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Brilliant, finally a musical worth watching, 9 November 2012

I feel compelled to submit a review for this movie, purely because some of the atrocious reviews I've seen contributed by others.

To give context, I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and pretty much know all the songs backwards - surprisingly... decades later. I did not grow up in LA, or the States for that matter, but I most certainly grew up with just about every song played in this movie.

I absolutely hate musicals. With a passion. So, even though my friends encouraged me to watch this movie, I resisted. Eventually I caved, and all I can say is that I absolutely loved the movie! My wife loved the movie, but in all honesty, our 10 year old thought it was OK - purely because she didn't know any of the songs.

If you love rock, and grew up with 80s rock, this movie is for you. This movie isn't called Rap of Ages or Pop of Ages or R&B of Ages or Classical Music for the Ages... it's called Rock of Ages. Reviewers posting they walked out after 15 minutes, really shouldn't contribute here. And quite frankly, you need to have a serious problem if you are analyzing the actors voices with respect to the original artists. This movie is good fun, and true to the times...

This movie is THE musical for all rockers out there! Absolutely wonderful fun for the family, with a stellar performance from the entire cast. A good couple of chuckles in there, and if you're over 35 years old... I dare you to not sing along with some of those classics. With so much rubbish coming out of Hollywood to keep the nay-sayers busy with their critical reviews, this is a refreshing change.

If rock is not your choice of music, skip this movie... but if you grew up in the 80s, you should appreciate the music, fun and experience portrayed in this movie.

This movie rocked!

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Wow, great movie, 14 March 2004

I've been avoiding watching this, because I thought it would be just another one of those movies. I was wrong. What an amazing movie, with a very gratifying bit at the end.

From the very beginning the movie develops well, has a good story and is truely involving. Willing suspension of disbelief is up there with the best, and the movie has a very good pace. I enjoyed every minute of it. Great movie to the end.

One of the best movies I have seen this year. Up there with Black Hawk Down - very similar in location and general plot. An absolute must watch, particularly for anyone in Africa...

Virus (1999)
Slightly disappointing movie considering the good cast, 19 April 1999

I initially went into the movie expecting a great deal of suspense and quality action. Hmm, but it was quite a let down. Granted a couple of scenes were quite good, but the trailer was 10 times better. The movie really lacked a solid pace, and as the movie progressed you kind of new what to expect next. Same creature comes back to life again... and the good guys try to kill it again... etc. And the camera work really just sets you up for what is coming next.

Aside from being predictable, the characters being killed off, well what can you say. Donald Sutherland's sudden "change" and then near instant death... wow, I wonder if they cut out a few scenes there. The same goes for most of the characters that "bought the farm".

All in all the movie really wasn't very convincing, it really wasn't very good, but I kind of enjoyed the B-grade horror/sci-fi feeling it gives you. Taking into consideration the quality of the cast and probably the budget they had - this is a total "mistake".