil robots.

So what's wrong with this show? Let's see, where should I begin? There's the bad acting from the three leading ladies. There's also the cheesy special effects. I could mention the scripts, which seem like they were written by the sci-fi freak in junior high writing class. Despite being the title character, Cleopatra does little more than scream and act frightened every time a group of bad guys attack. The show is mercifully short at 30 minutes, yet it still seems as long as "Barry Lyndon." It also as the dopiest theme song I've ever heard on a TV show. "In the year 2525/there are women with the will to survive." Yeah. Can you pick your son, pick your daughter too from the bottom of a long glass tube?

My advice: read a book or do something constructive with your 30 minutes until "Jack of All Trades" comes on.

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Thank you, MST3K, for making us laugh at love again., 29 January 2000

Even by 60's beach party movie standards, this is really cheesy. Actually, awful is a more accurate term. I guess this was intended to be a fun beach party movie but somewhere along the line, it turned out to be a physically and psychologically draining experience. Bad acting all around. Lots of awful music, including a little number in which Little Richard humiliates himself. And a lot of *ahem* comedy that falls flat on its face (quite literally in the case of the obnoxious pratfall guy who serves as the would-be comic relief). And to top it all off, thrown into this mess, making the movie even more convulted than it already was, is a subplot involving an ancient scroll stolen by a bunch of bungling jewel thieves.

This movie was turned into a classic episode of the dearly departed MST3K, so I can't really say this movie turned out to be a complete waste of film. But if you dare watch this soul-sucking movie without the company of Joel Hodgson and his robot pals, you might end up with the urge to jump out the nearest window to put yourself out of your misery.

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Never give up! Never surrender!, 31 December 1999

This was a great movie. It was one of the few movies I've seen where the audience actually applauded at the end of the film! A really funny sci-fi soppf about a group of actors from a cheesy 70's sci-fi series whose episodes of the show are mistaken for "historical documents" by a group of aliens and brought to outer space to help then fight off an evil alien menace. Tim Allen does a great William Shatner impersonation for his character. Sigourney Weaver (in her first comic role since "GHostbusters") and Alan Rickman really shine in their roles as well. It's an entertaining movie for just about anyone but if you've ever had great (perhaps even obsessive) admiration for any sci-fi series, you'll get even more out of it. It kind of gets off to a slow start, but the pace really picks up as the film progresses. Highly recommended!

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A pleasant surprise!, 26 December 1999

Okay, this movie is not exactly high art and I seriously doubt it'll win any Oscars. However, this movie is a really enjoyable teen romp through the 70's. Although this movie chronicles the adventures on four teens who are trying to make it to a Kiss concert, Kiss isn't the central focus of this movie. This movie is specificly about these four kids and their hopes, dreams and escapades. Take away the Kiss factor and you still end up with a good movie. I'll admit we could've done without the "girls' bathroom" scene. But this movie is a really enjoyable rock 'n' roll comedy.

If you're a fan of Kiss, or 70's hard rock in general, then you're sure to enjoy this movie. If you're a fan of good coming of age movies, you're sure to enjoy this movie. Just don't take it too seriously.

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Average disaster movie, 26 December 1999

This is a so-so movie. Not as good as the previous two Airport movies. The movie gets off to a slow start, introducing the characters and trying to bring some character development to the film. And not doing too well in that regard. Even the late, great Jimmy Stweart doesn't add much to the film. As with the other movies, you have to suspend your disbelief at times. While not the best installment of the series, this is a somewhat entertaining disaster movie. Though only recommended if you've seen everything else in the store.

Not a good start, 24 December 1999

I remember seeing this movie when it opened in theaters. Having been a fan of the show even at that young age, I was really looking forward to seeing it. It was really disappointing. Nowhere near as good as the show. Very slow and boring. Fortunately, things improved a lot with "Wrath of Kahn."

Shaft (1971)
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Entertaining film from the 70's, 24 December 1999

Shaft managed to overcome the obviously low budget with a good cast (most notably Richard Roundtree) and a good story with a good deal of action. There's also the great theme song from Issac Hayes. One of the finest blaxploitaion films of the 70's. A good film worth checking out.

Squirm (1976)
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Dreadful would-be monster movie, 24 December 1999

This was intended to be a frightful monster movie. Problem is, it's just not scary. Personally, I fail to understand what's so scary about worms in the first place. It doesn't help that the characters in the movie are all dumb rednecks that you'd like to see die in the first place. Well, at least this movie was turned into a good episode of MST3K (may it rest in peace) so the whole thing wasn't a total loss.

One thing's for sure. You definitely shouldn't eat spaghetti while watching this film.

Good, underrated film, 24 December 1999

A good, overlooked film that benefits from good acting, dialogue and directing. People more accustomed to the quick, slick pacing of most modern films will probably find this film too slow and boring but those who appreciate the qualities that really make a good movie should check it out. I can't imagine a movie like this being made in this day and age, which is too bad. James Taylor shows that he had some potential as an actor. Too bad he didn't do other films.

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